Following UFC Vegas 91, tune in to the Post-Fight Press Conference to hear the athletes take questions from the media.

well congratulations how are you feeling after a win like that hi guys nice to see you every Everybody yeah feeling good I am so happy now now my management say for me for me give bonus now now more better than before you know before be happy now happy more what are you going to do do with that bonus uh my goal is uh be old you know I want to buy big house for my family and uh now let’s see let’s see first uh first bonus no give a chance for buy house now let’s see maybe so can you talk to me a little bit about the fight did it go the way that you had anticipated it going uh you know before fight uh we we have small plan give a first round give for this guy work because on second round he he like a little bit tired you know and be very simple fighter and uh finish him on second round this be my goal this is like uh plan my team was there anything about him him that surprised you a little bit his size you know big guy only this but uh I wait he no speed like uh strong maybe but after I feeling I no more like uh easy than him you know like I’m strong too I understand this everyone’s saying after this performance you’re going to be ranked what do you think where do you think you should be ranked what will that feel like to finally have a [Music] ranking you know if I go to the top 15 if I go uh I am be first first fighter from usbekistan who go to the top you know this is history this my history H from usbekistan have two more strong guys and uh I’m first I’m first and uh I’m very very happy on this moment you know is there health healthy and fun competition between you and the other fighters to see you know who will be the first Champion who’s going to be the first number one all those things yeah you know both guys is a very good friends he’s my friends we every time talking support for for him and uh each other each other I support him each other and you know uh this is like a sport competition for motivation this good I think it’s good uh I take this step first uh first you see another guys you know uh first bonus maybe another guys now top top guy me like this you know is Sport uh sport competition I love this I love this when would you like to fight again and do you have an opponent in [Music] mind uh on half Fe I fight three times uh on uh three Fighters top 10 top 10 guys you know and and now I want a little bit uh recover rest and after with new power I want to go to the keep walking to the top you know to to the go to the title maybe thank thanks so much it’s wild that you’re you know talking about a title already you know three fights how fast do you see that you can get there I mean you fight so frequently how fast can you make that run I think maybe you see you know give for me this chance and uh big appreciate big uh like big opportunity for me thank you for Donna thank you for make M thank you and I try it from my side I want to show Big Show every time I not love it boring fights then I say before you know and no grappling match no like Point match I love it I love it Bel and the show you know yeah did you get a chance to talk to Dana or hunter or or Mick after the fight yeah only with my management you know management straight talk with him and everything good you know maybe after this fight Danna subscribed on me um you said you want some time off when you fight again it does it matter where I mean do you want to fight in Europe or here in in Las Vegas or does it matter to you uh doesn’t matter only give me location you know give me location and we go Europe Africa like America doesn’t matter when uh one time you know I every time think about this uh one day I hope you see come to the tashin you know from usbekistan really I want to fight on this we have uh three fighters from usbekistan and maybe we make good show uh because from usbekistan a lot fans and very strong fans I love love him and uh I want to give this show in the life you know not only TV because a lot guys watch TV and other time you know like this is it’s very late yeah very late now but a lot people watch on me if we open my social media now o o what’s the what’s the talent level of Fighters like in usbekistan right now should we expect to see more fighters in in the UFC and in the rankings you know this guy this uhan this first guy is’s good guy very strong you know he take bonus you know and Mahmud murov yeah is very beautiful Strikers you know is uh I love it this guy I love it to watch these fights and from usbekistan when Fighters fight in from usbekistan is like house you know very house and we in tashkin we have big arena welcome to UFC and after two week after two week noron Ros boy fight with one guy Buckley Buckley ah with Buckley yes very interesting fight if I can can I go to the watch on the life this fight yeah common event very big event I love this I love this what did you think of um Alex per versus Jamal Hill at UFC 300 you know this uh guys who I’ll say like Champion caliber you know big guys is uh like very interesting fight but uh you know from Russia have a good uh good guy who can asort asort it um challenge challenge this moment you know only give for him chance like this and U I say UFC UFC 300 is be very big event you know not only this fight interesting for me I have PR praasa with um rockage yes very good fight a lot a lot start uh start and finish perfect LCA is history and finally who gave you your nickname you know tarich this is like Russian word uh this is like son of Queen you know uh my mother for me this queen and I’m son like this yeah thank you guys thank [Music] you e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e for Al congratulations on a very very impressive Victory I mean can you just put in the words I guess you know what this result this performance means to you after everything that you’ve been through over the past several years um just shows that I’m still here you know uh I never thought I went anywhere I think the division kind of did uh you know obviously coming off all those fights being cancelled and stuff like that and obviously my last three fights not going the way I wanted to but um you know thank thank God for my team and my friends and family that kept pushing me in the right direction you know I just show the division I’m back in back in it nice you you always kept like a positive face in you know when you’re in front of us and talking about it over the past nearly four years um but how challenging was it behind the scenes I mean were you able to keep that same positive energy behind the scenes or has this been a challenging time for you um I mean honestly had to change uh a lot of the just mental things right like I don’t get wrong when the fight started cancelling and stuff like that yeah do did I feel like you know like damn you know what’s going on you know I kind of felt sad and stuff like that but at the end of the day uh like I tell people just just because something’s going bad in your life doesn’t mean life stops I have a son I have my bills to pay and stuff like that I had to just go keep grinding uh you know what I mean uh my boy Billy bigo be like he stuff those feelings way deep down down inside you know until the time it is to come out but uh I just kind of just kept moving forward and like I said I listen to my team uh I owe a lot to uh my manager uh Jason H Jeremy luchow uh Lance Jacob and uh coach Colin oyama Tyler womo ja and Ricky Sim all these guys uh that kind of stuck with me by my side and was telling me hey man you’re one of the best in the world I spar with these guys you know I spar with these guys non-stop I train with these guys and I can hang with these guys you know I mean uh and I take Ricky down all the time just let put their on out there uh but uh you know I hang with these guys all the time and uh can you know like I confidence yes I still had it right it’s just showing the world that that I still had it and uh you know I think I did that tonight definitely did that uh came out there very aggressive put the combinations together um was that just game plan for tonight or was there something extra you were feeling because that was uh I mean that was an incredible performance honestly I just go back to my old old ways uh you know before all this stuff had start happening uh I I mean if you look at my fights I was really like a combination kind of guy chopping the legs all the time always putting pressure you know that’s that that’s that uh col oyama and T wo style to kind come forward and uh PR press guys melt them with my defense right I feel like I have some of the best defense yeah are am I going to get hit yeah of course but uh I believe in my defense and uh I kind of just went out there and showed it nice was there a moment along the way or a read that you had where you’re like oh I’m I’m going to catch him tonight uh no honestly uh it’s funny cuz all my friends uh always call me pillow hands so now they can’t call me that no more uh so my my buddy uh John Mt uh he was call me as ASP Alex sleeping pill Perez you know not because I was putting people to sleep because I was putting him to sleep every time he would commentate my fights because I would just take the guy down so uh you know it just shows that I am involved and obviously the footwork was a little different uh I I have some stuff that I’ve been working on for a long time that haven’t been able to show uh like I said thanks to coach Colin Yama making us do those for a couple hours a day uh you know showed off tonight and uh we’re going to kind of keep working and going from there that’s nice last thing for me uh you’re in a much different position now as you said you show the division you’re still here I mean are you calling shots now are you are you waiting to see what happens next week and and making challenges like what’s what’s the plan from here now that you’ve show the division your back um honestly just I’m not a Matchmaker I’m a fighter so whatever my management team and other those guys want to do I’m down for uh biggest thing right now is I’m going to go hang out with my son I’ve been away from him uh before the last fight actually uh I was away some stuff had happened so I wasn’t around him for I think the pretty much the whole Camp I see him during fight week and then obviously I stay here to help uh Cody garbrandt and uh help Cynthia for their fight and stuff so I really didn’t get to see them too much um so right now all I’m worried about and focus on is going to see my son and hanging out with him and uh you know just having him freak out seeing me on TV seeing me and real live kind of back and forth and enjoying some freaking ice cream and uh Pizza yeah you seemed very calm and cool during fight week but like was there pressure on on your shoulder coming into this fight with three losses uh no uh honestly I’m over that whole like pre putting the pressure thing on myself I just go out there and do my thing uh I do this on a daily daily basis you know what I mean uh you know I know uh you see me around helping other guys coaching guys do like that so I’m literally at the gym 24/7 uh the only thing that changes is that there’s people there right and uh you got a little bit smaller gloves but out here in Vegas everybody likes to spar on on uh little gloves so it’s about the same thing so uh just kind of just show it you know you kind of talked about it on Wednesday but can we get a last last minute prediction for next week’s flyweight title fight between Earth and Pantoja um honestly I want Pantoja to win not say anything to Steve that he can’t win or anything just because when I fight for the title again I want to beat the guy that beat me but I mean uh Steve’s tough man people aren’t giving him enough credit I think he’s a tough guy really good boxing stuff like that he can definitely hurt Pantoja he’s you know I mean um mat should not hurt Pantoja uh he’s it’s not like pania hasn’t been hurt and Steve’s a big guy tall uh has some power and stuff so uh it’s an interesting fight obviously I think Pento has way more experience in these big fights going to hostile territory as well so uh we’ll see what happens but uh good luck to both of those guys any any fun plans with the $50,000 that you earned tonight no everybody knows me I’m a tight ass I’m saving that yeah they want uh so so These Guys these always give me a hard time because every time we go to the gas station like you guys go you guys want water and I buy the cheapest 99 cent water so now every time I go coach Colin makes me buy the biggest Fiji Water on the planet so he makes so uh yeah so n I’m a tight ass I’m going to save that save that money and then uh just you know can you bring an aai Republic to Vegas eventually uh you know that’s that’s the goal like I said I’m preparing for live after fighting but eventually I would love to bring one out here you know I feel like everybody everybody likes so uh why not look over here you mentioned stuff like your footwork you’ve made some Evolution on so what are some things the fans can expect out of this version of Alex prz in terms of the things you’ve evolved in from your game plan um just you know I mean honestly just being more uh more relaxed uh just letting things fly I think sometimes uh in the past I’ve kind of worried too much about what the other person is going to do where like tonight I knew we literally everything he was doing we practiced I mean this Camp was only three weeks well only technically two weeks cuz I was out out here helping people out so I really only got to spend a week with my team uh but it was just literally everything we talked about everything that coach Colin and Coach ja coach Sil were saying that he was doing we literally I literally had to practice it I was doing a lot of Shadow Boxing shout out to Vince Morales for being a good partner because he came out he took time away from his training he was doing a lot of stuff for me and uh yeah man it it was it was uh like I was able to see a lot of stuff so I just think they’re going to be able to see a calmer uh Alex Perez you you said obviously you’ve been helping out some of your teammates for some pretty big fights as of late how does that help you when it you know when it’s your turn to lock in and fight prepare for your fight um I think coaching just in general helps me uh just so I know what they’re doing kind of helps me work on certain things footw game plans uh having adjust like when we’re sparring you know like I hey you got to go Southpaw so and so is find a southpaw okay go out there go Southpaw so all those things just helping other teammates out does help me out at the end just cuz I’m getting those reps I probably wouldn’t be doing by myself congratulations thank you congrats my man on the win fantastic performance what everything that’s been going through in life the ups and downs and you’re always so transparent did you get the maybe in the back have that like okay I’m here now all the way from Dana White Contender series to probably rank number five come Monday like it’s all it’s coming together like for real for real um yeah and it’s just a relief just so I can I was able to show everybody in my team that all their hard work isn’t going to waste right like they see everything at the gym they see how good I can be and how good I’m how good I’ve become and all the techniques and everything I’ll be working I’m just happy that for me honestly it’s not about me it’s about like making sure I don’t let the people down around me even though I don’t go out there and we fight happens right but at the end of the day you still kind of feel like you let them down and uh I’m just happy you know this one came out this way yeah for sure you absolutely let nobody down I’m sure cannot wait to have you home who who got the first call once you got the uh I haven’t called anybody yet but the person gave the first call is my son like I said I’m going to see him right now he’s probably at my house right now I live on the other side of the freeway right here so I’m g go see my son I got a house out here go see my son and hang out my friends and family and uh you know just uh have a good time uh I’ve been I’ve been at this for a little bit went from one Camp to the next and helping other people I need some pizza on man we’ll get that slice and congrats on the win thank you man yes sir good thank you guys all