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first question Dana just down here um obviously New Market Saudi Arabia I think you’ve come in here you had a good crowd and you’re leaving with a movie by Zach Snider it sounds like how have you found this week and this new mon leaving with a what a movie by Zack Snider of course yeah yeah yeah um obviously uh the shake is very aggressive um he loves everything about fighting and uh you know there’s a lot of things that he wants to do we’ve gotten together a couple times and uh yeah it’s it’s all new interesting and fun my first time here our first time here and it was a good experience Robert Whitaker great performance by him first round performance for someone like him who you know kind of got written off a little bit he had a couple of key losses for him to fight back and merge back at the top of the pile what does it say about him and his longev yeah 100% and taking a guy that I’m not kidding you nobody in the top 15 wanted to fight this guy so this guy would have been the co-main event last weekend at you know he had a full Camp came in hamzo calls this guy one of his toughest fights he ever had and Whitaker made it look easy tonight he he uh he looked like a stud Whitaker said he would love to be the backup at perf is that something you’d be open to we’d love to have him uh Outsider tonight can you just describe to me how crazy the last two weeks have been at the UFC yeah it’s it’s been crazy but it’s always crazy if it’s not these kind of things it’s a lot of other things it’s it’s the business that we’re in obviously Conor McGregor is out with injury he was uh he did some interviews today where he said you know he’s going to stay focused he’s going to try and get back as soon as he can uh he who said that Conor did yeah okay he would like a date in around September or August would you be open to creating a date for him or does he have to fit into the schedule I don’t know right now yeah you know our scheduled laid out so we’ll see I’m not I’m not doing anything until I know that Connor is healthy it’s not even worth talking about till you know what about September what about October he’s not ready so why even talk about that uh Alex Pereira steps in again now you’ve said before this isn’t a career it’s an opportunity what does it say about him that he has made the most of every opportunity you’ve given him no doubt about it look at how much this guy has fought look how popular he is I mean we called him while he was on vacation in Australia um you know doing a ton of stuff with sponsors but this is when you when you when you step up the way this guy does when you fight the way that he does when you have the demeanor that this guy has this is how it works for you you blow up and and you know you get lots of opportunities and I I say it all the time that belt opens uh a lot of doors lost one for me a little bit of a weird one did Donald Trump ask you to make a migrant fighting League it’s a joke yeah he said it wasn’t his he said he didn’t think it was his worst idea ever but you weren’t into it yeah yeah no it was a joke it was a joke I saw everybody going crazy online but yeah he did say it hey Dana here obviously you had the two big losses hamzat and Connor what hit you the most what was the hardest situation for you well we’ve lost a lot lot I mean it’s more than just those guys we’ve had a lot of fights fall I mean the the um one of the fights fell apart like uh you know um Chara I think there were three different opponents for him he’ll fall off fell off I mean list goes on and on it’s funny because we’ll go on these spurts where you get no injuries and then you get these these injury bugs man and it just just keeps rolling what was your question sucks yeah no it sucks it’s not fun but it’s part of the business and something we got to deal with uh so you mentioned sha today uh were you impressed with this per performance tonight because the first time when he fought you said you don’t know how he’s from dagistan but has no wring how did you like his performance tonight yeah no he looked good tonight um can’t take it away from you know and and um you know the fact that troli came in here and and uh took this fight on short Noe it’s kid’s an absolute stud he wasn’t on the bonus list but let me tell you what going to take very good care of him too um for stepping up and doing what he did and and having the heart you know he took some big shots unbelievable leg kicks and uh you know he fought like a like like an absolute Savage tonight so we appreciate it and we respect him very much and Char look great I mean when you got a guy that comes in on short notice tall rangy dangerous on the ground he fought the fight he needed a fight kicked his legs all night stuck with his game plan picked him apart uh with punch punches and then when he saw he was in trouble he went in for the kill you couldn’t have a better performance people also wondering a lot about sh if he can compete in United States can he yes probably not we’ll keep him out here okay I wanted to ask you about wov after this Victory is he in a title position possibly fighting espinal well obviously tonight was a tonight was a good night for him um you know he put himself in a really good position uh looked good doing it came in another one that came in with a great game plan implemented it picked him apart and won the fight and yeah I mean I don’t talk about title fights tonight the fight just got over but he definitely put himself in a great position uh and the last one from me uh obviously McGregor has a fight with Chandler but Islam and his team talking a little bit about him possibly fighting Conor have you ever thought about fight this fight I’m not thinking about Connor fighting anybody right now yeah Dana Dana uh what’s next for ikram and was the risk he took worid what’s next for yeah listen he he he stepped up and and took a big fight against one of the absolute best in the world one of one of the best in that division of all time um I say it all the time that this is a business of opportunities he took the opportunity came in tonight and came up short you know the other thing it’s not that that that rram doesn’t have the talent to be in there he’s never been on the big stage like this before this was his first time and um I’m sure he felt it so now he’s got this behind him he’s he’s he’s uh he’s done it and he’s got to go back to the gym work on uh you know work on some things and he’s got this experience under his belt now was you surprised for such big such fast knockout what’s the price for what were you surprised about such a fast knockout no uh Robert Whitaker is a bad dude um Robert Whitaker hurt him he jumped on him and you know that kid alisov came out of a had a full Camp he was supposed to fight in the co- Main Event last weekend nobody in the top 15 wanted to fight that kid nobody wanted to fight him Whitaker took him on short notice and went in there and did what he did he looked incredible tonight thank you thank you Dana um you you mentioned about coming back to Saudi Arabia in the post show you mentioned about coming back to Saudi Arabia in the next year can we expect maybe a bump up to a pay-per-view or something like that is that something that you talked well I you know I don’t we have a deal right now for for fight nights so all right that was a short one and uh uh just jumping on and like I know that you you have no idea about Conor McGregor yet but uh considering the time frame uh of September I have no time frame I have nothing uh no I just wanted to mention that the Vegas card of September like the sphere uh kind of you know it’s coincidential in time with it like that would be a good uh fit for McGregor over there uh and on top but McGregor is not even healed yet McGregor’s hurt all right and uh final uh final question about that like jumping on on the uh the sphere question is uh that’s that seems like to be one of the biggest cards ever that you guys put together and uh yet I mean there’s not too much information I understand that you might be saving some stuff is there anything that you can uh let us know about this car it’s not you’re right it’s it’s one of the biggest sporting events of all time not just in in this sport um and we’re going to be the first live transmission ever from the spear um and and it’s not that we’re withholding the information from everybody there’s just a lot of moving pieces and parts to this thing when this thing is done my guys will be the foremost experts in the world on how to run a live event in the spere it’s it’s it’s been crazy so Craig borsari my head of production isn’t even here in Saudi Arabia for our first fight here that’s how up to his eybrows he is in the sphere right now so um we will be announcing soon maybe maybe International fight week next week I’ll give you guys some more information that would be my next question like when can we expect something thank you appreciate it hello hear one go first yes ma’am go ahead um this is the first time UFC is is hosting an event Saud Arabia did it live up to the expectations and when is your next come again yeah I mean this is our first time ever in this market and we had over 12,000 people here in the arena um you know and and yeah yeah it was it was a great experience thank you from Tajikistan the paper is called uh Asia plus that’s where he’s from that’s why he’s asking question y four fighters from Tajikistan signed last year with the UFC today two of them were fighting one of them lost were you surprised that one of them lost and will you continue to sign fighters from Tajikistan of course I mean as as long as there’s talented people coming out of there we always sign guys I’m never surprised whether guys win or lose this is this is the game you win some you lose some and there’s so many different ways to win and lose in this sport anything is possible so uh yes we will continue to sign more talented people from there okay hello everyone uh ABD rman from colors of R out uh my question is how did you find the experience here in UFC and Saudi Arabia especially uh including the B with the Riyad season how do you feel about your first experience here in Saudi Arabia especially with Riad season being a partner yeah um like I was just telling her uh you know our we sold over 12,000 seats in a new market and uh you know everywhere I’ve gone there’s been people from all over the world here at this event um I’ve ran into a lot of them at the mall today uh at the restaurant last night so it it’s it’s been uh it’s been good it it was fun coming into this Market I love I love how um passionate Shake turkey is about Combat Sports and uh you know what he’s looking to do here in this part of the world okay and all over the world actually when me think about it we hope we will see you again hopefully we’ll be happy to see you again hopefully thank you sir appreciate it yeah Dana how do you how do you see this event contributing to the MMA scene here in Saudi and are you already thinking of any initiatives to develop local talent here in Saudi Arabia yeah I think you know in uh in this region now you’re starting to see Talent come from here uh and and with the amount of money that’s going to be poured into both Sports not just MMA but boxing too you’re definitely going to see some talent coming from here and one one last question what was your most memorable part of putting this event together here in Saudi and and evented have um my most memorable part um anytime you come into a a market for the first first time it’s that experience of the first time that I walked into the arena um the weigh-ins just everything that you normally experience uh during fight week when you do it in a different place it’s it’s it’s always uh exciting and fun thank you thank you Kelvin Kelvin Gastelum obviously struggled with his cut this week so is he staying at middleweight or is it wellwe still I I don’t know you know I’m not thrilled with Kelvin Gastelum right now um you know it’s guy’s missed weight like three times in his career uh you got kids taking fights on a week notice jumping off cards coming over here and making weight and Calvin doesn’t make weight it’s it’s it’s extremely disappointing and is there any update on Hamza and when he’s going to fight next or no clue you know um we’ll see what happens you know obviously maybe we try to move him over to uh Abu Dhabi and see if uh he can make that fight okay and just the last one Paige you announced that paig vanzan is is going to be in power slap so how did that come about you know I I said this would happen I said that you’re going to start to see people crossing over into Power slap and uh yeah Paige is the first the first that you know that everybody knows and has such a big following hello Dana yeah uh why didn’t you give magamed anal fight for the title he has the longest unbeaten streak uh in the lightweight division in in history I’m sorry in the history of liav division after Jon Jones why didn’t you give maged an kalive a chance to fight for the title as he has the longest unbeaten streak in a light heavyweight Division behind only Jon Jones yeah he’s right there he he’s he’s right there he will fight for a title as long as he holds his standing there yeah then once you said that your dream is to make a fight that sells 8 million pay-per-view well that’s not I said what I said was everybody asked me what do you think the ceiling is on this Sport and my response to that is now that everything is starting to stream Lorenzo and I used to dream of a day where a fight would be on the same channel everywhere all over the world and what is the ceiling 8 billion people there’s 8 billion people in the world so who knows who knows what one could possibly do someday as streaming continues to get bigger and the sport continues to grow all around the world and we come into new markets like we did here here and and open up other new markets um throughout the years I’m just curious what fight in the world in the UFC in boxing between bloggers businessmen or even politicians uh could potentially uh make 8 million paperas Zuckerberg versus musk Dana my question is does it possible that next step for ikram Alis will be a rematch with Hamza Chim probably in Abu Dhabi probably not do you have main event for UFC Abu Dhabi and any chance that it will be Islam mahv versus Arman zarukin no idea right now that that that that fight’s in October so we’ll see Dan and the last one about power slap uh you just recently signed vasil kamosi the dumpling I think this is the person who actually got you into 100% so when I start first started seeing this stuff coming out of Russia and Poland and and everywhere dumpling was the first guy that that I started to watch and I’m like this is he is absolutely the guy that got me into it so we ended up signing him and and I’m looking forward to seeing him compete yeah if I’m not mistaken when you saw it first you said guys I want this on fight Fight Pass right away but you know deal didn’t come come around and you made the power SLP yourself right well sort of yeah I I I reached out to to one of the guys in Russia that was running at a with him in LA and uh you know started to have conversations and that was really how it all began and yes I I I was interested in Fight Pass you know your sir thank you guys thank you Saudi Arabia I really appreciate you guys have a safe trip [Applause] home e e e Alexander congratulations on the victory I see that you have some problems with legs can you please explain what happened to be honest it’s it’s completely normal I always kick a lot and from all the kicks my shins got swollen up so it’s not a big deal it all go away soon in between uh in between the rounds you kept on getting your hair combed is it some sort of like a funny joke something like a You Know sketch comedy thing [Music] [Music] you see I grew my hair out a little longer than I usually go into the fight usually it’s much shorter and so because of this long hair I was forced to bring with me on the team a special stylist let’s say like a styling coach and so he made sure to work hard for his money and I think he did really a great job because nothing was covering my eyes and I was able to work without any trouble it seems as though at the end of the fight you were trying to shake sergey’s head but he didn’t want to have any of it he pushed you away is it possible that there will be a a peace treaty and you be you’ll be aspiring again in the future usually I don’t answer questions in this manner but I’m gonna answer a question with a question what do you think rhetorical question it seems but pretty much no yes [Music] I mean I didn’t think it was a nice thing to do from him uh I I guess he’s mad at me I’m not really sure why I would love to figure out why he’s mad at me but I’m I’m thinking maybe he just misunderstood something and if he didn’t then I would love to get to the bottom of it it’s his fault not mine I guess a lot of the Russian speakers really did not like this situation uh if we cut the sarcasm for a little bit do you think that there’s a possibility that you know you can sit down and kind of hash it out or do you think that Sergey should be the one initiating the piece you know to be honest this is uh this is the first time really uh that I’ve ever heard Sergey curse because uh he kind of told me to well I’m not going to repeat what he said but basically uh I once in a while allow myself to curse but uh but this is the first time I actually heard him kind of maliciously use curse words in my direction so uh I mean if if he got a problem then I think it’s probably on his side because I let the situation go and if he’s got a if he’s got a problem then he should be the one initiating the the solution but still you guys live in the same hotel and there’s a possibility that maybe you cross path in an elevator or something so what would happen if you guys end up being in the same elevator in the same hotel if he tries to attack me I’ll call the cops aland I think that the reason why there’s a misunderstanding is because uh he’s he seems to think that you were the first one to accept the fight so can we once and for all understand who was the first one to sign okay I’m going to try and explain it without sarcasm just as it was when the fight was announced uh I found out about about the fight from my American coach Roni who was sitting next to Ali Abdul and they were talking about the fight both all three of us Ron Ali and me we all found out about this fight from the announcement made by Dana White uh [Music] when my coach got my coach got in touch with sergey’s team which was the next evening right uh it seemed as though from the words of Sergey that this fight was already offered to him that’s what my coach [Music] understood and serge said that if wov says yes then I will also not back out and UFC came up to me and they said that Sergey has said yes if you will then Ali was trying to approach me and asked me to not agree to the fight but from what I understand from that side from their side there was already an agreement and so I don’t think that that’s uh denying the fight or dropping the fight [Music] [Music] [Music] and and I think that maybe it’s going to be him that’s to figure out the things with this team uh what happened but actually I really want to uh kind of make an emphasis on something important it was them it was him that used to come to our team right and we were the ones that were coaching him we were the ones that helping him out we’re the ones that sharing all the skills with him and uh up until the Lewis fight we were still training with him and helping him out and I flew there after my Lewis fight and and was uh copying Lewis as much as I could imitating him for surgey to to be better to get all the skills we were given him all the secret weapons so I think that uh he technically should be a little more respectful and and a little more thankful to our team for all the help that we provided Alexander do you think that this current streak of four victories in a row puts you for a title Contender and are you will willing to wait up until 2025 because of all the uh the rigall that’s going on with the heavyweight division at the moment [Music] [Music] [Music] uh thank you for the congratulations uh yes I would really like to fight for the title but besides the point I am also an employee of the uh UFC I’m employed by the UFC and I’m going to have to not go with my wishes but go with what they say is right uh there’s been kind of an Unwritten agreement that that will be the case but who it’s going to be and who it’s going to be where it’s going to be with don’t really know yet we often hear that uh sparring sessions are not at all the same as the fight itself did you see the same Sergey pavlovich uh was he was he much different from the from the surate that you used to spar with and uh talk about the fight a little bit in general Bo I have to say that I’m am stylistically a very bad matchup for Sergey so uh his managers should uh should be more honest with him about the fights that he shouldn’t accept uh but uh I didn’t Spar this way with Ser when we used to spar together and what I mean is the the unorthodox way the the leftand way and there was other things that we prepared in Camp that I think that would have worked in the fight as well so I think that this was an attempt on his side to to get a fight quick and and fight after a loss but as I said before stylistically I’m a terrible matchup for him I asked Dana White when he was here earlier about the possibility for you fighting for the title and he said that yes it would be possible and before the fight uh you were saying just jokingly that uh if not for the title you would fight for a BMF title against Derek Lewis uh you still interested in such an opportunity uh well yes so I would I would fight I would fight the fights that are interesting to the fans first of all that’s that’s the primary goal so uh you know whatever what this fight specifically wasn’t a comfortable or an like a good fight for the Russian public it’s not something that they wanted to see but I’m interested in all fights this one included because it’s an interesting fight for me so if there’s going to be such an opportunity for a heavyweight division to secure a fight for a BMF that would be great I would fight with anybody in fact I would fight with uh two people the same night about your shape about your conditioning do you think that you are in top shape now that you’re uh that you’re peing right now or do you think that that that Prime that you were in was uh earlier when you were with uh fighting with serial gun e [Music] [Music] you know yeah I’m not getting any younger but uh I’m not trying to look weaker now because I’m a older older uh but really what it is is I I continue to train I continue to develop I like the process of training I like the process of of getting better and sharpening my skills I think I have much more things in my Arsenal now much more skills in my Arsenal so it’s hard to compare it’s hard to talk about what it was then and what it is now at least uh yeah even though I’m an older fighter than I was before but at the same time uh the skills that I possess now are all part of of a new arsenal of this new fighter that keeps on developing with age so of course the years are adding up but it doesn’t mean that other things aren’t compensated for it did you have a thought after the fight that uh pretty much all of the opponents that Sergey fought he was able to knock out and knocked them out quickly and for you uh he wasn’t able to knock you out do you think that’s because of your brilliant game plan or do you think because that he just never landed on you because of your game plan or possibly because the other opponents that he was able to knock out just all have glass chins I’ll say that balansky university has now won the the Armed Forces that’s what happened I see e e e e e e e e e Rob congrats on a fantastic win um you said you wanted to go into this fight and be the hunter right so that being said you did just that was this how you thought it was going to go um H you know you hope for the best prepare for the worst right I Was preparing for an absolute 25 minute slug Fest I Was preparing for a war you know an Absol a dog fight but um I told you before I have the mentality of being the hunter I want to get in there and I want to stalk my prey I want to be the predator and I feel like I accomplished that I would agree um what does it say do you think about you that you know you’ve had a couple of losses right and I think I think in this game people are quick to just write you off as like okay well he’s done now but the fact that you’ve been able to persevere and fight your way right back to the top on the cust title sh what do you think that says about you and your character mate it’s never give up never never quit especially on yourself the fans love and hate them right yeah I have the best I I have the best fans in the world but um I’ve seen some fans the fans for for for others and sometimes they can they can really just turn a cold shoulders here real quick um if you have a bad day or bad night in the office but that’s just the nature of the sport I guess but again I I say I I have the best fans in the world and um you know I know they have never given up Faith and they they understand what I can do and I believe in myself and I have a good people around me and yeah it’s just striving for greatness obviously when you fought DDP uh it didn’t go your way but do you think these last couple of performances have shown that actually that was an off night for you and if you are at your best you can beat anybody definitely I’d like to I’d like to think that you know I um look at the look at the paperwork since that fight I’ve only improved I’ve only gotten better and I’m not saying that if I was on I would have beaten him I’m I’m not going to take that away from him he turned up on the night and beat me fair and square and now he’s the world champion because of it okay he’s a he’s a good fighter and he he’s good at what he does but I know I can do better will I beat him like maybe he gets his hand raised again but I know I can do better and I know I didn’t put my my my best foot forward in that fight and I want to run it back because of that it’s funny right because I feel like for years Israel was the guy you were chasing and wanted to run it back with and now it seems DDP has sort of overtaken him in the The Hit List is that right uh to a degree like I say he’s still on that list mate but but um I I honestly feel like I see my goal in martial arts in mixed martial arts in Combat Sports is to live up to my own potential that’s the only thing I want to achieve because I know how good I am I’m the most dangerous middleweight on the planet and everyone knows that but like they big shoes to fill and I I want to live up that’s the only thing I ask for every fight every time I step in that octagon is just to to allow me to do what I train to to to live up to my own potential and uh tonight I feel like I did that and yeah uh they’ve obviously asked you about being a backup Dana was here and said he’d love you to be a backup if you were open to it are you is that the only way that you’d fight on that Perth card or if they came with a good opponent do you see yourself maybe fighting just because it’s on home soil you know it’s on home soil I I plan to be there one way or another okay but um I do need to go back to to talk to my team um yeah I I need to talk to my team about it we got to work on the other guys that are preparing like I took this fight short notice kind of pushed a lot of things around so I want to I want to go back and talk to my team Perth is just it’s in my home turf you know but yeah let me talk to my team last one for me hamzat says that you and his business is not finished I’m sure he would like to see this fight rebooked is that something you’d be okay with or are you sort of thinking well you did have your show up you didn’t make it I don’t jump me as soon as I finish a fight I don’t know why people do that I think I say that but I probably did it once or twice as well like let me have this for a little bit all right we can we can title the score another day congrats mate uh hello AA F from Arab News first of all congratulations on the win um you were satified um Hamza first but um he withdrew last minute uh how did you stay focused and adaptable with the unexpected change uh in opponents uh determination doggedness you know a great team my team kept me switched on they kept me focused um they understood how dangerous rram was if I didn’t take it with the respect it deserves I told myself that because of them and I just I just stayed focused like like a dog on a bone uh you mentioned that you were preparing for a long fight for a slug Fest as you said were you taking uh this preparation for hamzad fight uh more serious than other fights before um not more serious I take every fight deadly serious but like dep the camps they vary um because this Camp rolled off the back of the Costa fight I was able to reach much higher levels of training and preparation I was fitter I was leaner I was Stronger going into it into this Camp so I was able to push more everyone in the gym knows if you if I go to a session you’re getting 100% out of me and if the foundations are greater then 100% is a bigger number when I’m you know in in better shape what would you say rram did run in in the fight with you and did he make any mistake when you caught him um I’m not going to disrespect him by trying to point out what he did right or wrong he he took a hard fight against a hard opponent I’m ranked third in the world I was the middleweight champion and I’ve said it 100 times since the win on the most dangerous middleweight in the world uh what about Shara did you see his fight tonight and what you think of him as a possible opponent I did um the the guy he fought was tired man he was very tired that’s uh not taking any away from anything away from sh I think like the way he utilized his kicks the way he stayed focused and the way he danced on the outside avoided the dangerous uh the dangers of the what half the first round um yeah it was admirable but yeah the the guy guy who fought was tired a few years ago when you were fighting at the same card with Hamza in Abu Dhabi I asked you you uh do you possibly see him as a your future opponent and you said oh I wish he’s going to stay at welterweight if you remember this so now I’m asking you about sha bullet is it possible that in a few years you will have to fight him might I’m at the top of the ladder I fight everyone I fought everyone there isn’t anybody that I haven’t fought only ear you Stripes earn your shot and get there you know like I I’ve never picked or danced away from any opponents and um if our paths cross they cross we’re both in this sport together right we’re both middleweights sh spoke very respectful about you he said if if I would fight Robert it would have to be like a title fight somewhere after like a number of fights in UFC what would you make of his words I appreciate the respect he’s given me and um yeah you know it’s nice now I like him a little bit more you know I try not to like middleweight because I have there might be opponents potential opponents but I’m respectful to all the middleweights cuz honestly only the other middleweights understand what we go through understand the heart and the the the sacrifice and the determination you need to succeed in this sport so they they’re the most they have the most respect from me as much as I try to not like them right and um he’s doing his thing he had a good win tonight I want him I wish him the best you know and and like I said if our paths cross one day they cross maybe maybe not if you face sha would you uh rather wrestle him or out strike him in your opinion uh wrestle I reckon let’s give that a go today Robert uh ikram fight lasted nearly two minutes uh what if you fight Hamza chumai how long it would last who knows know what do you what do you want me to say what are you what are you guys trying to get out of me but I prepared for a dog fight you have no idea how hard I trained how many rounds of work I had to put in to to to prepare adequately for this fight I it finished early everything went to plan everything that we trained for I executed perfectly to a degree and like I am so thankful for that but I was prepared to fight tooth and nail for 25 minutes an absolute dog fight I was willing to leave that octagon carried if I had to you that’s the sort of fight I was I was turned up for with Sham and ikram inherited that that’s the sort of fight I I came here for so Robert so Dana said he likes the idea of you being the backup fight for the per and if that doesn’t work out would you be willing to sit out for for and wait for a while or would you be okay to to fight one of to top top guys like Sean Strickland or maybe hamzad fight again yeah I I only fight the best that’s that’s what I’ve earned that’s what I do um I fight the best my my priorities is to get back home and see my family two weeks is too long so I’m going to go home and I’m going to spend time with my family told him I’d take him to the Gold Coast so that’s where we have to go all right but um I’m going to sit down with my team before we leave and I’m going to organize what what we’re doing and and how things play out like I said I’m not the only one in the team and I moved a lot of people’s timelines and plans around taking a fight so short after Costa because it’s not just me that has to make the sacrifices it’s my coaching staff and teammates as well and uh I wouldn’t be here without them so I I need to to get home and talk to them sorry if I’m coming across angry I I get geed up sometimes [Music] Robert obviously you’re a great fighter one of the greatest but uh how do you see this whole situation playing out for you if not for hamzad fight uh being cancelled probably things would play differently you would have to fight five rounds you could possibly lose are you happy how things played out and now you had a really quick quick [Laughter] Victory mate if I had Wheels I’d be a bike am I right like it is what it is um yeah mate what if I ordered scrambled eggs instead of waffles this morning I don’t know I don’t know I I understand chamai is a hard fight but I I didn’t shook it I didn’t I did not say yes to fight him you know what I mean um yeah I don’t know how to I don’t know how to respond properly to that but thank you very much thank you thank youone e e e