BJJ Mississauga – Closed Guard Attacks Series – Reverse Armbar

Nogi Monday – Russian Tie Series – Counter Drill

Father and son , Karl and Damian are drilling here the russian tie counter.

BJJ Mississauga GI sidemount escape to kimura

This concept position allows different paths and finalization.

BJJ Mississauga Lasso Bolo Sweep – Lasso Sweep Series

BJJ Mississauga omoplata from lasso guard – Lasso Sweep Series

At BJJ Mississauga, home to a brand new kids after school program . Francis is demonstrating a lasso guard concept.

Monday No Gi BJJ Mississauga 20/08/18

Monday NoGI seesion with the boys , we always start the first half of the class with a wrestling training session

BJJ Mississauga – NoGi Super crucifix

BJJ Mississauga – Jiujitsu Cross Guard concept

Develloped by Robson Moura, the cross guard in BJJ is not used a lot but is efficient. coach lotfi Abdelli is demonstrating a variation.

BJJ Mississauga – Fast Finishes Series – flash armbar vs sitting guard collar grip