ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto speaks with lightweight contender Grant Dawson ahead of his first UFC main event fight vs.

well we had a couple of absolute Wars tonight I bet you had some fun back there making decisions yeah I was almost almost a perfect night uh start with the first fight um Oliveira absolutely picked him apart then delivered one of the nastiest Knockouts of the Season he’s 19 and three with 14 Knockouts two subs he’s 27 years old he’s one of these guys that I feel like uh you know we can put in big fights right away um yeah hey kid you better be watching sports center tomorrow I bet you’re going to be on it that was an incredible you’re gonna be one of the top 10 plays tomorrow for sure welcome to the UFC vinicius de Oliveira welcome to the UFC all right the ladies fight so you know I loved and I I want to say this to you when I say this to you I mean it with all due respect I mean this in a respectful way guys look like two dudes and they’re fighting and like you guys are two of the best stand-up fighters in the world and you came in and decided you were not going to Grapple or do anything you were just gonna throw it was incredible I mean that with all due respect and um this is one of those fights that literally from the minute that the ref said go you two both went and did not stop until the fight was over um and in my opinion there was no loser in this fight I’m bringing you both into the UFC [Applause] all right so after talking about these ladies fighting imagine being Danny an angel sitting in the back watching that and going holy now we gotta go out there and deliver and uh yeah they’re both in the hospital right now and that’s exactly where they both should be um this was one of those fights it’s like the two women you you can have the best trainers in the world and they can teach you all kinds of things you you can’t teach that dog you either have that dog inside you or you do not both of the women had it and both of these guys had it when I went back to talk to Angel after the fight he was crying and he said I wanted to win this fight so bad and I wanted to be in the UFC so bad and I told the kid we’re going to give you your win money but this is all I have to say about this fight if you both want to be in the UFC that bad I will oblige you you are both getting contracts with the UFC angel and Danny Selva welcome to the UFC all right now this next fight the heavyweights if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything so that’s where I’m going to go moving on everything about this fight sucked including the reffing and uh that’s all I’m gonna say about that fight um the main event thank God for the left hand of God after watching the fight before that okay first of all you are an explosion first you’re wild yeah you you still you still got some control issues you got some things you gotta dial in you’re a young dude you know what I mean you are a freak athlete you can just tell from watching you speed power explosiveness accuracy backflips what can’t you do kid I’m excited to see what’s next get your ass over here you’re in the UFC Danny welcome to the UFC Dina I obviously watch a ton of film and anticipation of all of these Seasons so I’m very familiar with the growth of the the type of fighter that we’re getting and time and time again I see these organizations like LFA like cffc it feels like they are getting them more and more ready for opportunities like this how important are those organizations to the overall ecosystem of the UFC well it’s huge that’s why we’ve made a bit you know when you think of UFC Fight Pass it’s an investment in in those organizations uh you know the smaller up and coming uh Fighters and you see it yeah I thought that there was going to be a huge gap in talent because of covet but that really hasn’t happened it’s been uh I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the level of talent that we have out there right now and how much we have battle tested Dana thank you so much vinicius Oliveira welcome to the UFC what does it mean to you to achieve what I know has been a lifelong dream for you it’s been my dream come true as I said before I’ve been trained for a long time for these moments and I can’t sleep you’re out to thinking about my dream and I know uh this fight changed my life my whole life from here I am now I will be a father and my my son you’ll be proud of me and my whole family for me and my inspiration for all people all kids of my hood and now um I’m sure see how um everyone have a dream don’t believe in his dream because if I can everybody can no better time than when you have a baby on the way congratulations I know you put that bantamweight division on notice Ernesto welcome to the UFC how cool is it to sit there and hear Dana White just go on and on and I mean give you a very high compliment couple of dudes out there um it’s really means a lot like you know you visualize everything you dream about it and that moment comes and it’s amazing just amazing what do you feel like you can bring to this UFC flyweight Division I will be the next champion in the USA and you will represent Lithuania so well congratulations go enjoy that contract so king of Memphis and the UFC’s newest welterweight right here how’s that feel I feel good I feel good I feel good I feel wonderful feel wonderful I can’t even explain it right now I don’t think I could say is my all glory to God I’ll go with my Lord save Jesus Christ I never change that’s one thing I never changed about my process in this this hey and it’s still evident right now that that’s the truth so yeah I don’t really know how I feel right now but hey it’s an amazing feeling for sure you’ve worked so hard to get to this point and all of the adversity that you’ve faced throughout your entire life to get here to get the UFC contract man what an incredible moment and what do you think that division is going to how are they going to deal with the left hand I know they’re gonna have some problem for sure you know what I’m saying we already know that man it was the hardest fight really actually it was the hardest Fight Man me fighting another brother for Memphis man it took a lot of things out of my moral compass and like I said I had to like just close a lot of doors to my feelings and emotions for this fight uh I fight anybody now you know what I’m saying you know 170s uh you know they got they got a real problem you know it’s a comment for sure we already know that Memphis got a new fighter in the UFC congratulations go enjoy that contract