K.O Explained

Getting knocked out is not the most pleasant experience, no one likes to loose control of his senses and fall into the abyss of unconsciousness.

There is a popular belief that says having a good chin is somehow genetic and another that states that the more you take punches, the more you become ” K.O proof “.

Interesting theory but first , let’s try to understand the mechanism behind the knock out.


524px ContrecoupWhen the punch lands , it sends the brain sliding inside the skull, a chain reaction occurs, the skull accelerates and decelerate rapidly but the floating organ keeps on moving in the cerebral fluid .

The brain recoils to the back of the head causing trauma from the rear to the front of the skull, commonly known as the coup/contrecoup injury.

At this point, the Neurotransmitters fire an electric storm that short circuits the nerves which results in a loss of balance and unconsciousness.


So How do we avoid getting knocked out ? There are 2 factors that are involved here, the technical and physical aspect.

Technical Aspect

Great defense

“Protect yourself at all time”, being able to block your opponent’s punches efficiently and avoid his attacks by being elusive is key.


The most underestimated aspect of fighting yet the most important , being able to move around opponent without getting hit.

Physical Aspect

Cardio Training

As you get tired , your hands drop , leaving you without protection , your mouth is wide open as your breathing gets heavier. Your vital points are therefore vulnerable to a knock out.

Muscular Training

– chewing on something hard will help develop your jaw muscles.

– training your neck and trapeze , will stabilize your head to reduce the punch impact.

– Lastly, solid legs will keep you stable when the inevitable happens.

So to conclude, let’s clarify few things here :

– Getting hit in the face repeatedly will not help you build a tolerance to knock outs but will definitely result in a long term brain trauma.

– Having a good chin is 90% training and 10% genetic , you are not born with a chin of steel.

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