We asked our fans to rank/pick their top debuts for our new series “FAN’S CHOICE”. This video’s topic is the best UFC Debuts!

Kayla [Applause] haris H try to take her down again instead of trying to separate yeah and her back was to the center now it’ll be on Kayla Harrison to show Holly that that is a mistake to keep engaging her in this real because if she doesn’t oh she two big shots from the top you got plenty of time very surprising decided to engage yeah interesting to see her wrestle offensively she’s defending now in front of Mike Brown in that American top team Corner Big Shot K Big Shots oh man those Landing flush two minutes still to go that one big big shots by Kayla Harrison and she’s a big woman I mean she’s probably 20 lbs heavier than she was when she weighed in here yeah and she’s never been able to use elbows fighting in pfl so this is new this is a new weapon it’s a good P disposal see that at all she doesn’t even look a little tired look at that head kick Big Shot beautiful double leg nice level change there by Harris oh she’s jumping gu she taking a GU here standing Holly’s doing a good job of attacking the hands though she cannot let him clap oh she’s got her hands locked a bad L yeah Which is czy higher level more power Toyo Tires official TI of UFC she Kayla Harrison has arrived in the Big Show she submits Kayla Harrison submits alom round two that was about his driving to the top five next week look at that Kayla steps through gets to the headlock uses her leg to elevate and knock Holly to the ground right into the mount and from here it’s just control Holly tries to post her up she flattens her out with the rear choke and right way she generates so much squeeze he feels like if Kevin Holland fights him in the way that he fought Wonder Boy Thompson it’ll be a long night for Kevin Holland his distance management is exceptionally T in the fighter meetings Michael v [Applause] p way and look at this he initiates the clinch and lands the left hand Venom pagee longtime rep of London shoot Fighters the first MMA gym in the UK body kick had a nice combination up top for Ben and pagee that was a nice body kick good right hand over the top he might have stunned Kevin yeah looked like it a little bit [Applause] oh late elbow from Kevin Holland this Cor cam is two takedowns on four attempts heavy right hand by a big one and he’s just so good at that trip that trip is oh my [Applause] goodness fight oh he’s so entertaining he’s frustrating it’s I think it’s just kind of frustrating for Kevin Holland it’s going to be frustrating for everybody with the beautiful right hand right there lands body kick lands for Michael Venom paig another right hand lands another right hand land for Michael Venom pige it was look at the first back elbow right here nasty lands on Holland as he tries to come together Holland had the choke he goes to his back tries to cover him did a good job of Landing some grounding pound Venom Fage lands a right hand steps behind him knocks him to the mat another spinning back elbow by Mike vill pagee this one lands on his chest of Kevin Holland what a fight getting in there he doesn’t mind getting cut he likes to bang he’s got incredible endurance diligent worker this is a very evenly matched fight between these two guys then here we go here we go sixf figure contract on the line oh big right hand by Forest boner gets out of the way these guys are swinging and here we go wow big right hand what a war between these two guys oh just missed with the right oh there battle here these guys are swinging so you want to be an ultimate fighter wow what a fight big white oh big right hand by ste’s rocked just missed with the KNE he’s rocked though he is rocked over he still stays in there what hard another nice right hand by Forest oh uppercut cut Steph B’s taking some shots Forest takes to the ground and b rolls him over start to this match up UFC president the vision that the Ultimate Fighting Championship leadership kick Excuse Me Bon goes with the wheel kick then it could come down to something like this straight right [Applause] they are exhausted 15 seconds counters some good punches inside oh wild forest 5 Seconds oh what a finish what a finish say hand out two contracts how do you call a winner in that that’s there’s two winners in that fight period that’s not even a draw Toe to Toe they went spinning back kick the high kick the throws Stephen Bonner teeing off and teeing off over and over again but Forest Relentless in battling and coming back over and over Forest Griffin remember in the semifinals cut over the eye and we thought when he was bleeding they might have reopened that wound instead his nose was just busted up by the Relentless attack of Stephen boner we said this fight would be standup until one man started losing but no man really ever seemed to be a loser in this fight they continued to come and come and come again the longer this fight goes Stephen Barner said the more a street brawl it will be and that is exactly what we had we had a good oldfashioned Street brawl Coast to Coast here live and in round three while the pace slowed momentarily the action picked up as we reached our way towards conclusion the Jabs were powerful and for these men to still be on their feet after throwing and delivering and accepting the the punishment which is the Ultimate Fighting Championship is absolutely astounding these men are the true Warriors of the 21st century these are your ultimate fighters here is UFC president Dana [Music] White fighting out of Danbury Connecticut USA by way of sa Pao Brazil here is Alex peda making the walk for his UFC debut even Glover toera said to us this week Joe this man has a different strength even on the ground he says I train with Al Pera all right you ready sir he’s been all in on MMA for the last 18 months under the guys of Glover tashera in Connecticut this fight clock brought you by Toyo Tires the official Tire of the UFC m in black peda is in white I cannot overstate how excited I am for the debut of Alex perrera you want to talk about a guy with ridiculous power M that’s Alex Pereira and how often does a guy be the last guy in um the big card on ESPN the feature bout right and he’s got four fights yeah four MMA fights for sure that’s what a scary kickboxer Alex PR is perhaps the most feared kickboxer on Earth who seemed exhausted on the stool after round one we’re trying to figure out what caused that extreme bruising on his left cheek and we’ll see if the uh production truck can isolate that but it’s a nasty wel on his left cheek and John honestly that’s what I was speaking to with all the clinch and the grab my goodness Alex po that’s what I’m talking about how good is that that’s what I’m telling you it’s a different kind of power he can’t stand in front of that man did you see that that dude’s made out of mahogany if you touch him he feels like wood he bar he hits so hard effortless though Joe he just I’m telling you that’s what this guy does to everybody he does that to world class kickboxers it’s like he’s built different or something now it’s p it’s a different kind of power man I mean my God he just starches people and so calm about it he tried to walk off but big Dan made mihalas take some extra punishment that maybe he didn’t need to take when Alex Pereira connects most people go night night and he’s been used to doing this with big gloves on oh my god when you get when you get caught with a knee by this guy or kick now but now he gets to use elbows as well which he couldn’t use in glory ferocious man that was nasty that was exactly what he needed reaction from Glover the champ K1 heavyweight champion and one of the baddest men in the world is set to make his UFC debut tonight 65 265 lb aliser oine Alistar oing is without a doubt the most technical kickboxer in the heavyweight division in mixed martial arts locker room I want you guys to go a clean fight follow my orders all time defend your show for all time you guys ready touch glov let’s do this Brock Lesnar Alistair oy the winner fights Junior dos Santos for the heavyweight championship watch for Brock to come out like a freight train our main event of the evening Brock looking for the upper another KN big punch the left hand he’s hurt roock is hurt kick Ki to the body so much punish to the body this is going to be it that’s it it’s over no no no h is all over wow Alister overing has defeated Brock leser all over him and there he threw one to the body and that one hurt him bad that one went to the liver and he jumps on him and finishes him off with punches a lot of these were blocked but then he threw one to the body and that was it Mario yamasaki saw enough so it was another shot to the body that did it look at that he threw that one and that one hurt him bad that was a to the liver and Alistair jumps all over him he’s covering up mostly but he’s really waiting for this fight to be stopped but now look at this digs to the body and that’s what that was all he needed to see now here’s a knee early that one went to the leg but here this one to the body powerful shot to the body there you’re 22 years old you’re making your UFC debut against a former world champion you are going to have your hands full without a doubt and uh Joe Joe has a a good standup game but it’s not at the level of Jen’s pver Jen P Joe lozon former Champion welcome back home Lozan has that reach Advantage goes for the shoot wow nice by Lo very very impressive Jen pulver’s got some sick takedown defense he might have just caught him slipping there lo on shot in quickly so perhaps lozon wants nothing to do with exchanging fists with Jen’s pver which might be a wise decision it’s definitely a wise decision and Jen is doing a good job of standing up Jens is up but not totally back down Lo on stayed and uh stay in pursuit of that leg pulver’s up again and he pushes away Pulver can explode with the left hand if you don’t believe it ask John Lewis down goes PA by get a left out unable is over unbelievable upset Jen pver that is the biggest upset of the night Jen P was a 7 to one favorite for this fight wow Jo Loz on just bringing it on unbelievable look at this Jen slips here it’s the knee isn’t it Joe yeah the KNE it looks like no it’s the left hook the left hook AB the knee missed the left hook and Jen is out wow what a huge victory for Joe Lozan left hook that’s it right there very very impressive crazy sport that we have here called the UFC for the comeback at times in his career he’s perfect dated to a loss to King Mall in 2015 that he later Avenged it is all in front of the 27-year-old Yuri prohaska here tonight Yuri praza All the Rage with a lot of avid fans out there we’ll see how it goes this fight clock is brought to you by toyot tyres the official Tire of the UFC praska in red at an early shot there from deir who’s in white know one thing we never mentioned about usir on his walking is the punching power that this man has I mean both man can men can crack they both possess power but usir as we saw he has a a crazy ability to put people to sleep with one shot but the big Advantage for y praska is the reach he has an 80in reach compared to a 75 of usir and I said last night when I saw him in the gym and he was shadow box and I mean when you’re up close to this man youa man his arms are so long and it’s such an advantage in a fight like this he’s a philosophical thoughtful fighter you can see some sort of bizarre mannerisms from praza in the Octagon yeah he’s a bit of a Shan he’s playing games playing mind games trying to I don’t know what he’s trying to do but I like it ja that got’s attention he’s playing games he’s talking to him at this I called him Bruce Le in the fighting meeting he did I’m like CU he was very philosophical look at that he he’s talking this man’s crazy but I love it beautiful jab from praza usir continuously trying to find a home for that patented left hook there’s definitely some gamesmanship ship pardon me but he’s got to be careful deir is a man that needs to be respected one shoted all it takes from this man you already see braas face is you know it’s marked up it’s a little red around there who the found the target nice stick by praza who really Prides himself on his vision which allows him to get away with some of these unorthodox Tendencies and a nice inside leg kick there and a high kick oh he’s wobbled just as I said no kicks he went low and came High little bit of a wobble there jeez went for the flying knee YY welcome to the Big Show man vulcano deir is still removed from Consciousness the Czech Republic’s Yi prohaska lives up to the hype and then some tonight stun silence in this Arena and here it is the head kick that started it and you watched look at the reaction he was very wobbly on his feet there he’s probably not thinking straight thought about a flying knee looked for an elbow lays back jab big right hand I mean that was it I mean you saw the reaction on the chin and down he goes fortunately Mark godar got in there quick cuz another punch could have been deadly but here it is the jab right hook on the button and that was it and that is all that was needed okay how get it so here he is iron Michael Chandler making his much hype UFC debut a lot of fans wondered aloud if this moment would ever happen he seems to have maximized his free agency come over at the right time Michael Chandler UFC fighter Tak it on Dan [Applause] hooker this fight clock is brought you by g42 leaders in artificial intelligence and cloud computing visit g42 aai for more information hooker is in black Michael Chandler is in white Chandler puts him on his heels right away in the face of Hooker Hooker throws real nice knees up the middle so you got to be very careful with the way that you approach him he’s a very well ver Striker has learned to put together his striking system to the degree that he’s wanted to for a long time and that’s why you see one of the best lightweights in the world every time he steps in there you see Chandler already very aware of that low calf kick that hooker likes to throw and Dan being very patient hasn’t really Landed It Sol that one hurt oh that one hurt that is just one two and look at the immediate big knock down big right hand danler maximizing the debut pick the landing Michael Chandler Bonafide UFC lightweight Contender right here look at that that straight right hand to the body he threw it a number of times with nothing behind it that time he let the left hook fly over the top and he hurt Dan hooker I mean boom right on the chin shuts off the lights hooker tries to survive because he’s just so tough but I mean come on man you cannot get hit by a Powerhouse like Michael Chandler and when hooker tried to wrestle Chandler got enough space to just go off and got the Finish mean what a f Hey listen you want to talk about making a UFC debut Michael Chandler just did it as good as you can and look at this flip I just hope he didn’t hurt himself on this flip that’s from all that CrossFit that Michael Chandler seems to do just feels more comfortable in that state of exhaustion he believes he can break anybody he fights Justin gatei didn’t do a lot of talking at all called Johnson a mental because he needs to talk to get motivated G saying listen hopefully people are going to like me for the way I fight not the way I talk and time for talking is now over oh Johnson nice uppercut from gatei caught him flush on the chin and Johnson’s Rock now and Gate’s got to walk him down and unload Johnson’s legs there uppercut right hand big uppercut again and it’s gai’s moment Ken he’s closed the show Johnson covering up stumbling backwards he’s blooded he’s beaten he’s not finished I like it chopping the legs down being smart smart about this he’s not rushing it he knows he hasn’t hurt he knows he’s got him tired I think Gate’s tired too I don’t know why he didn’t jump on him there I mean both guys going for here and expend a lot of energy it’s an instant classic no matter what happens a leg kick Johnson’s legs are shot bad sign for Johnson almost looking like he wants to pull guard both guys EX often there’s no way this goes five rounds they may both have to tap out because of exhaustion 20 seconds left in round two can Johnson survive no he cannot justtin Dy with his ultimate highlight he doesn’t even have the energy to celebrates an unbelievable battle and he stuck the landing this fight is three rounds in the UFC middleweight division introducing first the fighter standing in the blue Corner this man is a Muay Thai Andrew Jitsu fighter who holds a professional record of 15 wins with four losses he stands 5′ 11 in tall and weighed in at 185 lb fighting out of curativa Brazil Anderson the spider [Applause] Sil welcome to the Octagon Anderson Silva just got through leaving aside that time but you could tell with those those Jabs and they’re right-handed Jabs because both of these Fighters are Southpaw but the reach Advantage a definitive one for Anderson Silva he’s excellent at Angles is’s a great Striker moves well he’s really good at moving in and out changing timing good head kick oh Le and leben goes down oh Silva should have jumped in and finished it he may do it right here leben is rocked he was stunned looks like he back up I thought it was over oh he is in big trouble Chris Le goes down again and it is all overow it is all over the debut of Anderson Silva last less than one minute that’s what I was talking about this is a different kind of Striker I want you to stay right there they know you’re Anderson the Spider Silva head kick right hand left hand Chris leben look so out of it I’m amazed that Big John McCarthy didn’t stop it earlier here’s the end Big John just jumps in he gave Chris every chance he possibly could to recover Bam Bam and that is the end great technique by Silva on the knee as he pulled the head forward as he brought the knee up doubling the force of the