Multiple Opponents situation

The officer here should have not engaged with intoxicated homeless people in the first place on his own, as you can see , it escalated quite quickly with a possibility of a casualty. BJJ is probably the most efficient 1 … Read More

The Roots – Kosen Judo – Part 4

BJJ didn’t re-invent the wheel but it definitely re-engineered it.

The Roots – Kosen Judo Part 3

Kosen Judo chokes series

The Roots – Kosen Judo Part 2

The Roots – Kosen Judo

When Non Sense Meets Martial Arts

Fake Martial Arts

Unique Bicep Slicer

I have been working on a sequence from the back based on this simple bicep slicer attack – stay tuned for the sequence !

Gracie Jiujitsu VS Kempo Karate

Is brazilian jiu-jitsu the most efficient martial arts? yes and no. The gracies have paved the way in proving that it is the most efficient against other styles and there is no point today in trying to prove if it … Read More

Grappling Industries Toronto 2019 Day 2

The technical and physical talent is a very important aspect in competitive sports but the mental aspect takes 90% percent of the final result. The Ability to control your emotions , listening to instructions and applying them is the real … Read More