UFC Fight Island Announcement

DANA WHITE : I’m here to announce that fight island is on yazz island and abu dhabi and you know just like I said about Florida when we went to Florida how how the Commission and the government worked with us there to pull off this fight same thing with Abu Dhabi these guys have been amazing partners and everything that we’ve ever done with them so we’re going UFC Saturday July th in Abu Dhabi and we literally just got Guzman versus burns done so that card as Guzman vs. burns Volken oski vs. Holloway Peter Yan vs. aldo Jessica and Raj vs. Rose namajunas and rebus vs. van zan the first card in Abu Dhabi is ridiculous the second fight will be Wednesday July th then Saturday July th and then Saturday July th and Abu Dhabi has actually created the safety zone on the island within ten square miles on Yas Island will just be inhabited by us and it’ll include an arena hotels training facilities for the fighters that are private so that you know the whole thing is covered dining establishments and yes there is an octagon on the beach

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