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[Music] MMA is such a big part of our lives that Selena doesn’t generally watch but she’s at home right now glued to the TV John she text me said I got to watch this one got to do it Dustin poier in the black trunks Justin gatei is in blue and one of our producers picked up on some buzzwords in the poier locker room as he was getting ready to come out as he lands a left and a right mother and pressure the buzzwords coming out of the poier corner before they came up already like three or four inside leg kicks though man he’s got to check him he’s got to at least punch catch one and take him down something every time he gets kicked in the legs he’s got to answer to those leg kicks gaii said it would be hard for poier to be patient with me in his face all night poier just misses on the uppercut there gatei has to be one of the best leg kickers MMA has ever seen I’m not saying an MMA right now he’s got to be one of the best leg kickers MMA has ever seen nice straight right lands for Justin gatei G is already cut doesn’t care though still pressuring forward trying to get past that jab aore watch the counter right hook aore that’s going to be one of his best weapons he steps out and hits that counter right hook not a great location for that cut appear to be bothering gatei a little bit the inside kicks killing cor’s leg though see right if he does not start checking that he’s going to have no power in his left hand or his jab gatei likes to fight on the inside porier is better at range but at range is where gatei can land those kicks he’s crowding Po’s power he’s keeping him so stuff that he can’t get gatei at the end of his punches and so he’s crowding his power oh nice combination by porier nice long combination was blocked but a nice long combination good jab by gatei both guys landing at a 62% clip here through two minutes eyes starting to shut down for gatei that that left ey is going to get shut he’s not careful he’s got to protect it just Dustin’s already starting to move a little gingerly on that front leg yep it hurts he can’t take many more of those kicks and starting to pick apart now his head’s getting open because he’s worried about the leg kick that’s what gatei does he chops your legs you’re so worried about Defending Your Legs you leave your head open and get knocked out big deep breath from porier I mean the pace that Justin gate makes you fight out is crazy he wants you to keep punching him so that you get tired that’s what he wants he’s he’s hoping porier keeps punching himself out like this at his guard porier is doing a good job of returning when he’s getting kick but he’s got to defend or check these leg kicks and at least in the early going porier willing to to fight at Justin Gate’s preferred pace and he just looked at the clock 2 minutes in well certainly Dustin has earned gai’s respect you saw how quickly he covered up porier doing a good job staying heavy on the offense though he’s Landing right back he’s not stepping back and just eating shots he’s Landing back with gaii this is what we expected these guys fighting in a phone booth yep forier is going to have to get some respect and get Justin moving back a little bit oh oh yeah that was heavy go to the body that’s why Alvarez had so much success going to the body G has absorbed a lot of significant strikes here early 38 to the Head already for porier under 90 seconds round one little slip there by [Applause] gatei porier starting to settle in a little bit rips the body effectively yet again there one of the bigger issues with being able to hit somebody is that you fall in love with it you realize that they’re there to be hit so you start throwing everything with absolute power you got to stay within yourself if you Dustin porier when you’re Landing this many strikes so justtin gate you cuz he’s going to be here he’s going to be here for a while he’s not going out one punch most times and he tries to pressure you so if you do punch it’s not as powerful as you want because he crowds you so you can’t extend your arms out that was a heavy hook though that the cor just landed nice left hook around the a of gaii in the pocket the leg kicks are adding up for gatei though that’s going to really pay dividends in the second round G he can survive I mean we got 30 seconds left and Gate’s eating some shots porier is big and powerful at 155 lbs and of course gate doesn’t cut a lot of weight to make this 156 lb limit no he said that the only year he allamerican in wrestl was the year that he just didn’t cut in his weight right so he’s taken that approach in his mixed martial arts career too y he said that the guys that are cutting weight fade as he puts the pressure on him that’s what he’s counting on he’s saying I’m going to chop his leg down and tire him out because cuz he’s cutting weight I’m not I’ll have energy in third fourth fifth rounds and he’ll be done and chop down big hook landed there for gatei in that exchange great first round great first round exactly what we expected boom inside leg kick by Justin gaii over and over boom inside leg kick you cannot take leg kicks for 25 minutes now Dustin porier had a lot of success whenever he was in the pocket here very interesting to watch them go back and forth Whitman thought gatei won that first round but he said don’t worry about banking rounds just go beat this kid up round two underway now the best coaches in the game don’t just give good advice they they get their fighter hyped up and ready to win when they’re in the most pain and they they’re doubting themselves the most they know how to trigger their brain and get him to kill and gatei said oh what what happened who won that round and he says who cares about round you’re going to break him anyway says you’re right and here we are right now and he’s coming heavy with the pressure but don’t forget Dustin Pier’s leg is hurting bad love it well we saw a few fights ago Jim Miller beat up the lower half of Pier’s leg Dustin was able to win that fight by majority decision but gatei certainly attacking the upper portion the inside of that lead leg on the Southpaw Dustin porier I thought both guys found success in that round gatei did a lot of good work with those leg kicks but also porier did good work with his [Music] boxing jab is landing a lot as well he’s using using that jab very effective starting to faint now nice level change by porier and that’s got to that leg that leg’s hurt oh yeah big shot land for both guys St St Dustin porier dealing with an eye poke we’ll see if we can take a look at it porier seems ready to rip you been keeping your hands open a lot you got to you got to keep your hands up that was right in the eye pretty strong warning there from Herb Dean yeah cuz eye pokes will take your whole eye out one eye poke the fight could be over it could be really bad you got to be careful with those pokes you need a second to clear your vision right in the eye to a leg kick and then you got to take the leg kick too you know your legs already kind of beat up you get poked in the eye and you got to take an extra leg kick what a pain going to have the doctor look at it come on how do you have the doctor look that and now you’re giving Judson gaii a rest from the beating and from the pressure and now he can pressure even more than he did in the first place I think that porier should have kept on the kept going well and I think that’s what Dustin said I don’t want to bring in the doctor I don’t want to give gatei a break but G you give gatei a break that’s the last thing you want to do you got to hope that the damage accumulates on him but if you give him a rest he gets rest from his from the beating is taken two looked like maybe gatei just got warned again a little softer that time by by her Dean gagei can throw the oh nice combination by poier and he he ate it and then threw a hook and landed his own hook in Po in in gaii I think that’s his best strike I think that’s gai’s best punch is the left hook okay this legendary chin of Justin gatei has been tested tonight it is held up through the fight’s first seven minutes gatei with a glancing left able to [Applause] land oh wow both Fighters Landing in the pocket I mean it’s crazy watching Justin gatei fight because this is the way to fight goes every single time they wonder why he’s been in the UFC for three fights and has had two main events already because if you want good fights you stick gatei in there first UFC fight was the main event yeah and you put him in there with guys like Dustin porier Eddie Alvarez and Michael Johnson only the second round and por is starting to look a little bit weathered he’s on his back heel he’s doing good with his jab he’s ripping the body well but that leg hurts and you can see gaii just kind of getting him to step back and he kind of looks at him like stop kicking me stop he’s going to need him to switch DUS Po’s got to switch stances he’s got to switch stances that leg nice combination nice combination by poier very nice he’s landed four or five punches in a row and gatei just eats him you got to go to the body if you’re fighting Justin gatei you got to go to the body I think that’s why Eddie Alvarez did so well he invested in the body early gaii could take damage to the head cuz it hurts but if you take away the air out of his lungs that’s the one way you got to fight gatei and for the first time in the fight porier thought there briefly about a strategy change unable to take H down on that attempt porier seems to be moving okay but some significant swelling in it around that right knee nice combination he’s just touch touch touch and then power at the end there he is there goes the switch fighting conventional a little bit inside of his thigh his knee is just super swollen his right leg is the inside of his leg is just swollen not only will this affect his ability to stand but he can’t really set down on his punches and he won’t generate the power that he normally generates because he can’t really get heavy on his leg and por is landing more at at a higher percentage for sure 65% for Dustin porier as we approach the one minute Mark here in round two of a possible five I mean through two rounds Dustin porier is over 120 punches landed 120 strikes landed it’s a crazy Pace it’s unbelievable that these guys have to fight 25 minutes he has to go to the body more on bei’s only head hunting and that’s a problem right hand lands flush over the top for porier G’s body shots are those leg kicks man that’s his investment his investment is in the leg kicks that’s how he slows these guys down and he breaks them [Applause] down oh nice single leg by porier can he finish this that would be a no oh elbow there good elbow by gatei oh nice now gatei with some uppercuts here in the clinch KS up topi oh this is exactly what you want in that third period of a wrestling match and Gage is running back to the center of the map and porier is looking at it like stop running and these guys are about to meet in the middle and see in this third round let’s see what what this is made of what a show all of these Fighters have put on here in Glendale Arizona tonight round three of a possible five here this is a big round for Dustin porier in terms of him having to dig deep to stay in this fight Justin gatei has some moment M looking at the posture of porier going back to his his seat it wasn’t encouraging if you’re team Dustin it’s interesting is porier took all the damage to the leg gatei took all the damage to the head and it looks like the leg damage hurt more than the head damage somehow or usually does right it usually does especially with a guy like Justin Gatey who’s so good at kicking your legs and the cut on the eye of porier happened very quick at the end of that round he was fine and all of a sudden he’s got this this cut on the right left eye and he still hasn’t taken one shot yet and porier said he didn’t necessarily Fear The one-punch Knockout power of Justin gaii but he breaks a lot of guys who say I’ve had enough this guy’s a maniac yes and gatei at his manal best here tonight under four minutes now round three nicely time take down but it’s so frustrating when you take somebody down and poier wanted just one second to breathe on top of him and he gets right back up nice body shot by poier Dustin keeps pwing at that eye G keeps just touching oh that kick he waits for the hand por and he fires that inside kick every time and then he just turns the knee out to check right every time Dustin tries to return with a kick he just turns it out to check forier is not seeing that inside leg kick they’re both tired oh oh those reactions are getting bigger and bigger yeah well a lot of people didn’t think we would get to the three-minute mark of round three both guys have had their moments and slipped the jab and came over with the two and you saw cor go whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what was that he’s hurt big elbow hurt yep he’s stuck on the fence and now he’s hoping he wants to wrestle he’s got to take time he’s got to back up and find some space you can’t try to go ahead first in here you got to grab Jus gatei is too smart he’s going to pick his shot he won’t waste energy and go crazy he’s going to start hanging on the head elbow and uppercut from here make it dirty keep going to the legs with the knees this is good for Dustin poro being in the clinch being able to hold and try to catch his breath knock the cobwebs off Glendale crowd getting behind one of their own Justin gatei who has started to take control of this third round porier recognizes that the pace was going to be high he recognize that at times Justin gatei will break you that’s his intent is to break you but at this point right now there isn’t much he can do about it see gatei just heads him off every time you see poier circle out and then gatei walks in front of him again and again he doesn’t follow him at all he always heads you off and keeps you in the box and you saw porier move that right leg back just the thought of eating another one and there goes gatei again perhaps though poier getting a second win here he’s in great shape he came in shape for this fight he hasn’t stopped either he’s fighting his heart out right now K’s Just Landing a little heavier shots to those legs and that’s why you’re seeing such an effect on corer it’s the leg shots the crazy thing is we talked about the Eddie Alvarez fight but that was only three rounds I mean these guys have to do this for two more rounds if we get to the corners big deep breath from gatei you’re talking about two of the toughest fighters on this roster top to bottom putting on an absolute show tonight porier now and Dustin porier is landing strikes and shots of his own it’s just that right now he’s wearing the fight on his face and in his reactions a little bit more than Justin gate and Trevor Whitman to our immediate right he’s been smiling the whole time under a minute to go round three the leg kicks for gatei 73% on 51 attempts Trevor smile at me because this is what he sees every day right he knows ultimately what the ending of this type of fight usually is for Justin [Applause] gatei and if you’re Dustin porier right now is not the time to be throwing everything with 100% power o he’s another eye poke there he may take a point here that’s a big break for Dustin porier not really because right now DC you start feeling that leg you start taking an assessment of your body how you feel gate is getting a break what’s porier thinking right now is he thinking my eye hurts or is he thinking my leg hurts he’s taking a [Music] point looks like herbs going to take a point here that’s a big deal you want to see the doctor good fine huh there the wasn’t with the other eye no this one again this same [Applause] [Applause] one well the crowd doesn’t like it but DC you don’t seem to like it either there was a Stern warning earlier Herb Dean decides to take a point here you have to right if you’re following the rules you get a Stern warning and then a point is taken well that has incited the masses in support of Justin gaii Gate’s pretty angry about that let’s see what he does about it still mad M it himself then I know no no I saw I watched it [Applause] watch I can see everybody is it getting better [Applause] if we take the full five minutes he’ be good I’m okay okay let’s F we’ll take one final look at it here he got him in both eyes yeah looked like maybe the other eye but here we go final seconds of round three and that point deduction could end up huge if we do go the distance tonight Justin gatei has really good footb he does not Chase his opponents ever look like a poier I poke at the end of the round now up so here we go with round four got to go got to go and potentially a third round there Dom for Justin gatei would have gone into the books as a 99 with a point deduction yeah you don’t know what that’s going to do to the decision but I mean right now I think G’s ahead pretty well so we’ll see what happens but now cor has got one eye poke too so if he pokes gatei back in the eye a second time it could be even on the scorecards with that point deducted from porier to well for Justin gatei despite the fact that he has a lot of experience in five round fights this the first time you seen a fourth big left hand lands by poier he’s looking for the finish here gaty hurt Gate’s hurt bad but he’s been here before geni nearly out on his feet porier continues to land but he doesn’t have with on the Clint Dustin porier goodness Scout oh my gosh he does it he does big punch a fight for the ages and Glen goes to the louisian Dustin porier this one landed clean and right here Justin gatei an All-American wrestler never tried to clinch never tried to shoot a double leg he did not have the understanding that I am hurt I need to grab this guy he stayed with what he has always done and tried to brawl and poier is too smart too sharp too accurate and found the kill shot great finish by Dustin porier ladies and gentlemen referee herd Dean has called a stop to this contest at 33 seconds of round number four declaring the winner by TKO Dustin the Diamond [Applause] Warrior