Derrick Lewis knocks Rodrigo Nascimento out in the third round! Listen to his Octagon interview with Michael Bisping at UFC St.

ladies and gentlemen referee Jason Herzog is called a stop to this contest at 49 seconds of round number three declaring the winner by TKO Derek the [Applause] black I’m here with the winner the black beast you know it’s a good night when the shorts are off but tonight the gloves are off the cups off everything nearly came off how you feeling brother I’m feeling good I’m in what is this STL the St Louis huh I appreciate St Louis for letting me show my naked tonight appreciate y’ boy you are The Knockout King tonight you added to that record it’s now 15 UFC knockouts unbelievable oh for sure U I would like to give a shout out to B broth Kett and fire and I appreciate my fif fols for helping you B with that die and also shout out to [Applause] popey you said this week you wanted to show that you’re not just a knockout artist that you’re a technical mixed martial artist I think you showed that here tonight there was some good takedowns some good grappling ability yeah I couldn’t let no tax C driver from Brazil beat me this my first time i’ been hearing all that guy ain’t no way I could let somebody like that beat me when you’re a fan favorite you always Electrify the audien is you get another knockout what do you want next what you talking about I’m messing up like for a second I’m getting too old for this hold up I don’t know we see you said that you’re in your Prime what you said you’re in your Prime oh yeah I’m in my Prime but you didn’t see that but go get you don’t see too many almost 40 your old doing like that I got to rethink this but um I give a shout out to my coach MW Bob Christopher Hernandez Larry Crow and all my training partners and USA up in this hole what they talking about let’s go ladies and gentlemen show your appreciation for one of a kind The Knockout artist the one the only hey you owe me a drink I remember like 6 years ago you promised me a drink so you owe me a drink tonight drinks are on me it’s all on you all Crown and Coke baby L and gentlemen the black beast Derek Lis