Watch some of our favorite UFC commentator reactions to incredible moments from athletes in the Octagon during events in 2023.

[Applause] back to his feet PES cires on a major moment round one to the Challenger [Applause] who is fighting unbelievably right now he sees [Applause] oh no way face first Isel B Be the greatest knockout you will see Double B oh my God D mou piece was out too his mouthpiece fell out right before him 13 in a row for Ismael Bon and younger bro you got next WoW looking the counter there you go oh huge overhand right Diego FAA sleeps him stiff that is the counter and that’s how deont slows things down she hits rocked her away huge damage Norma dumat still swinging I think she was rocked and just trying to keep herself up that’s what that looked like had again I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that all the way across the Octagon you got to do what you got to do to stay alive in there let me tell you that’s why they trap us in an octagon if there was a door she would have been out that’s why they lock Us in there Dom gatei fans being heard from now about a minute G by round two just in case she head kicks DUS P into the stratosphere and wins the BMF belt oh my goodness oh my goodness Justin gatei has done it in Salt Lake with a head kick you Billy pushing forward though if Billy could keep this pace and keep Barosa turns the lights out with a knee wow I mean that is the danger the power and the Precision of ET Barosa what an absolute Legend huh what an absolute Legend there he is come on let’s go I mean it never gets old you lift your hands up and they do this he is oh my God some incredible memories you’re a bad boy B being watching those highlights I I had my day I’m old and fat these days and you see Mitchell took the center look at he’s shaking he’s shaking Joe that’s what we were saying about Josh emit made an attempt the spinning back fist got a back T it oh Sensational job by Alexa Gro with a minute to go oh she’s in deep that is getting tight but it’s on the chin Joe it’s still on the chin she’s got the strength she Smasher oh my goodness chevchenko keeping her wits about her not under the chin yet more of a crank oh she’s got behind the neck that’s still TI sub tight that’s tight it’s a sub TI really tight I think she got it Alexa Gro is your Champion by submission by submission my goodness has shot my goodness oh my goodness wow that happened fast John W the way she took the back with the forward pass on Pedro Min just closing problem it just doesn’t stoped does not stop coming forward Pedro pushes the pace alliteration nicely done Michael what does that mean that’s a big word alliteration means you start words in succession with the same letter stop saying such silly sentences all done again he’s very smart is he with the kicks or both of these guys so far oh my goodness oh that’s an explosion and a knockout for Umar nuro medov oh kick from M huge moment in one one that’ll do it and still and with style points Islam makash is the man right here you see Norman deont land a beautiful right hand and then she kind of follows up and then Chelsea does this this is like my mama chasing me with a belt bro I’m like I’m getting out of here man I’ve never in my life seen anything like she’s still here because of it right she’s still in the fight because of that she’s right here what if that becomes a move now oh my God is that going to be a thing oh man get out of danger this is 10th straight main event and he opens up round three with a big one I mean that’s a big start to your PR right looks for especially right now wow empty in the tank is the Korean zombie now oh man away one and done on the counter right P him to sweep the Blessed Express through Singapore strolling on [Applause] it oh M trying to close it out here the H the new B wowow sugar if I stand up and do that again they they try give a try Come on B bit anyway never mind that never mind one more time we’re going to show there he is Michael pisp folks come on you can do that all day one more come on got it we got it that’s that’s bad than any joke on the planet but never mind all right gentlemen to the rules in the locker room want you B my commands at all time I want you protect yourselves at all time want to touch gloves do it good luck to both they’re hugging don’t don’t don’t see that every day I mean I’ve never seen anything like it lot of respect those leg kicks will pay dividend Tom espol let do it Tom asol has done it the UFC interim heavyweight champion of the world the UK has a heavyweight champion Tommy espol what that was Sensational he’s putting Jones the greatest of all time and now the Undisputed heavyweight champion of the world what did he tapped you it looks like he might have had the arm under the neck I mean it seemed like a quick tap John Jones back with style points tonight and there is no denying him now number one overall all time but I tell you man if I thought it was bad enough watching Jones fight because I had to get see myself getting beat now I got both of them me I got to watch myself get beat up by two dudes come on man I work [Laughter] here Derek Lewis opens with a switched a the one again the black be D Lewis oh my goodness guns [Applause] blazing oh my goodness oh my God oh my goodness look at this guy oh the shorts for Joe Rogan dere [Applause] wow oh my god oh look at him go look at him in there oh that is crazy nobody wins more fun than Derrick Lewis oh [Applause] again P so D goodness oh [Applause] oh he got him back he got him can finally win over Alex P who’s out cold wow he did oh my goodness he got him bad oh my goodness oh my goodness wow oh my goodness Alexa did not respect the power coming back in his way and he paid for it oh my [Applause] goodness