Rewatch the full fight between Jamahal Hill and Glover Teixeira ahead of Hill’s title fight at UFC 300 on April 13th in Las Vegas.

we’ll see if tashera can pick up his fellow Brazilians after the previous title fight Jamal Hill and black over tashera in yellow Lo should him to take down right away right away Jamal did a good job of getting his hands down though Jamal never broke eye contact with terer the whole time Tara gets his body right away man Jamal’s tall though it’s hard to get a take down on a tall guy like that di those underhooks y doing a good job nice knee by Hill and now he goes upstairs with a knee great defense there by [Music] Jamal great take down the pitch sh by Hill toer is really good at finishing that high crotch that has to be very encouraging for Jamal Hill in this corner oh nice timing again d there from Hill and Hill quickly shs off to Sher and that was actually glob getting in on a good entry the ball was able to recover beautiful job to this point by Jamal Hill that’s the fourth Tak down attempt un officially for T measured exceedingly accurate with all of his weapons looking to establish the jab [Applause] here there for up but I imagine this is what kind of anticipated that he’s going to have to keep going to it going for the take Downs keep level changing mixing the boxing try to wear on Hill sure to Shar didn’t expect to get Tak Downs that early but Jamal needs to continue to Just Tab stab at him hit on him punch him a little bit defend hopefully discourage theer but you see if theer shoots those shots that much effort in taking him down when he when he gets defended he just lets him go consing energy oh nice shot by Jamal Hill his most effective work to the body both guys Landing there oh another right hand by Jamal but again Tara Mak Hill think another take down offering there PA with the jab here loading up right hand he wants to throw it watch Glover is going to change his level again oh Jos Hill oh nice right hand Phill getting off to a pretty good start with his hands as we cross the midpoint around one take though and with the big punching guys it’s early where there’s the most danger you don’t anticipate that those guys that carry that power early be able to maintain it later but right now Jamal Hill is doing really really well to share No Stranger that taking damage early more often than KN he’s able to Rally through it under two to go in the round I like the uppercut that Jamal Jamal thr up the middle trying to discourage from shooting starting to land a little [Applause] bit your I think it’s pretty important for Glover to try to get through this first round very important especially if he can eat these punches and have Jamal oh maybe accidental [Applause] eye over there for me momentary pause in the action good yeah he got oh yeah he did get him looked like maybe the pinky but we’re back underway and he’ll hard nutrition for the first time in his career you expect that his cardio is going to hold up a little better barely had any weight to cut on Thursday right toar again becoming a master of the weight cut and everything else in regards to making 205 but once again Jamal Hills athleticism shows itself and he defends another taked down globa got a little further along on the finish on that one nice C kick from tashera appeared to draw Hills attention but not just any nutritionist the great cheffy and laio spending three weeks with Jamal Hill in Grand Rapids Michigan and Tara’s no starting to leak a little bit now you know though Glover thear talked about rolling with the punches better these days and you see that these are landing but he’s taking a lot of the big grunt off of it by moving with them rolling with these punches nothing has landed really hard and clean yet for Hill good read by you Philly and the more tar can do that the better because those are punches that Jamal Hill is throwing wearing on that gas tank you see him breathing a little heavy left hand gets through there for Glover again look see these are all rolling well with those punches he is he’s hitting the shoulders especially off the straight right hand to Shar unofficially Ed for seven has Tak down attempts in round one but as this fight prolongs those figure to get easier and that that right hand that heill just missed on we have seen him land this plenty of times where he’s skirting away and just drops the right hand on his opponent looks like that lead leg maybe bothering Hill a little bit left hand up left hand [Applause] [Music] up look like maybe an eye poke stay [Music] there wait stay right there I no no I saw you got time trading pinkies to the eye another pinky to the eye mad but he kind of just got him with one a few like a minute ago you can forgot all good thank [Applause] you oh he just said middle in the middle guys in got what he say one1 in terms of the eye postes I think the sheriff could find some success outside cap kicks there it is because heill circling in that direction thing about Hill though is when he gets kicked on the outside he oh he tries to return with oh and that one W up to SH now another head kick oh Lover’s got to try to close the distance here he’ll stay measured look at the way run through this oh big uppercut from Jamal Hill toar returns fire lands it jab Jamal went southp and landed that high kick twice for a guy we talk about his punching that was like three head kicks in a row block by toar but they rattled him oh beautiful KNE there by Hill and now a right hand to Retreats [Applause] he’s Lo up Big L for K now and a Big R and cut under the right eye of Hill [Applause] how about the championship medal of deser another head kick wraps [Music] around nice to switch it up and go to the [Applause] body strike discrepancy for both athletes couple big right hands again for Jamal Hill pretty good shot from tasher gets him down out of time gets to side control Jamal Hill trying to use the fence to work his way back up here oh got to watch his neck he can’t give up his neck against Glover like that spins through it good reaction by Hill these guys are leaking all over each other in the round on a fight good fight so far a lot of fans and pundits wondered how heill would hold up physically in these situations first time we’ve hit the canvas tonight these are the areas in which you got to survive if you’re going to fight show as AR Tri o boy that was close be careful doing that against glob terer you got to be super aware when you’re on the ground with global terera he’s got top pressure like not many people great job by Jamal getting to the underhook right eyes is bothering Jamal Hill yes it [Applause] is he’ll stay composed looks like he might slip up and out and he does that’s a big feather cap that’s a lot of confidence Bo but that’s a lot of energy as well start John Jamal can’t get outside of himself here though he can’t start to rush and just load up o straight right oh Jamal’s got to be careful winding up like you’re talking about DC’s got to start picking his shots more go back to work to the body lover is just pressuring forward through all of [Applause] this oh left hand gets through for T it’s a great fight and tar really just got opened up on the left side by that recent Hill offering down the stretch of round two all right here we go round three Glover toer in yellow Jamal Hill out of that Southpaw stce in [Applause] Black the hill cor wants him to slow down a little bit makes no mistakes as Glover gets back to his hips now he’s going to try to get his hands locked Jamal’s got to find a way to get that lock from under his butt he’s got to lift that lock if it comes above the waist hard there it is hard from the share to finish it on get it under from under your he change the position now Clover’s back get side of the O and I think the sheriff may have thought that by this point you be having more success with his take down good jab there from Hill and that’s conserving energy right poking that jab scoring [Applause] points yeah Paul you reference his fight IQ off the top and he is Cly is showing that off tonight and his Corner y really let him know Hey listen remember this is a five rounds let’s control the pace oh beautiful jab there by Jamal Hill and what’s great is Jamal Hill is doing that from both sides guys that’s the right jab now earlier when he had to Sher up against the fence over here it was the left jab there’s that head kick again oh he h him again oh that one really wobble to Sher shot from Glover who now goes down Jamal Hill is a finisher when he’s on top guys Jamal Hill trying to wrap up a world title T’s on the ropes toar trying to get to this single leg to survive I don’t know if the Sharon new plan for Jamal Hill to be kicking from southa because he has not ped up on any of these but for the elbows to come down from Jamal Hill likes to do that from this top position he’s going to put all his way shots Clover is busted up yeah he’s hurting here Mark otter closing the distance under 3 minutes to go round three looked like he might have been one strike away there and go over to Sher as tough as they come trying to survive down here but he’s e big shots he’s blocking a lot of these on the arms and he’s moving so he goes left right that was a good elbow there and he’ll very intelligently not just empty the take R’s taking his time pick the shot B the ball Hill I might let him up go back to the Head [Applause] kick now you don’t want this to happen P hill Oh Clover’s hurting he’s leaking to there is him up all right toar back to his feet deliberately at that just over 2 minutes round three move your man come on look for the knees to the body Hill is tired as well here body kick there from Hill but look at Glover still marching forward oh the Ticker on Glover to Sher he eats another right hand there take down defense numbers on [Applause] hill Oh T having a lot of trouble with that left eye still throwing Jabs [Applause] man he does roll with these shots so well it’s the head kicks that he’s not handling well picking him up Jamal’s going back to it there it is right on Q champ yep he’s got to keep throwing him John keep throwing those head kicks and that left eye really bothering the former champ terera just over a minute to go in round three you think T’s not even going to get out of this round sering forward yeah he’s the one pushing the pace hands up over hands up we talked earlier in the night about Energy Systems Paul and even though Jamal Hill did not have a full training camp seems to be managing his tank well yeah I think he needs to get back to the jab here because he’s expanded a lot of energy trying to use that ground and pound you got to think about ground and pound you’re bent over you’re using the legs you’re using your back you’re throwing these big heavy shots and then you don’t get the Finish when it you felt like it was the beginning of the end right it can be very discouraging and now blover Landing his jab moving forward throwing right hands Hill wisely circles perhaps he goes back to the well with that head kick good combination for Hill late in the round trying to set up a knee and he does oh left knee gets through wow in a main event that title fight but he did go into a fourth round against Thiago Santos last August after a tough third round but yeah to sh those cuts are I think Hills just got to start working his jab here poke those eyebrows though I didn’t realize how bad those cuts were at the end of that round or that keep di to the body man he’s so tough he does not care no he just keeps marching forward Ming his head and shoulders and now look HS in the Southpaw stance look out for that head kick he’s trying to blend in these punches but I know it’s on his mind oh there’s the head kick and it landed oh my God he almost got him again with the head [Applause] kick [Applause] oh this is GL Hil Mary here he’s got to find a way to get this fight to the ground and see what he can do nope Jamal was much too prepared did a great job of circling back into him defending that take down attemp great job by Jamal Hill he has shown a evolution of all of his skills and you got to give his coaches credit right Chad pomoy Johnny Gare prer Gracie of course Justin Andrews it was a nice KN oh oh to is as tough as they come but boy Jamal Hill is putting it on here oh jeez Hill wrapping right hands Mark Goddard watching the action intently just over three minutes here round four of a possible [Applause] five [Applause] my personal best so far for Hill with the strikes he’s letting it go he’s he’s he’s really pushing that gas tank yeah hanging on here well in watching him the 50 take down for one of the better technical wresters in the division you start to wonder about how he matches up with everybody else because right now he is winning this fight oh I think [Applause] [Applause] oh Hill goes High yet again the eyes are just both eyes are bothering Cher so badly he’s having so much oh yeah we got blood all over the broadcast I got to sher’s blood all over my pinky save that save that John I’m never washing my hands under two minutes round [Applause] four still pressing though unreal oh good body shot there from toer Jamal Hills got to be wondering what it’s going to take oh my gosh left hand for toar now 9 seconds oh he’s a this could do it oh big right hand look for the knee the toughness of to oh there’s yep I got some blood too oh good counter left there from Hill this point oh to C unbelievable so much blood got to think a non-title fight would have been Stu by now big uppercut don’t open your mouth DC B uppercut oh and there’s the knee how much can one man take this about done Jamal Hill oh my goodness look at the beating Jamal Hill put to the body oh and another uppercut right hand over the top this is another one of those ones that you might think about St oh I I think corner you can’t see there’s so much blood in his eyes it’s legit everywhere what a fight it’s all over with the performance of his career and Glover to Sher just showing you why he is who he is and why he’s in this 4 years old oh and now uppercut listen keep your hands listen tow clean him clean him out please time [Applause] time our cell phones fighter cards absolutely [Applause] baby Jamal Hill has unofficially set the new light heavyweight record for significant strikes previously held by Marvin vtori Fifth and final round can toara pull a championship out of the Hat we’ll see it just seems like Jamal is so locked in does not seem like there’s a hillberry out there for Glo toer but we have seen it before we saw it with neon Edwards if Hill starts comboing and Landing shots oh my goodness those hands are locked nice job again oh wow Brazilian Crow goes wild as toar gets a take down [Applause] amaz minutes stay on minutes stay on top that H there you go this could not be a whole lot more compelling late going to be a long four minutes potentially for Jamal Hill trying to become a first time UFC [Applause] champion no working hard to get up prevented from doing so by the former champ he also wants to be extremely careful here he doesn’t want to rush to get back up to his feet and make a mistake that’s exactly what Glover would want right now this is his opportunity last chance this is his this is his Hill right here he’s got to make something happen with this Tak down if he doesn’t he’s done he’s not going to win this fight be patient you minutes Jamal gets back to his speed it will take too much energy to get it back to the ground not yet not [Applause] yet trying to pass this half guard he’s sliding that knee through he gets it through so now T has her mounted under three minutes to decide the championship this is where Jamal’s got to mind his arms and to oh he sneaks out the back and he gets a take down wow huge sequence for him he just uses athleticism to take the underhook lift it up switches hips to get behind glob share a great job by Jamal Hill I think a lot of people we all underestimated yeah the grappling capabilities of Jamal Hill I have aound respect for what he can do and how he can handle himself on the ground he told us that we’d be he absolutely show and let’s also not forget he did not have a full Championship training camp I remember our first fighter meeting with him he talked about his grappling right that he can Maul people that he can be physical and some people casted some doubt upon that but man as he held up tonight stuffing 15 of 17 tar shots along the way T’s talking to him any questions you may have had in regards to Jamal Hill have to be answered from the cardio to the toughness to the grapple ability wrestling ability wrestling defense I mean every question’s been answered up on to your right side CL up on to your right side let go you can well Jamal Hill was an undefeated fighter when he showed up on Dana White’s Contender series back in 2019 he was even invoking the name Jon Jones then and Jamal Hill less than 90 seconds away from Bec the first athlete off of Dana White’s Contender series to be wrapped with UFC Championship go 1 minute 15 seconds as all that separates him from being the first one I mean I think we all knew that day would come sometime minut wonder if Jamal Hill could play the long game with Glover to share it tonight we have arrived at the final minute people wonder if the fight went long if BL would just start out classing absolutely not Jamal Hill belongs he is 40 seconds there will be no draw tonight down 40 seconds oh Clean Sweep John and now if you’re Jamal Hill really got to mitigate risk over these final 30 seconds no real reason to engage and exactly what he’s doing touch touch slide out of the way touch touch get out of the way throw some kicks use your range weapons to Sher waving him on that’s what he’s got to [Applause] do there it is a record-breaking performance statistically for Jamal sweet dreams Hill and in all likelihood the UFC light heavyweight championship belt is in fact headed to Grand Rapids Michigan with the father of six Jamal sweet dreams Hill incredible performance tonight unbelievable and he had to overcome some adversity Glover had his moments terera had his moments he got the fight to the ground where everybody questioned if Jamal Hill would have the ability to survive those moments and also it went the distance and he still won no he’s realizing it he’s realizing [Music] it I have long said the best part of this job is watching a fighter break through and become a first time UFC champion and that raw emotion is exactly why we said at the outset of the pay-per-view he had a chance tonight to effectively change his life forever ladies and gentlemen after five rounds we go to the judges scorecards for a decision decision all three judges score this contest 5044 for the winner by unanimous decision and new Undisputed UFC light heavyweight champion of the world Jamal sweet dreams here