Heidi Androl interviews Terrance McKinney after his 20-second knockout win against Brendon Marotte at #UFCVegas81.

congratulations to you Terrence you told me we sat down just outside this room yesterday and you said key number one set the tone well I don’t think there’s any better way to set the tone than a 20 second knockout how great does it feel uh it feels amazing uh just a huge Testament to my team my coaches and yeah like I told people I got my mouth card says champion and this is the start of Championship run let’s go most definitely I saw Jamal Hill Kevin Holland standing as you made your walk to the UFC Octagon just talk about the difference because we talked about it yesterday how much you’ve transformed and even impressed yourself in the past six months um just be they make me be more patient making me be more Elite Striker making sure I’m picking my shots uh making sure I’m keeping my hands up when I’m striking so yeah just been a huge honor working with some of the best strikers in UFC like Jamal Hill and Kevin holling you told me in your keys it was set the tone it was remind yourself that you’re not a boxer um and you definitely showed with with your knee it was the KNE that went through the guard to knock him out but you worked a lot on your boxing for this fight talk about that um yeah that’s my coach sh wend dorsy uh we box every day like he takes me to Reyes boxing we’re steady trying to involve the hands making sure I’m keep my hands up because that’s what I was missing the footwork in the defense and we’ve been putting hours in me and me and shook so it just it’s been amazing I love that guy I call him my godfather you know because I feel like God sent him here to help be a leader to me through this journey it’s great that you found each other a 14th first round finish I know you have a little boy at home what do you want to say to Elias Elias that’s for you man uh we get to get our first house uh and maybe I get your A Little Lamb Lamborghini little baby car man let’s go I love it congratulations to you Terrence oh Before I Let You Go obviously you got out of there unscathed what’s next when who Chris Duncan let’s get it I hear you talking let’s get it any month this November December let’s go [Music]