Rewatch the full fight between Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera and Sean O’Malley ahead of the rematch for the bantamweight title at UFC 299.

three rounds and 15 minutes if needed here in the UFC’s loaded bantamweight division Cho Vera is in blue sha Al is in green here we go heavy low kick Ali will switch stances and if you saw saw him move around you would believe that he started out with a traditional martial arts background that’s not the case he learned these skills as he learned MMA those fakes right there The Fakes and then he adds the push kick up the middle those keep you at a distance and they keep you guessing when he’s going to come and go that two-year layoff he really dedicated himself to grappling and fell in love with that part of the game hasn’t had to lean on that too much of late starts with those push kicks he attacks your knees he attacks your legs gets you chasing them and then he attacks you with the left hand once you start running in Marlin trying to find his range here he’s been caught with two heavy low kicks so far the stance switch of marlin is going to help a lot with that low kick right there he’s going to have to start switching more often just like that because Sugar’s already found that low kick and those are heavy shots shape your Legend in EA Sports UFC 4 available now oh every time he turns Orthodox right now the real issue for ver is he’s he’s biting on the fakes of Ali really heavy you see that every time Ali fakes something he moves back and so usually you see ver walk right into those and that’s a difference Ines that’s a hesitancy that you’re seeing well it’s also cuz he’s been stung a few times with those kicks cheap kicks and the low kicks I mean everything adds up these guys are so long in their lower halves Joe we we do measure leg reach right now and both of these guys from hip to foot have a longer leg reach than stie miic the heavyweight champion what put on that how’s is that possible a lot of torso I guess that’s ridiculous look at their legs I know but still nice high kick yes he faked the low and went High cheo’s got a few Knockouts with that kick that you just saw now you’re seeing Vera not bite as much on the fakes as he did early on he’s starting to get the reads and adjustments to Al as a fight moves on well this is absolutely the most experienced guy something’s wrong with’s leg I don’t know what happened I really don’t know I think he blew hise he rolled something when he moved backwards early on and now Cheeto recognizes it and moving towards him and this happened to him in another fight as well he hurt his knee in another fight Sean it was the ter fight right yeah he broke his foot in that one that’s what it was and it looks like the similar thing has happened here that’s something’s wrong that’s the bad part about throwing those kicks your feet can break too mhm actually I think it might have been the Andre sukum tot fight but that’s neither here nor there we’ll see in between rounds if Ali has anything to say about it strong low kick there by Vera and Sean he’s not moving too bad considering there’s something wrong with his right leg no he’s moving very limited when you watch his fights and he could see he looked up at the clock right now too he’s got a minute left he’s trying to figure it out you still got to be careful because that right hand of his is powerful so cheo’s taking his time yeah you see the limp there yeah he’s hiding it he’s trying to hide it there’s a right hand he was looking for it there lands it I guess you got to just hope maybe for Shawn that it’s a nerve issue that could recover yeah we’ll hear up he fell down we’ll hear about it in the corner if he gets there [Applause] [Music] hug stops the sugar show in round one oh my goodness incredible oh my goodness yo yo yo interesting stoppage crazy stoppage it was quick I mean it was quick it was he was hurt though I mean if you look at his foot the he was clearly down a limb and the judge wanted to be part of that to to to or excuse me the ref wanted to make sure that the fighter was safe because of the foot congratulations the Cheeto show he says nobody wants to see a fighter get hurt in the middle of the fight you know nobody wants to see not at all but that was a a tremendous shot by Cheeto Vera as well yeah there was the injury but there was also a big elbow by Vera well you can’t take anything away from from cheito I he created the injury in the fight we don’t know what happened we’ll find out what happened we’ll see if we can see it it looked like right there it turned over well he tried to put his weight on it and it wasn’t there yeah this is when he was already injured correct correct now here’s the elbow okay there’s a left hand but there’s a big elbow as well right yep right here here he is Bo puts him out a little bit that one puts him in real trouble boom right there boom boom so interesting stoppage right because would he have done that if it wasn’t obvious there was something wrong with his leg right well I mean he might have but we haven’t seen that from this particular so look at this weird step oh there it goes right there that’s how you break it but was that because of something before that that deadened the nerves could be could be you just know we’ll have to ask him ladies and gentlemen referee her Dean has called a stop to this contest at 4 minutes 40 seconds of the very first round declaring the winner by TKO Marin ch