Rewatch the full fight between Manon Fiorot and Rose Namajunas ahead of Fiorot’s main event appearance at UFC Atlantic City.

Rose Nunes the former champ at STW weights moving up for the first time to flyweights now the reality is this is a step up for man on Thug Rose has been in there with the best in the world against Jiang wayy that was an incredible display of mixed martial arts and it’s also worth pointing out that this is only the second time since 2017 she’s fighting in a three round fight it’s always tired W yeah so different pace right that’s what I’m saying so it’s going to be interesting to see the pace and now she manages the output Paul does Manon look physically much bigger to you yes because even though Rose filled out nicely for this weight class you can tell that she’s just not as muscled up not as natur big as as oh right hook from F that found the mar you could hear it you see the redness already on the face of as well and he’s nasty I said that right from day one when that first called fight I was so impressed oh good right there from Rose yeah she’s gone through all the necessary steps with IMF all the way through fighting out in the Middle East but whil man on vioro is incredibly impressive with the Striking I do believe Rose has an advantage in overall mixed martial arts game when she hits her Flow State her MMA game is one of the most incredible to watch she can put it together like not many others I’ll never forget when she fought Jessica and D in Brazil I thought well nobody’s ever going to beat her now of course she got picked up slammed on ahead and knocked out that’s mixed martial arts that’s the game right now fioro is looking incredible B stuff that take down and sends Ros on her [Applause] way might be an issue to Rose’s right little finger the pinky finger yeah it’s it looks a little out of place see how she’s not able to close the fist it might have gotten smacked in like slow or KN you know I’m not a doctor we don’t know these things but it definitely looks like she’s not able to put it where it needs to be to make a fist well if that’s the case that’s a a massive shame because two minutes into the fight a fight with very important ramifications title fight implications she can get through the round she might be able to have somebody it’s not going to be fun but we might be able to at least pull it back into place high stakes here in our co-main events but she will not be able to throw that right hand properly and that could only get worse because if she’s throwing it she can’t actually close that she’s going to be hitting it and I hate when that stuff like that happens but that’s the game there’s a nice left though by Rose to to the conversation earlier man on is clearly naturally the bigger girl but look at Rose still able to find her way with just her left hand she’s now switched out Paul yeah they have the same reach Rose is just such an impressive person because I I’ll never forget when she fought Jean Le that second time at the press conference she just sat there staring straight looking like I don’t know intimidating is the word stoic yeah stoic looking like they ever did a remake of the movie Aliens she should be sigor Weaver tell I was like i’ take her to battle aliens she’s a I almost said a mad not a mad man at all but she’s just just incred able to watch working on the outside here she’s looked comfortable or week reduced media responsibilities on this side of the pwns and she’s finding the Mark here she is finding her rhythm with the movement isn’t she yes yeah yeah she’s figuring it out Manan got off to a really good start but this is the better last two minutes for Rose very competitive that was good from man she switched it up through that head kick she sees that Rose is bobbing and weaving really well yeah you’re right there the head movement at some point slip that jab [Applause] there oh getting touched up there you see that she is that’s a nice entry but fantastically defended by man ofo I mean very very good F’s been getting in some high level sparring appropriate sparring for the puzzle ahead of her as well oh solid connection there from f she does her work down on the south coast and nce that long side kick signature work from FOH it’s a very competitive round round number two Pat Barry just told Rose Nunes she didn’t need her left finger she just needed a left hand from Hell well listen tremendous Corner work because the reality is right now that ain’t going to help her you got to kind of try and put that at the back of your mind forget about it because if you withdraw because of a finger you losing the fight so what do you want to do this is what you sign up for and Thug Rose doesn’t care about that you you can think about that when the fight’s finished there’s 10 minutes of pain to get through nice hook there by Mano yeah man on that counter lead right hook is very nice this coach’s cam is brought to you by quvo bring in Pat Barry it was the little finger not the left finger I meant to say as Rose goes tumbling man pardon me get ready for the break keep it tied up Rose she’s going to let go and fire put your head on the other side head on the other side rose hide your head hide your head hey get lower head than her you got to get your head under hers yeah control that wrist control that wrist with the head on the other side Rose she’s hurt by F that knee to the midsection you could see a visible reaction on the face of rose and f o right now is just starting you know to to take the lead she looks faster she looks just more physically strong right now but Rose has been here before she has been in wars that second fight with Jang way Lee was just an incredible back and forth just just what a fight that was of course you ended up winning it retained the straw weight title so this is not unknown territory for Ros unit yeah I know just solid shots hurting into the body another body kick there from F F’s fast though she’s fast he’s powerful physically strong and he’s got the crowd on side nice by un there there you go that’s nice tricky little side hook kick there from nunz and it was fast remember the the one kick knockout of Jan wayy when they first fought I mean that shocked the world it’s not just a boxing contest in there interesting we haven’t seen the side kicks from Mana furo generally she uses that very very frequently oh there it is nice shot great work by Nunes who had identified the Sid kick obviously had an answer for it but I think we just saw right there the strength Advantage for Manon because it looked like rose was in on that take down but just the physicality of manafo was she was able to stay on the [Applause] feet crowd really getting behind man that karate style off of that front foot it’ll come up [Applause] quick what’s your heads what’s your heads like oh Clash your heads Clash your heads Clash your heads over there for me man’s going to be okay that’s the side of the head clearly significant take a look check the Clash of heads oh yeah yeah I mean there’s nothing to check are you good you good to continue yeah yes of course good the good news is the blood is on the side going right down the side of the face it’s not going to her at all with the adrenaline flowing she’s not concerned in the slightest and earlier on too it was interesting I know we saw Rose throw something on the mat and I saw the referee grab it throw it out I don’t know where that came from but it looked like a some sort of rubber band or [Applause] something I didn’t see it there’s that side kick punishing right to the [Applause] midsection a bit of blood [Applause] [Music] yeah it definitely looked on the replay like it was a rubber band which is curious to say the least over see the braids of Manon I would imagine Manon looking really good here oh nice and that’s a hell of a visual the way the blood’s going down one side of the face last few seconds in the second round this one’s going quick there well that finger is not bothering Rose now cuz she just started very aggressively in round three throwing down here kind of catches are there man on just throwing out that piercing job manon’s coach and partner alri told her you have to accelerate they think they’re on to something here three rounds leave it all in there a good defense sh here so far that was perfect Tak down defense I mean that was a really nice shot from Rose the entury was very good got him deep but man on again with the physicality the strength and of course the technique defended it perfectly always working on her game as well now has a medium coach a mental coach she’s trying she realizes the opportunity and tonight she has everything on which she can build that if she comes away Victorious well she said between rounds she went I’m winning this you know it was almost like a shot as if I mean of course you’re confident going into a fight but when you look at a legend like rosam munes when you’re coming up in this game and she’s been there at the top of the top of the tree a world champion defending it multiple times you know you have so much much respect and then you’re in there and you’re like hold on a minute this is going really well surprise yourself sometimes yeah exactly but it ain’t over and it’s very close as well know and Rose has got a really start to go For Broke a little bit here she was really outstruck I think based on the numbers at least in that second round a little closer in the first but yeah numbers wise according to what I’m looking at it’s 65 to 43 sign ific strikes in favor of man and furo of course the judges they’re not privy to that information yeah and we need to split across the rounds as well but rosam Unis always dangerous MMA game good head movement there a real shame if she’s been hampered significantly by that right hand that little finger yeah I’m I’m very curious to find out exactly what happened she’s battling through as best she possibly can but you know not being able to throw that right hand is a weapon in this fight yeah I I mean there’s no question that that’s going to affect you especially against the Southpaw adrenaline or not if you break a finger you break a f i mean it’s sensitive it’s a bow it’s broken it’s bent back it’s dislocated whatever the case may be but as Pat said and as Rose is displaying right now you can’t think about that it is what it is this is the situation we fight on and she connects there with a nice [Applause] left Rose trying to sit in the pocket much more now so she can counter fural but good movement from fural lands her Combos and tries to get out of the way you see Rose trying her best but primarily fighting with that left hand both women in superb condition especially when you consider like n Unice coming up a weight class as well she’s been under Fire she looks like she’s got plenty of steam left oh yeah Rose is used to going five rounds she’s not slowing down one little bit neither is man on these ladies are a joy to watch absolute highest level of mixed martial arts Le two o exchange head kicks oh and then a hard one two from F nice angles from Nunes to stop the progression of [Applause] Mano well after this fight one lady is going to be very close to a title fight in my opinion because if Rose does pull it off she takes all the steam being a former Champion be defend defeating somebody that’s won five in a row against very good competition and of course for man on F it’ll be five in a row or six in a row a win over a former Champion a legend of the game oh SL nunas can try and capitalize here 15 seconds [Applause] left still working in the clinch is man on the Beast the crowd cheering this one home and that’s the end of the contest it goes to the judges scorecards big business here in the flyweight division we’ll get the decision when we come back ladies and gentlemen after three rounds we go to the judges score cards for a decision the judges scor the contest 3027 2928 and 2928 for the winner by un decision manone the Beast be all [Applause] oh