Sodiq Yusuff spoke to Michael Bisping following his loss against Edson Barboza in the main event at UFC Vegas 81 on Saturday.

it takes two to tango two great fights to make an amazing legendary fight I’m here with sadik Yousef sadik give me your thoughts please not going to lie man I’m a bit disappointed you know I’m usually I try to stay optimistic but this one hurts the even with take your mouthpiece out even with being in the honor of unprofessional breakdown goat Michael Brown bus it still it hurts pretty deep you know um I won’t I feel like I let my coaches down you know but it is what it is I always told people before I was a good nail before I but became a hammer so I’m going to be back for sure well first off he didn’t let anybody down that was a legendary fight in round one it seemed like he was almost done but of course he came back into the fight from your assessment what do you think you did wrong yeah I I think I could have picked my shots a little bit better to get them out of there in the first round I got a little bit over zealous you know but it is what it is I’m still a young guy in the game uh sucks to lose so OG but he is an OG at the end of the day I used to watch Edson as a kid so the fact that me and him got to put on what I think is a performance of the night kind of fight it’s it’s okay experience has to be earned can’t be bought congratulations well commiserations a fantastic fight um I still want to thank my fiance happy birthday I know I’ve been a h to be around but I appreciate you being there for me ladies and gentlemen show your appreciation for super sadik Yousef