Brendan Allen joins Karyn Bryant, Anthony Smith and Alan Jouban on the UFC Post Show to recap his submission win vs.

Brendan Allen is here now with us and of course you’re rocking the purple we know you want to get the fights to Louisiana that is a big deal for you isn’t it big big deal it was great to have Dustin out here that’s my guy look Allan’s here we got Louisiana guys in the house so it’s great to put on for him and I definitely want them to come back uh to New Orleans it’s been a long time or anywhere in Louisiana I want to put on for my family my home team and uh put on for the boot all right well that might happen in the future but let’s talk about what happened tonight is this the fight that you expected with Paul you were very you know I want you to bring it I want you to come to me with this fight is that what you got tonight I was expecting I wasn’t expecting him to go for my legs uh I saw him doing in like one or two fights but I wasn’t expecting him to go under that’s why I kept letting him dive under because I didn’t really care I wanted to go for his back but uh he made me eat my words for that a little bit I was like I can’t believe I let him go under like that I would never do that so I was like uh but it is what it is I I came out with the win I got in one kind of position right there that was a little hairy but uh I’m not new to this I’m True to this so uh just another day gotta um um first off is the knee at all painful from that Cal slicer did it do any pressure to the knee at all yeah things were popping but um yeah I think I’ve popped a lot of things in my ankles before yeah I felt it popping but I knew like at one point you know when you do Jiu jit enough you know there’s no more like you know he’s not wrenching anymore and nothing else is going to happen um again I’ve been in a lot of positions like that I’ve been popped in tournaments and stuff like that growing up so I knew there was nothing left as far as extension wise so I was fine but uh it’s a little sore right now that s small limp you just had was that from the knee or is that just from the anle it’s more my anle soft tisue from kicks and everything no it was just from that one transition I felt it in my ankle and in my knee but I don’t really feel too bad in my knee at all right now I feel it in my ankle excuse me but um it was just from that one transition yeah and I felt it in the second when I went to step out but um again it’s my fault I let him go under and uh we’ll back to the drawing board and we’ll fix that and won’t happen again we hope it’s just like one week sord in this thing and you’re back you know nothing no injuries for you obviously you have that momentum going right now you seem to be just killing it in in the division I want to talk about the confidence though man you came in this week with a confidence higher than I’ve ever seen you’ve always been a confident guy you’ve had reason to do it but we were talking about this we were like God I hope he’s not getting overconfident and he’s going to maybe get complacent in in a guard the dangerous guard like Paul Craig but you talked about sports psychologist and how you go to that I know sometimes those things just get your mentals right but also preparation builds confidence was it one or the other that got you so confident in this fight week I think the not the skills and ability have always been there but it’s the the mental aspect that I’ve been working on you know you train ju-jitsu you train striking you train all these things but if you don’t trange your mentality then there’s there’s there’s that fault there and that’s where my fault was I believe and now I’m able to start putting the guy from the gym into the cage and I think that’s why we see more and more because I still haven’t shown fully of what I’m capable of I’m just edging out you know just a little bit more at a time and I’m only 27 I turned 28 in what a month or so so I still got time um but for right now I’m going to go home I’m going to go hunt this was opening weekend in Illinois so I’m a little pissed off that I missed missed it um so I’m really go hunt bring we’re bringing my kids to Disney World next week uh I’m going to go be a dad I’m going to rest up I’m going to enjoy my life a little bit I’ve I’ve worked very very hard to get here I fought three times consistently every year since I’ve been in the UFC to get here um now I think I do well enough and now I’m in a spot where I can fight twice a year get a full training camp be fully healthy put more effort into my recovery and um be able to make even bigger waves and still focus on my mentality and keep growing that as well Paul’s a tough guy I’m happy to have that name on my resume and uh i’ defended my spot now twice and I think I’ve earned a shot at a number one Contender I have the what tied for the longest win streak and um I’m finishing these guys I’m fighting the best guys that I can get I’m fighting these guys that are supposed to come to the division and be Killers guys that are on like seven-year win streaks and I’m finishing them I’m not going out there and I’m not going to scor cards I’m finishing these guys my resume speak for itself I don’t have to speak I don’t have to talk but we’ll see what happens I hope the UFC sees that and uh knows that I am the next big thing I’ve been in there with Sean I was a lot younger I was a lot immature mentally and I think I was still winning that fight I just made a bad Audible and I got caught I’m happy he’s the champion congrats to him I think he’s funny guy like he plays the Antics but um that all aside I know I know in my heart I’m better and I think he does too but um we’ll see what happens do beat theas no or does he beat D yes yes dricus is the luckiest guy in the world but I don’t think he beat Sean I think Sean’s that guy he starts slow and he comes on and um I think he’s stylistically I think Sean’s a little too much and a little too experienced for drias dricus just runs his mouth and uh he catches guys on burst but other than Whitaker who’s he be beat the whole time in a fight he’s always losing and comes back which is great he can dig deep you know he’s good at digging deep congrats to him um but I don’t I don’t I personally don’t think he beat sea yeah he definitely don’t beat me so I don’t worry about it so after your last fight I I I was sitting kide and I remember listening to your your your postf fight interview and I thought it was so mature of you to say you know early on in your career you just fought whoever and but you were taking like a very serious path like I’m working my way to a title I’m only going to take these guys and then you end up in this fight with Paul Craig I totally get it like sometimes we just have to go to work and you got to get the best guy you can get that said if if you think that drus loses to Shawn or whatever is is that like a guy you want to put your you want to like you want to claim that like if he loses I want that guy to get yourself into a title shot that’s a great question honestly you never know which way the matchmakers in the UFC is looking right CU well it depends on how long you want to wait as well I don’t I don’t want to fight till around around UFC 300 I want to sit out for a little bit um enjoy my kids and uh be a little bit smarter grow a little bit maturely and uh I just want to be a father for a little bit I haven’t been able to be home for a little while like consistently and uh when I do get to do that I get super close with my kids cuz I have them pretty much all the time when I’m home and she’s here right now and I don’t I don’t want to uh I don’t want to miss these moments I’m here chasing these moments more than I’m chasing that gold I’m chasing gold like everyone else but I’m chasing that moment right there this is something that nobody can take from me and her uh I could die tomorrow and she still got this moment right here with me so uh and I got it with her but um I don’t know what way the UFC is looking right they could say oh well if I beat this guy what why do you get a title shot coming off a guy the champion just beat you know come here there she is there we go come here Alan was was this the first fight uh Brandon was this the first fight that she’s been to uh yeah she’s been around it her whole life when I was in Milwaukee or when I was training in Milwaukee she uh she was one or two weeks old and we went straight to camp and she was in Milwaukee when it was freezing so she had RSV got RSV and everything there so she’s been around fighting her whole life she’s SE me fight all the time but this is her first time here she’s old enough to comp to comprehend things pretty much uh she knows I fight like I told everyone if I get slept tonight she’s not going to be screaming and like knows like I’ve told her all the time I tell her sister her sisters too and obviously she doesn’t understand which is why she’s not here but losing is a part of life I’m not Invincible I remember uh my dad got Co and he almost passed away and that’s when I realized that he’s he’s not Invincible he’s a human just like me and it was such a hard pill to swallow like for me as as as my dad being like a hero to me so uh I want her to know that I’m not Invincible I’m just another human so I love that so yeah I’m uh I don’t go back to your question though I I I really don’t know what it is I don’t care who it is whoever Hunter and Dana and Mick and Shan say is next and that gets me for a title shot if with a win uh that’s who I’m going to train for and that’s who’s got to see me and uh I’m ready for whatever I’ve always fought the best guys I’ll say it in front of everyone because I know it’ll come out only person that you could say that I’ve turned down was a fight with ran and that was only because we were waiting for drias so if I want do I want nine or do I want five right the gamble the gamble failed I lost the gamble when I went back it works out sometimes right exactly it it could have went my favor we be sitting here looking fcking pretty but I didn’t I lost that gamble I had to fight down it is what it is and uh Lon learned exactly I’d gamble I honestly I’d gamble again I’d gamble again if it was wait for well you didn’t end up in a bad spot sitting here right now tonight so it’s not that bad right it’s not that bad I’m still going to move up a little bit and U I’m still on a win streak I’m still getting two checks hopefully a third and uh you are getting a third I can tell with confidence you did pick up a bonus tonight well we got real money now H yeah listen well one thing I was going to say you know Anthony has four daughters and know you have two daughters unlike Anthony’s kids they don’t get to play with his hair I know you don’t love having long hair but your girls make I mean come on now no no no listen listen oh come on lionart knows but I know you don’t necessarily like having the long hair right but it’s a Superstition so you’re probably not going to cut it right CU it’s still winning but so but do they enjoy playing it with it is it like a thing that like you really don’t like having it and you really are going to keep it until you lose I’m definitely going to keep it till I lose um I would it’s a little bit of a Superstition but it’s not as big as people think like you can cut it and I’d be like yeah whatever you know it sucks but um uh they don’t really play with it too much she’s more into her hair she likes her hair getting done I don’t know why her Elsa braids out but she loves Elsa and uh she loves when her mom does her hair she barely likes anyone else do it but she’s big into her hair she’s not so much into mine huh all right well we have to ask obviously and listen Anthony does grow his out sometimes Ian the best I can but mine’s mine doesn’t go down it goes up you got the pro I got the pro hell yeah it’s awesome Hey listen congratulations this is a great win and you really you know you’ve proven everything you said you did everything you said you were going to do and uh you are kind of making yourself undeniable as you march up to the title so best of luck to you enjoy the holidays with your beautiful family thank you so much and uh congrats on that extra bonus money thank you thank you yeah we’ll put it [Applause] [Music] juice