Sit back and reminisce on on the FEATHERWEIGHT lineage since 2010! Champs like Conor McGregor, Jose Aldo, and more!

[Applause] big left hand 20 on the clock 15 seconds final 10 seconds of this fight homic and Aldo have gone the distance wow what a fight what a fight havic doing his push-ups Aldo as well what a fight it was and here’s the end mark homic doing the best damage in the fight in this Final Round the first time he got the top position an exhausted Aldo tries to defend and homic just over and over again pounds his midsection and hits him with punches to the face as [Applause] well I mean that was the greater part of that last round Mike ladies and gentlemen after five rounds we go to the judges scorecards for decision Doug Crosby scores the contest 5043 Nelson Hamilton scores at 4846 and Salia model scores the contest 4946 for the winner by unanimous decision and still the UFC featherweight champion of the world Jose Aldo junor over the rules the back protect yourself at all times obey my commands at all times I want you to fight hard but I want you to fight clean if you want to touch cloves touch them now good step backs good luck Big John had that one control Jose Aldo Conor McGregor the most highly anticipated featherweight fight of all time Conor looks extremely loose and Aldo looks like he’s feeling the pressure of this moment here we go green trunks for the Southpaw the notorious Conor McGregor black trunks for the champion Jose Aldo Jr Conor relaxed and smiling oh she SLC it’s the new UFC thewe champion of the world oh unbelievable oh my God unbelievable boom boom was a straight left and Aldo connected with a left right afterwards and he he connected as he was getting knocked out look at that boom and then Hammer fist out cold and that’s it that’s incredible one more look at it boom left hand out cold hammerfist incredible that he connected with a punch as his brain was shutting off let’s look at it one more time straight left and boom doesn’t get any cleaner than that ladies and gentlemen first time Jose Aldo has ladies and gentlemen referee John McCarthy’s called a stop to this contest at 13 seconds of the very first round declaring the winner by knockout and new Undisputed UFC featherweight champion of the world the notorious cter [Music] [Applause] MRE yeah I mean it’s just it’s very dangerous for Frankie to move in on this guy he’s doing such a good job of countering and he is looking for those bombs that knee to the body and to the face and that right hand as well spinning a miss all those looking for the knee 15 championship [Applause] fight and they go the distance this is an early shot by Frankie Edgar there’s a right uppercut by Edgar and there’s a glancing onew there’s a nice left hook by Aldo he landed that punch many times in this fight here’s a right hand by Aldo and slides away from the counters ladies and gentlemen after five rounds we go to the judges scorecards for decision the judges score the contest 4946 4946 and 4847 for the winner by unanimous decision and now the UFC it’s featherweight champion of the world Jose Alo J yeah we have ourselves a Brazilian Champion again and there’s the notorious [Applause] one hallway bills on the choke now pounding away on Jose Aldo he gave a thumbs up again oh Aldo tried to stay in this fight but the pouring it on that’ll do it Max Holloway Max Holloway is the Undisputed UFC featherweight Champion Hawaii [Applause] standup Max Holloway has come to Rio de janiro and finished the greatest featherweight of all time 11 straight wins for Max Holloway Hawaii has a champion once again astonish across this Arena here in Rio absolutely I mean the way that this guy works after the SEC first and second round he keeps the raid up he waits for you to punch back he keeps the range so nice it was a one-w pull onew Basics you wait for Aldo to counter and then you fire again onew he waited for the counter hook came back with another onew beautiful finish then he goes straight to the Mount then he takes the bat goes back to the Mount throughout this exchange with Aldo passes the guard keeps punching Aldo just couldn’t keep up Max was on him going back and forth from the back mount to the Mount kneeon belly punching floating wearing Aldo out from the bottom until Aldo just couldn’t escape anymore the referee had to stop it this was the end of the fight right here Aldo just couldn’t get the hooks out from Max he couldn’t get Max off top of him he was almost hoping the ref wouldn’t stop and just let Max punch but you got to protect the fighter here and Aldo was looking like he couldn’t protect him ladies and gentlemen referee Big John McCarthy has called a stop to this contest at 4 minutes 13 seconds of round number three declaring the winner by TKO and now the Undisputed UFC featherweight champion of the world Max blessed H bki was the one pressing the majority to fight Max has got him backing up now and he’s having more success Bowski just looked up at the clock decent entry but Holloway not going to be taken down final 10 [Applause] seconds Hollow with the late F Alexander volkanovski and Max Holloway Go the Distance what a fight what a fight right Robert Whitaker became the first Aussie to break through and win a UFC title but tonight Alexander volkanovski trying to become the first Australian born fighter I have no idea to win a UFC T I have no idea who want to fight I mean it it may seem like volkanovski has done enough I think he did enough the question is whether or not the judges scored correctly you just they mean a lot and here you see vinoski over and over again chopping at the legs of Max Holloway boom again I mean this is a huge factor in this fight inside leg kick there’s a left hand by volkanovski beautiful knee to the body by The Champ boom another one and a nice jab and a right hand to the body by Holloway good right hand by Holloway a good jab by Holloway big elbow on the break by Kowski in a nice right hand over the top ladies and gentlemen after five rounds we go to the judge’s scorecards for decision the judges scored the contest 4847 4847 and 5045 for the winner by unanimous decision and new Undisputed UFC featherweight champion of of the world Alexander the [Applause] Great [Applause] man we saw Orga land armar on Orga here almost and there’s the triangle he’s going to pull it down he’s got it 45 seconds to work that’s locked up that’s wriz UFC champion he submits Jos to win the title G Rodriguez is the interim UFC featherweight champion and man he couldn’t have looked any better along the way to the gold what a performance by Mexico Z incredible perfect performance he fought transition to the triangle look here the knee to the body started it and you see the spinning back fist but it’s not there and right here this elbow boom just sits down Emmit a little ouch where did that come from he wasn’t ready for that one and then this jump knee lands right on the neck knocks the Vaseline right off of emt’s chin huge huge strikes everything was damaging from y y and it’s just an incredible showing he’s made so many leaps and bounds of improvements with his takedown defense the submissions everything ladies and gentlemen referee Jason Herzog is called a stop to this contest at 4 minutes 19 seconds of round number two declared the winner by submission due to a triangle choke and now the new it’s from UFC featherweight ch champon of the world y Ela [Music] rrio he’s starting to wear it on his nose another ja snapped it off beautifully there oh [Applause] shots that do it and my goodness [Applause] to thewe Champion of world he said he was going to stumble and crumble him oh my goodness that power wow he’s still down he’s still out cold wow unbelievable my goodness a shocking result in Anaheim to many ilot TOA not surprised and the 27-year-old Spaniard is on top of the mix martial arts world how about it oh my goodness that was so shocking he’s the real deal there it is right on the chin out cold one shot Blitz forward with a four punch combination nothing really connected but this right hook now boom out cold one shot one shot that’s what unbelievable one shot and he’s still down I mean he’s sitting up right now but unbelievable Power by tapor Miss Boom out cold you see his body immediately collapse out cold wow right hand on the button Jason Hera quick to stop the fight banovski asking Joe Lopez what was the shot that fell him tonight ilot toia Undisputed UFC featherweight Champion the reaction from the cland club Brothers wow ladies and gentlemen referee Jason Herzog has called us stop to this contest at 3 minutes 32 seconds of round number two declaring the winner by knockout still undefeated and no [Applause] USC Undisputed featherweight champion of the world Ilia elor [Applause]