On First Take, Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe react to Max Holloway recording a last-second KO of Justin Gaethje.

I agree with Joe Rogan is one of the greatest knockouts I’ve ever seen no question about it Justin gatei who I love out cold on his face on his face that is a knockout no count necessary no count necessary it’s over but it was one second left my issue was is that Holloway heard him early in the fight with you know you know with a kick to the nose and what have you and he had been he had absorbed enough blows so when you call him to the middle of the ring cuz there only 10 seconds left the crowd is excited you’re EXC with I’m like that that’s not the position you already been hurt by this brother it wasn’t the wisest thing to do but what a devastating knockout well one second left well the fact of the matter that he called him called him to get in the pocket let you know how confident mik Holloway was because he always does that though yeah but the thing is is that if gatei Clips him it’s over for him and he’s winning the entire fight and now you get clipped with one second and now you’re face planted on the map but for them to get to the middle of the to the center of the Ring say okay let’s sit down let’s do this the last 10 seconds and they’re swinging there’s no defense you throw caution to the win it’s an unbelievable knockout and this is why people love the sport so much that’s right because you can be winning the entire fight and somebody catch you with a fist a elbow a kick or something and it’s good night that’s good man this was unbelievable you know what as greater KN just imagine had he been behind that’s right the the entire night that’s right that’s true and did this but it says a lot about him that he was ahead and still was like let’s go you know what not just that you want to entertain the fans or whatever they don’t cheat the sport they don’t cheat the sport I give I give credit with credit and and Dana has rewarded guys like this that come to fight people like well the objective is to win not Dana White side it isn’t you got to entertain these people that’s paying their hard on money at home to stream this and and and to pay-per-view and the people that play their money in attendance that’s right and so they give the people and there is no ducking and dodging and the other thing too Shannon is this real quick nothing beats The Knockout no you know you can submit somebody choke them out let them tap out nothing beats a knockout ever and and and and I love and I love seeing that I just hate I just hate to seeing g go down like that I just and how about when it’s in the last second Stephen A doesn’t get any more more exciting than that and an iconic card with UFC 300 I’m sorry shanon go ahead Molly don’t you think Stephen A don’t you think think that’s how the BMF belt should change hands yes it does if you the baddest B out right oh let’s do this ain’t no walking ride and I try to get you no that’s supposed to be things let’s thr the things that’s how that’s how it’s supposed to be no question [Applause] [Music]