Molly McCann snaps a two-fight skid in her strawweight debut by submitting Diana Belbita in the first round at #UFCVegas85.

that bicep elbow el el thean Corner asking for the elbow she [Music] obliged the mounted armar no way what a way to answer your critics it is an armar victory for Molly mccan in her new weight class and look at the emotion you can see her setting up this armar but she actually fell back at the opposite side that she was showing belb and then you can see the arm pop there so well done by Molly mccan belza just couldn’t tap fast enough I mean Molly found that angle so quickly look at the corner wow Paul rimmer Adam Venture Ellis hson in the corner and I’ve just remembered Molly’s mom is in the audience first time first time here St side [Applause] [Music]