Follow Sugar Sean O’Malley’s journey from Dana White’s Contender Series to UFC bantamweight champion of the world.

[Music] sha Ali basically blossomed into this personality that is so much bigger than what you would imagine it could have been when he went out there at Contender series that moment thrust Sean into the spotlight there’s a look at sha Omi Shan Ali he was highly touted coming into that show and what does he do that night he earns a highlight reel knockout of his own oh that’s it that is it it’s Sean Ali with a huge right hand welcome to the sugar show always wanted to be rich I always wanted to be famous but I never knew how I would do it I was like okay this is it I’m looking for exciting I’m looking for flashy I’m looking for somebody who has that thing Shan Ali is that thing he’s the guy I would be insane at the Science Kid it has been an expeditious rise from Dana White’s Tuesday night Contender series here to the greatest proven ground in the sport Ali enters the Octagon oh Ali goes high now short uppercut Techo covers up the sugar shell Ling in color it couldn’t have gone any better for sha Ali the walk off KO sha Ali is that perfect mix of talent and just unapologetically real it’s as good as he gets this kid has that it thing another highlight for the real there’s something about him he said he is going to be a world champion that’s always been the goal and he has never lost sight of that regardless of how popular he has become I started fighting when I was 16 years old 12 years later I’m fighting for the title suan Ali gets his first crack at a UFC world World title see what he has for the dominant Champion here in Boston massachusett Char Mali has a ton of skill how does he compete in the biggest spot in this group got go out there and beat Al I become a superstar Boston are you ready to watch me knock this dude out see you tomorrow night well if you are what you say you are a superstar not a bad time take it to the next level and cap it with a world title tonight sha Ali promises that he is going to show up and win this fight if this kid can become Champion tonight this Arena will go crazy stting in a lot of trouble oh M trying to close it out here that will do it the sugar sh top of the world honestly this was the most nervous I’ve ever been for a fight right in my eyes Alain Sterling is the best banson weight of all time but I never lost the confidence because I know what I possess in this right hand baby you just saw sha Ali go to the next level he lands a beautiful right hand against Alaine Sterling and he finishes him there is nothing like a guy having an opportunity and then cashing it in that way no UFC bantamweight champion of the world Shar sh [Applause] of