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previously on power slap road to the title the sudden death first round of the competition got off to an electrifying start as light heavyweight Garrett blakesley and heavyweight Logan green hole delivered impressive back-to-back first round Knockouts then the big boys took to the stage as South African Danny van hiren dominated fellow super heavyweight Jonathan buou in a three round TKO Victory with their wins blakesley Green Hall and Van hen secured a spot in the second round of the competition let’s fing go now heavyweight Twin Towers Brian Ellis and Miles Jackson take center stage with the winner moving on to round two [Music] welcome to season two of power slap road with the [Music] title they getting you hyped up yeah yeah there came my what that’s good looking my girl I’ve got five kids my oldest is my daughter she just turned nine her name is Mila then I’ve got my son rocket he’s seven I got a my son tiger he’s six my son jet is six and my son Mega is two I live in Richmond Texas it’s a suburb outside of Houston I moved out there to be closer with my children all right go no keep your head up and hit it with your arms oh like this yeah not don’t KN it with your legs the thing I like the most about being a father is they remind me uh to to be a better person every time I look at them professional coach BR my lack of fighting experience doesn’t really worry me because I feel like football is just as physical started playing football like little league ended up getting a scholarship University of Texas ended up playing arena football indoor football I mean I’ve had hits to the Head never been blacked out never been knocked out and I mean I don’t I don’t plan on getting to that point here either I’m trying to go through they soul with it you see how big these hands are so I put it across your face it’s not going to be any more doubt do it’s a little low on uh oil it might need a oil chain here your soon I’m miles Jackson from hagertown Maryland I’m 26 I deliver doors and trim for houses that are being built the doors can range anywhere from 50 lb up to 400 lb the 400 lb ones are fire doors that they put in front of elevators and there’s nobody there but me that can lift them so I end up picking them up and carrying them in and out of most places by [Music] myself growing up uh guess it had like a decent size family two sisters a brother mom and dad dad died when I was 11 brain cancer my dad was a very active smoker he smoked about a pack a day and when he got cancer it spread from his lungs to his brain I went down the wrong path I went to a dark place 16 I was 6’2 384 I made grown men look small I was always bigger than all the other kids it means the world to me that I actually get to use my full potential and the gifts that God gave me in my body to actually do something worth [Music] [Applause] meaning I want this more than anything else that’s what makes me dangerous as a [Music] fighter you never give up you do what you got to do to get the done it’s definitely going to be a battle between me and Brian but I’m going to take his ass out Brian I know you’re big and strong but you’re not ready for this Hammer that’s about to drop on your [Music] head if I was just out and about and I saw miles in public sizing him up I don’t think he wants any part of a fight [Music] miles be cool and everything but man once we step in that ring it’s all business it’s what I came here for I got to drop you man just got to do it nothing personal let’s go first one first one no need to go round two no need to get hit let’s go first one he looks terrified up there big dog he looks terrified it you got it mhm I she’s over there saying you terrified or some sh so you need to just eat this and get right back okay [Music] mhm go blue one the toss will slap first hand and count right three right on three blue is elected right on three you must measure [Music] deep measure one two oh Jesus fou we’re good we’re done I said I got no experience that [Music] take deep breath brother good thing you got to step holy okay his forehead hit that table so hard man has some power foul stepping disqualification foul a foul yeah you step this wonderful power but you stepped that was arguably the hardest hit we’ve ever had 100% not arguably you want some water I’m good momentum that kid generates so much momentum he can’t he couldn’t stop it winner by disqualification due to a stepping foul Red [Music] Corner brother just you’re tough we know you’re tough they have to I guess he gave me his best and it didn’t work win’s a win they’re going to take you to Medicals real quick just check out your hand it’ll be quick okay he did step pretty hard something we got to work on moving forward he he he definitely has the power but we got to fix the technique I hate losing even though I knocked him out I hate losing man feels like a feels terrible it’s all my fault it was an easy win for me I messed myself up I definitely hope I can come back and be a champion I definitely have it in me there’s no doubt in that I’m doing whatever whatever I need to do to solidify my feet and solidify my opportunity to come back and have another match I’m ready right now if I can go back out there right now I’m go so Brian knocks miles out with a nasty slap and gets called for a stepping foul and because of that he gets DQ so I believe that if Brian cleans up his technique I see him having a big future in the sport but for now miles gets the win for our fifth matchup Romanian sensation saur and kza faces off against Chris’s number one pick Ryan [Music] Wallace being the first pick of this season hey that’s really dope dude like like I’d have never in a million years bro name is Ryan Wallace 29 years old and I live in Hornell New York my nickname is the joker I’m funny but at the same time when it’s game time I’m going to get the job done by any means [Music] necessary I never thought trying to get fat like like get bigger was such a task man damn a like a year and a half ago I was almost 300 and then I like yeah my body like for this stuff working out and doing all that stuff and then you’re doing for you lost for this [Music] mhm heading the [Music] school here’s the Wallace’s residence in Hornell I was watching the first season of road to the title and it was love at first sight I looked right at the TV I looked right at my wife and she goes no I was 270 at that time time the highest I’d gotten in my life was 286 um wasn’t very ambitious um it was just work come home I think I was just caught up in like a form of maybe depression or just uh routine and I immediately went and got my gym membership you fast forward I’ve lost um aund almost 100 lb I feel better I can run around with my kids I’m not out of breath I haven’t been like this since I was 16 say hi hi I was a troubled kid um um not listening behavioral things like that you know um I fought a lot I fought a lot I I’d wrestle my teachers in school cuz I didn’t like the way that they were doing things I didn’t like Authority that got me in trouble um you know hadn’t down the wrong path and then um I found out that we were having my first kid and that just changed my life real quick couldn’t get in trouble anymore couldn’t risk not being there um that moment like my kid saved my life am right after I watched the road to the title 2 days later I run into Dwayne Crespo someone I had never met before anything so to me it was like that that’s a sign that’s got to be a sign right it’s over it’s over do not get up it’s over I need to guide in so when I do the swing I am going towards that wall he was cool enough to be willing to help we didn’t have to you can’t pivot after the fact you can’t you can’t you can’t I told him don’t do it doesn’t make sense to actually was willing to come over helped me with um tips tricks learning the sport inside out I’m full 100% in like I said uh diving head first I feel like I definitely bring a lot of IQ into this um as far as hip rotation uh and that’s a lot of uh body mechanics learning how to distribute balance from one side to the other but also while keeping your entire body at that um that tense to not step you if you don’t know your body when you get up there you’re already at a major disadvantage yeah that’s a right that’s a right [Laughter] hello there my name is KRA simin I’m 25 years old from Romania Transylvania [Music] in early 2023 saen comsa fought in and won a slap Fighting Championship back in his home country of Romania what got even more attention than his win was the footage of how bad his face had swelled up during the fight so that clip goes viral it was huge and this guy we believe has the toughness and heart that we want in power slap so we brought him here to give him a shot I win a competition of slapping Romania open [Applause] week and now I come to power SLP to win here also it’s a huge opportunity for me because I want to all the world knows my power and I want all the world [Music] F I’m from a small very beautiful village with 3,000 people it’s a pretty popular Village because we have the most uh tractors per per cup people we work the land together mother father and sister and my girlfriend I’ve been with my girlfriend for 4 years do you want to marry her do you want to have kids with her uh can I skip this yeah yeah I work like a bodyguard at the casino people come comes they drunk they hit the machine and I need to kick them [Music] out it’s pretty good yeah your feet are good that’s good you’re following through really well you’re doing a good job of coming all the way through it’s good my opponent Ryan pretty strong but I don’t I I’m not scared your feet came just a little bit and it’s full it might have been called just take a little bit of power off focus on your feet you don’t want to foul i cho Serene he’s you know obviously a recognizable face to me um you know I know he has the experience he’s hardened you know I know he has a chin so that was exciting for me to be able to get him he’s pretty good I am very strong I can’t take a SLP I can eat no problem for me to win this [Music] match welcome to the power slap weighin gentlemen first of the scale Ryan Wallace I love Ryan he’s been awesome he’s been cool to me since we walked into the house he’s constantly got pointers he’s very welcoming and I know s I’ve seen some videos of s he’s tough as absolute hell but I think uh I’m gonna have to stick with my team and go Ryan on that one 199 go next to the scale Simeon comsa my prediction in the light heavy way bout between Ryan and Serene I’m going to go Serene all day on this uh I’ve seen that man take 23 each laps without even a budge so he’s going to take that one I [Music] leave Ryan Wallace does kind of pissed me off I don’t know why I think it’s just his personality but my boy Kam sha is going to knock him out tomorrow no doubts in my mind at all he’s going to go to sleep tomorrow and he’s going to be flown home that’s that [Applause] 201 Ryan Wallace is the smallest guy in the light heavyweight division but he has the highest slap score in the division with 874 saurin slap score is in the low 600 which obviously isn’t great but he has a ton of experience in this Sport and this guy’s been in dog fights before he’s proven he can take punishment and still get the win can he do it again we’re going to find [Applause] out you want this kid so does everybody else first you got to train like a [Music] pro then you got to look like a pro be ready to challenge the [Music] world power Slap mobile now has multiplayer download now welcome back to the fight capital of the [Applause] [Music] world oh okay that’s called a love slot really yeah would you like another hm yeah think I would get 10 stickers for only $1 and slap some love on your laptop water bottle or best [Music] bread I’m I’m fully confident going into this fight that it is going to be a war I’m not overlooking my opponent at all I respect him in that Avenue so much that I’m going to take everything that he brought to the table um and use that for my platform [Music] I’m feeling pretty excited but I don’t have pretty much emotions about the fight because all I do is win win win just win hello guys Ryan Ryan been coach been talking to you for like a year now uh we’re here now you’re heading first I’ve seen what you can do on the first strike I’m not worried about it that’s just go in there don’t overthink anything you got this I already know you got this okay technique baby it’s all by just remember that family keep your family in your head Nothing Else Matters that’s to everybody that’s right you feel good about your chin you ready to go today yeah yeah all right you’re feeling good you think you can knock him out I’m I’m born ready brother my guy my guy Serene what I’m bringing upon you is just going to be straight power technique nothing that you’ve ever seen before let’s go you’re either going to have to cut my legs off or kill me because you’re not not beating me all right this guy is ready to roll [Applause] I’m better than every other light heavyweight or super heavyweight or heavyweight fighter in the [Music] world ran somebody needs to go home he going to be your my [Music] friend [Music] [Music] competitor Center up red has won the toss so red will be striking first blue you’re here you’re good red which hand and on what count will you be striking right on three right on three stand by right on three okay don’t move your feet you’re good there right on three right on three Focus brother one two SL oh God damn Fair brother God damn right here walk to me walk to me good Fair below fa below you’re there good good though yes yeah hey watch him God damn he’s going to come in with you he might step or try to club you both M don’t try to take it off all right it’s nocking all right you got this you feel good remember hey no stepping okay no stepping get a good slap and get a good knockout right here okay big holy competitors ready stay in your position here what hand and on what count will you be striking uh right three right on three right on three competitor ready right on three yep one two EAS good good good one point stepping foul one point one point right here okay you see a replay stepping foul one point one point right here okay you’re here right yeah all right let’s get it let’s go so just be careful you feel good you feel okay yeah use your stick let me get your face remember brace for that impact okay you got this I you got this let’s go energy bring that which hand and on what count right on three right on three through Hime right on three you’re set feet flat right on three through right on three one two slap easy Fair blow it’s good oh yeah we’re right here just take your time you good good let’s go this way yeah good hey so your foot came up and it twisted a little bit okay so we got to keep that heel planted just like we were working on we’re just transitioning that we you got to keep that heel down okay mhm you good you feel good that’s good hey you got this Mark you got him set yes sir got him set good there out hold that position okay you’re set here sir which hand and what count uh right then three right on three feet flat don’t move your feet okay keep them where they are right on three right on three let’s go s 1 2 sleep two three fight’s over that’s it fight’s over God damn oh seren’s fight was super interesting you know Ryan had a good good whack on him I think it shocked seren in the first round Ryan Wallace he delivered some good blows and took two good shots but the dude he went up against was no [Music] joke comes back to me in the corner he’s like all right this time uh he’s going to go to sleep and he went out there and did exactly [Music] that what an absolutely amazing performance saurin just keeps proving his toughness the guy flies here from Romania takes two nasty slaps from Ryan then drops him in the second round saurin has a great chin unbelievable knockout power so he’s moving on to round two he is going to be a force in the light heavyweight division bang bang bang up l great job winner by knockout [Applause] sine than I’m better because I have more experience I have a pretty strong face uh they they can’t knock me down because I’m too strong I’m the best in the world I feel like I drew the baddest dude here went toe to- Toe with him and uh unfortunately I I came up on the short side but I feel like I did enough to impress hopefully I’m going to come back stronger get back to work uh I know where my tweaks are um just back to the drawing board definitely not the last that I plan on being here for [Music] sure next up it’s time for Team Min Powerhouse Delvin Hamlet to take on team Thomas’s Puerto Rican heavyweight Jonathan kareah Jonathan Korea Jonathan and Elin I think Jonathan will be uh the best I saw him training he hit so hard so I think maybe not in the first round but in the second one he can win by knockout 256 Jonathan I held the the pad for him today when he hit it oh almost had me flinching that was a big Arm coming at me so from what I’ve seen so far I mean honestly I think uh I think Jonathan might have that one next to the scale Delvin Hamlet the heavyweight fight between Jonathan and Delvin I’m going go with the country hoodlum Delvin 216 and a half I think he got a good background in hitting and I think he’ll be able to knock him out hopefully Jonathan versus Delvin looks like a really evenly matched fight they both have almost the same exact slap scores around 700 they’re both big strong and they are both Street tough so the winner of this moves on to round two loser goes home this should be a badass heavyweight fight good luck on the next episode of Power slap road to the title T KO Chris’s Jonathan Korea tries to make his native Puerto Rico proud as he steps in to face Delvin Hamlet of Team mun then Welter weights Collide Zack Zayn brings the number one rank slap score in the competition to the stage as he faces Italian and former special opop Soldier fedo Rico belli who will advance to round two and move one step closer to a spot in a live power slap event welcome back to the fight capital of the [Applause] [Music] world oh okay that’s called a love slot really yeah would you like another H yeah I think I would get 10 stickers for only $1 and slap some love on your laptop water bottle or best friend