Relive this instant classic between Jacare Souza and Chris Weidman that ended up securing Fight of the Night Honors in 2018!

back to the body goes so no R is down Dan ml has yet to stop the fight soza stop striking now he stops IT Shak sza knocks out Chris watman Shak will wind up and crack you with it he’s so strong and not look at that even grappling but just every aspect nice nice combination rightman early he stung him with that right hand beautiful combination by Weidman now Chris being smart here and Weidman mixing it up going to the body with that jab as well o that’s a hard leg kick he’s doing a great job oh again oh they both got rock [Applause] there nice leg kick by widman and that was what Ray Longo called for after round one oh oh I was waiting for that Joe I was going to say the way he’s throwing that left hook a lot of times you either have a couple options that straight right right down the pike but he can slap and throw that big almost like that Conor McGregor uppercut big wide uppercut ja is trying to turn this into a brawl he’s like enough of this technical striking nice left hook to the body by Jacare that’s what he’s got to do he’s got to start making this ugly to stay in this fight oh oh hard leg kick he’s brawling now Joe he really is he’s going for it it landed but he’s doing oh another nasty left to the body by Jacare right hand over the top again they’re exchanging knees oh woo CH gr got hurt by that he’s hurt yeah he like that Chris smells that blood oo oh W yeah it’s smashed at this point oh but he’s still fighting man upper cutting out of the body they mixing up the strikes beautifully here and he’s spinning him around as he’s throwing that left hook and again Matt Sarah asking for the take down beautiful kick from the body by Weidman a right hand by Weidman man I’ll tell you Chris no again with that body shot what a fight oh nice right hand oh oh oh oh it’s Madness knee up the middle by widman oh man weidman’s hands have never looked sharper nice uppercut there by Weidman oh that’s his bread and butter oh widman poured it [Applause] on he’s rolling with that right hand rolling with the punches under 3 minutes now to go sh likes that front kick up the middle yeah and that that’ll take a lot out of your sales and it’s not like a te not like a Muay is a karate T do style yeah he’s snapping it in there oh man he’s a Savage in there today look at that to the body oh big right and now back to the body goes so no R is down Dan ml has yet to stop the fight soza stops striking now he stops IT sh so knocks out Chris wman that’s crazy Jacare tried to say stop the fight Dan said it’s not stopped yet and he hit him again and clearly jock Ray was correct there and here it comes right on the temple right on the temple and he’s his legs almost delayed right yeah his legs completely gave out and Jac R pleads with the referee to stop it and you can see when Chris is look at this man yeah his eyes rolled back in his head and jock R says come on man he’s to T you let him hit him what four four more times and look he’s and he’s hitting him completely defenseless Chris doesn’t even know what’s going on let’s see this again boom his legs just shut off he lays there his eyes are rolled back yeah and Jac Ray says come on man this is over props props to Jac Ray he didn’t even want to have to put those shots in he didn’t even want to land those extra ones he knew it was over ladies and gentlemen referee Dan merato called a stop to this contest at 2 minutes 46 seconds of round number three declaring the winner by TKO Hano [Applause] jaare