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[Music] Look At Me Now nearly got there but he’s leaning hard trying to close space that’s going to do [Applause] it so the lightweight fight has come to a close and Mikey with some strong elbow strikes in the overtime session as it was with pety Williams in our last matchup in Mobile the lion St Fighters come out aggressively they know they need to not only early but in the overtime period ladies and gentlemen we again go to the judges cards where we have a split decision for the winner and new UFC lightwe champion of the world the Croatian sensation Pat [Applause] military so the judges render the decision to Pat milit the Croatian sensation side trying to create some [Music] space uhoh trying to get mil oh he’s got the head looking got the head TI you got it tight looking it’s over caros Newton has choked out Pat millitant and we have a new world Welterweight Champion you know we talk about technique all the time this is your classic grab that head and squeeze it until you win move he just got the head he caught the chin he never let Milotic turn the chin in got the head and would not let go wow just that fast and that is what this world of mixed martial arts has become a chess game where one move can finish it so [Applause] quickly hanging on for dear life and it shows that even when you can’t seem to find a way there is enough different ways that you can keep choosing and eventually find an option that works ladies and gentlemen we have a winner by Tapout at 2 minutes 50 seconds of the third round for the winner and new UFC welterweight champion of the world Carlos the ronen new tell you later let’s have a big hand for a great Champion Mr Pat mtic I think Milotic just said to Newton how did you do that and Carlos Newton said that the arms in trouble look at the strength of Matt Hughes wow holding the fence he cannot hold the fence and McCarthy steps right in he’s got to turn him around he can’t stay up there down goes Carlos Newton he’s out he’s out KN is the has a look up disbelief on his face look at him let know now he knows it’s over he didn’t even know he was the title M and could he have won it in any better fashion than the slam that’s imn look at everyone on their feet is Newton I thought Matt Hughes was going out drops him and watch Matt Hughes as he sets up out of the triangle as Newton went out another look from the stop a better Vantage Point bam he hit the side of his head y holding on you know sometimes it works it worked for hman this time it didn’t work for Newton ladies and gentlemen we have a winner by knockout and a minute 27 of round two for the winner and new USC welcome the you [Music] [Applause] this is the worst case scenario for Matt Hughes BJ on top of him punching him from his back BJ has got incredible back controlj looking for the choke he’s got the choke he’s it’s over it’s over we have a new Welterweight Champion a new Welterweight Champion DJ pen has the Bel he’s so dearly has sought after he has upset Matt Hughes ladies and gentlemen we have a winner at 4 minutes 39 seconds of round number one for the winner by Tapout due to a rear naked choke and now the new Undisputed UFC Welter white champion of the world [Applause] [Music] BJ p so far again he doesn’t seem like he’s being tired out by being on the bottom we saw that straight punch glance off of Matt hughes’s chin and Matt trying to finish this round one with a flurry and scores some points Matt Hughes look a submission and it’s all over it’s all over Matt Hughes with a submission Victory bang armar over Matt Hughes is once again the welterweight champion beautiful armar transition goes to show Matt Hugh is not a wrestler like I said he’s able to evolve see Matt Hugh is on the one side damaging with punches and great technique he throws a bunch of punches St Pierre goes for Kimora the counter to that is a step over the head and go for a straight armar by switching over that was a real combination great Jiu-Jitsu uh flow here’s another look from the other side again punching you can see St Pierre locked up to Kimura but he let mat Hugh pass his legs matw stepped over the head and hit an armar that is perfect answer for Jiu-Jitsu for Jiu-Jitsu and who do you credit part of that too when you’re Matt Hughes you part credit that to Jeremy Horn exactly Jeremy Horn one great Jitsu guys there was another look at the spinning sidekick that landed on Matt Hughes I think obviously it hurt him for him to dive in with a bad shot right off the bat um ladies and gentlemen referee John McCarthy has called a stop to this contest at 4 minutes 59 seconds of the first round for the winner by Tapout due to an armar and now again the UFC Welter Wade champion of the world Matt Hugh AOW four at UFC 50 when they first met oh nice stiff jab hero warship is gone caught him again he’s keying off Matt’s jab slipping outside and throwing a long jab of his own oh kicki oh he’s hurt he finish it he’s big time hurt with the elbows and it’s all over George St Pierre it’s the new Welterweight Champion unbelievable shot long Jabs by George kick to the head right to the side of the head as Matt was thinking Tak down grounded pound landed some big shots wasn’t until he went to the Elbow here on the top that Jon saw that Matt wasn’t defending himself what a difference from the first fight when he stuns Hughes he goes in for the Finish unlike in the first matchup Randy shinbone Right To The Head and the torch is passed tonight here in ACO ladies and gentlemen referee John McCarthy has called a stop to this contest at 1 minute 25 seconds of the second round for the winner by knockout and now the new UFC Welter white champion of the world George Rush sa p yeah Sarah I mean if you look at those two fights that’s heau he him again he heard him again him again St Pierre is buckled Sarah is going for theable Sarah buckles St Pierre St again s is trying to up good Lord him three times in the last seconds is all over unbelievable Sarah is the new welterweight champion of the world that was incredible he threw a right hook and hit George in the back of the head as George changed levels staggered him he followed it up with another left wow once he had right hand right in the back of the head it looked like that was a little bit more off balance than anything but no no he where that’s where I thought the was y you hit him in the back of the head you think guys I think Matt is so strong that a punch like that just clip in the back that one really hurt him wobbled no legs at all on George right here and Matt continued to come forward and stayed calm too here’s the end of the fight mounts and just dropping bombs look at ladies and gentlemen referee John McCarthy is called to stop to this contest at 3 minutes 25 seconds of the very first round declaring the winner by TKO and now the new UFC welterweight champion of the world Matt the Terra sarra Sarah’s guard Matt Sarah has to come up with an answer for that pass and for those takedowns to George St Pierre knees continuously into the midsection of Sarah Eve LaVine right on top of the action Sarah turns GSP doesn’t stop St Pierre now has his back 20 seconds remains more Knees by GSP George St Pierre is the Undisputed UFC welterweight champion these guys are true professionals they obviously have a lot of respect for each other you got to get you got to give your hat D to Matt Sarah he hung in there short St Pierre just executed in what my opinion was a perfect game plan George St Pierre enjoys what truly is the greatest moment of his fighting career winning here at home in Mont Tria K Canada ladies and gentlemen referee Eve leing is called to stop to this contest at 4 minutes 45 seconds of the second round declaring the winner loo by TKO and now for the second time the new UFC welterweight champion of the world George Rush safe [Applause] 10 seconds that’s it there switches final seconds of the fight Condit out condit’s on top of him and it is over it’s gone the distance Carlos conet and Nick Diaz look at this fight for 25 sign of respect by these guys I love to see that after all the trash talk in the middle of the fight guys know that they faced a real fighter in there a real elite fighter and there’s so few of them here we see Carlos Condit with a kick and Nick Diaz with a nice two-punch combination there’s a nice right to the body and a Left To The Head and another nice couple of punches nice combination here by Condit and there’s a flying roundhouse kick by Condit in a right hand and a left leg kick behind it kick to the face [Applause] and here’s where Nick Diaz got his back drags him down and I believe this probably won Nick Diaz the round ladies and gentlemen after five rounds we go to the judges score cards for a decision the judges score of this contest 48 47 49 46 and 4946 for the winner by unanimous decision and now the interim UFC welterweight champion of the world the natural board killer [Applause] Carlos with strikes landed in this round he’s taken the title right here yep in this round it came down to the final 5 minutes and with a minute left the four time allamerican two-time National Champion gets the biggest takedown of his life that may have done what a fight there’s a beautiful Left Hand by Robbie [Applause] Lawler now here’s a beautiful counter by hris that hurt Robbie Lawler it was a combination of the punches the diversity of the attack and the leg L the leg kick paying off well we saw Robbie really wobbling in that last round and then these punches and then finally the takedown ladies and gentlemen after five rounds we go to the judges score cards for a decision all three judges score the contest 4847 for the winner by unanimous decision and new Undisputed UFC welterweight champion of the world Johnny big [Applause] R Johnny Hendrick is the champion yeah they clinch vious shot the body shot and another Hendrick is in trouble what a finish for Robbie lurer they go the distance Lan Lawler still staring him down that was intense the question is is he too little too late I mean this is Robbie la trying to win this fight vicious elbows to the body control the arm of HRI so he opened up that back and then just went after him here big kick to the body and you see Hendrick taking some big deep breaths this is full survival mode for Hendrick look at Robbie just staring him down at the end of the fight ladies and gentlemen after five rounds we go to the judge’s scorecards for decision the judge to score the contest 4847 Lawler 4847 hendris and 4946 for the winner by split decision and new UFC welterweight champion of the world woo was Robbie ler Robbie ller is the new Champion Matt Peña Matt Hughes in the Octagon the journey began at age 20 and tonight in 2014 Robbie Lawler will’ll wear the welterweight belt put on by his longtime friend teammate training partner the Hall of Famer [Applause] Matthews oh ATT Big Shot H is over over Tyrant Woodley it’s the new welterweight champion of the world wow just like B and that is what we were talking about we’re talking about the speed and the power of Tyron Woodley he moved in and dropped the bomb on Robbie Lawler look at the speed this guy has boom just right on the button Robbie dropped and Tyron Woodley Moved In For the Kill dropped some bombs on [Applause] him spectacular performance by Woodley just the second time he’s been stopped byri to get back up to his feet but really he shouldn’t have I mean he was hurt and luckily big Dan held on to him incredibly impressive ladies and gentlemen referee Dan merata has called a stop to this contest at 2 minutes 12 seconds of the very first round declaring the winner by knockout and new Undisputed UFC welterweight champion of the world Tyron The Chosen One W and yet pretty good output on both sides here in this Fifth and Final Round Ki the body and a left hand from Covington outstanding championship fight between Kobe Covington and hael do anjos they are all chasing the Undisputed UFC welterweight King Tyron Woodley who’s somewhere in the 314 is likely watching this [Music] [Applause] tonight in comington his wrestling his pressure were absolutely problems for H sanos hael had his moments in the fight particularly when he utilized his wrestling he got some good strikes off but it was just hard for him to set up with Kobe’s constant pressure he was always adjusting to the range that Kobe Covington was setting by coming forward making it about the clinch Never Falling for that big shot that was probably the best punch of the whole fight Kobe Covington took it kept moving forward mhm and do sanos couple takedowns But after those two he was ready for that shot coming in and man that exchange at the end both guys trying to put the exclamation point on this fight ladies and gentlemen after five rounds we go to the judges scorecards for a decision the judges score the contest 4946 4847 and 4847 for the winner by unanimous decision and now the new interim UFC welterweight champion Co [Music] chaos will I’m coming will what what UFC title he is 18 seconds away from doing just [Applause] that but Woodley we were all waiting for him to unload and let some combinations go he kind of just stayed stagnant through the whole fight and Usman just stayed ahead always first keeping the high offense and out grappling out wrestling out striking and beating Tyron Woodley that’s it we got a new champ folks Africa unite kamaro Usman has done it incredible he has dominated Tyron Woodley tonight Woodley comes over to congratulate the soon to be new UFC welterweight champion Usman with a nasty left elbow Cuts Woodley and that just that was the beginning of the end from here it just never never went any other way huge takedown using his hips to get the leverage he needs and the ground and pound from the mount position complete control in the mount position tons of body shots tons of uppercuts they traded they had an awesome round here these two traded and you know Woodley landed a big knee but Usman just came over the top with elbows and just huge Slam at the end while Woodley was looking for a guillotine ladies and gentlemen after five rounds we go to the judges score cars for decision the judges score the contest 5044 5044 and 5045 for the winner by unanimous decision and new USC Undisputed welterweight champion of the world kamaro the Nigerian Nightmare you leave it all out there it does not matter how this fight ends when that final goal whether you’re laying clat on your back or you’re in the Middle with your head down as his hand gets raised he’s going to win you got to empty the gas tank here yeah he may have resigned himself to losing a decision oh that’s what Dean Thomas said Dean feels like that would be a moral victory for Leon Edward but that is not the cloth from which he is cut I mean that is a de oh no way there it is oh my God the Bel head it to the UK oh oh my god oh Jo we were writing his obituary oh my goodness oh my goodness my God oh my goodness Leon Rocky Edwards your new Welterweight Champion oh my goodness wow the way he pulled that out of the fire he actually pulled Victory from the dog of defeat we thought he was dejected and defeated he head kickman into the shadow realm to defeat and look at this he sets It Up by showing him the left oh and a perfect left high kick that is amazing I didn’t even see it my goodness he said to Herb Dean no way no way yes oh my good look how he shows him the left to hide it well he’s done this before oh my goodness this is a great combination from Edwards oh my goodness let’s listen to this in real time oh my gosh I’m [Music] stunn oh oh my goodness wow that is what we were saying coming into this fight that Lon Edwards has such a full set of skills oh my goodness but we did not think that that was going to happen in the fifth round like that that is the reaction back at his gym in Birmingham England Leon Edwards has done it Leon Edwards just shook the world ladies and gentlemen referee her Dean is called stop to this contest at 4 minutes 4 seconds of round number five declaring the winner by no and oh UFC Undisputed welterweight champion of the world Leon Rock [Applause]