BJJ Mississauga – Fast Finishes Series – flash armbar vs sitting guard collar grip

Quick finishes series – I see this collar grip often , if you grip the collar in this position you have to act quick and not stale or this old school arm bar is coming.As a progression step, place your … Read More

BJJ Mississauga – Fast Finishes – Flash Armbar vs open guard

  Few minutes left on the clock , You are behind in points , You need a fast finish in your arsenal. This is an old school quick armbar finish with cross grip on sleeve and pants.

Ontario Jiu-Jitsu Open 2018 Kids BJJ Mississauga Kids Results

  Hannah and Clara started jiu-jitsu in July 2017, after less than a year of training , the sisters managed to place 2nd and first in their respective category. Clara was the smallest in her division as she had to … Read More


Kids Sparring Session