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Ahmad’s ExperienceAhmad W.
Hamza’s ExperienceHamza W.
Cole’s ExperienceCole Mckee
Hands down this place is an excellent environment for both adults and kids to become a better version of themselves. The coach has a great personality and very skilled and passionate about what he does. I joined my nephew into the bjj ontario classes and he's loving it! He's become confident and more disciplined thanks to the training programs. I had taken my nephew to some karate places before and neither of us were satisfied with the programs or coaches that would charge crazy fees for just a stripe on the belt...
Elias Musawiexcellent environment for both adults and kids
Such a great school. Lotfi, our teacher, makes everyone feel so welcome no matter the skill level. The biggest and most pleasant surprise is the fellow students. Very welcoming and willing to help. It can be intimidating to start down this path but believe me when I say don't be with this school. My 9 yr old is in the kid's class and has the time of his life at every class. I'm so happy that we started this journey of BJJ. Definitely a worthwhile endeavour.
Karl MarquesSuch A Great School


Monday – Tuesday – Thursday

6PM To 7PM


Self Defense

Unlike many other forms of martial arts, Jiu Jitsu focuses on defense rather than attack. A focus on defense ensures that children are not tempted to use their skills in an aggressive manner, while at the same time providing them with the tools they to protect themselves.


Children who engage in bullying often do so because they feel inferior. BJJ is a physical discipline which focuses on empowering individuals regardless of their physical size.

Problem Solving

Also known as kynetic chess BJJ requires a constant focus.Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is cerebral sport that pushes practitioners to solves problem on the go, by intertwining the mental and physical aspect.