How do I get promoted in BJJ?

Few factors contribute to promotions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu some are linked and some independent.

Being loyal to your teacher and your team , can be the most important factor that contribute to promotions in BJJ.
Some schools take it very seriously and some less, in brazil , a jiu-jitsu fighter that quits his team for another one is referred as “Creonte”.
According to the legend, The term “Creonte” was used by Great Master Carlson Gracie, he was inspired by this Brazilian soap opera character that specialized in betrayal and backbiting.

Technical Mastery
Loyalty is one thing, but if your skills are not up to standards, you will get promoted at a slower pace.
Each belt has a minimum prerequisite techniques that one needs to know and master.

Life can keep you busy and it can be hard to show up in class but if you are serious about BJJ and want to get promoted you need to put the effort to organize your life in accordance to that.
“Houdinis” in BJJ will definitely stay at the same level for a long time.

Dojo Domination
One of the least popular factor but a key one, often you will find guys that never compete but are the top dogs in the Dojo, the ones that don’t like the spot light but are beasts on the mats.
Regardless to say that dojo dominance, will definitely contribute in getting promoted quickly.

One accelerating factor of promotion is definitely competing, if you compete extensively and dominate your bracket and level , it definitely contributes in speeding up the process.

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