Tabatha Ricci beats Tecia Pennington via split decision! Listen to her Octagon interview with Michael Bisping at UFC St. Louis.

ladies and gentlemen referee G hood is called a stop to this contest at 4 minutes 51 seconds of round number three declared the winner by gko [Applause] SEO I’m here with the winner Diego fera Diego that was one of the most inspiring performances I’ve ever seen that’s a man who’s a bogey man in the division a massive hype train nobody wanted to fight him you had a tough opening round and then the experience you turned the tables just unbelievable first of all thank the Lord uh Jus saor uh and uh Happy Mother’s Days St Louis now and H happy Mother’s Day to my mom in Brazil Vanette my uh my my wife my mom-in-law so have all Mother’s Day for all of my team you know H I knew I knew my T is going to be a you know tough job to get done you know thank Sean Shelby before giv me the match you know four weeks notice I knew it would have to come through I knew I would have to come over uh especially I want to climb over my back to my rank you know and our division is a full of those dogs you know I we cannot pick a fight I’m that type of guy you know if he put someone in front of me it doesn’t matter who you are I got to go at it you know that’s what will come my my life that’s how type of life I I’ll run into sometimes you know ups and downs but damn it feel good to get this another win you know especially one year away from this I was getting really emotional but I trying to control myself some made some mistakes on the first uh first round try to adopt his game ah he’s a freaking hard he’s super hard dude I could I I I could have have idea you know when he first got the hit on my nose I felt all my eyes uh you know uh uh watering I said damn this guy hit hard but I control myself tried take the first round but thank God I I come I come with this win you know to the top well a 39 years old you showed you still got a chin you still got what it tastes congratulations and incredible performance ladies and gentlemen show your appreciation Carlos Diego p