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Prepare yourselves for an epic showdown as Oliver gracefully descends to the ground!

Charles, the mastermind behind this exhilarating event, extended a special invitation to Oliver.

[Cue thunderous applause]

And just like that, Oliver is taken down, much to the delight of the crowd!

[More applause – because who doesn’t love a good takedown?]

But wait! A plot twist unfolds as Oliver’s costume gets in the way, resulting in an unexpected knockdown!

[The crowd goes wild – because unexpected knockdowns are the spice of life!]

Now, let’s keep a close eye on Oliver’s arm triangle move – it’s like watching a suspenseful thriller!

[Applause intensifies – because we just can’t contain our excitement!]

And there it is, folks! Oliver has stamped himself as the best in the world with this incredible submission!

[The crowd erupts with joy – because witnessing history in the making is simply spectacular!]

And just like that, Oliver is on his way to Dagestan, carrying the coveted belt with him!