Alan Jouban and Rashad Evans reveal the fights they’d love to see most headline the UFC’s big event in the UK this summer.

let’s play matchmaker here I’m mixing all of the metaphors but I really want to get you guys uh to know Dana has said there’s going to be a pay-per-view in England so I want to know what your dream Main and co-main events will be for a pay-per-view in England I mean the baddest man on the planet Tom Aspen I think we need to headline this and let’s get a European fighter how about Sidle gone that’s quite the matchup right there in the co-main event I mean let’s look at some Welter away let’s see Leon Edwards is the champ yes and is a guy by the name Blau Muhammad I think is very deserving of that he will finally I think get that match up put it over there in England let Leon defend it with the crowd but La said I want it I want my back against the wall I want to be the dog in this matchup let it happen you know I seen something on the Internet not too long ago it was Tom Aspen meeting Jon Jones for the first time and he comes up to John Jones and he’s talked touching him John just looks at him he give him this look he growl at him but I love to see that because that just show that Jon Jones is still tapped in he’s still competitive it was feeling like he was going to walk away after this but now he has worthy Contender and Tom Aspen he might stick around for a while and that’s going to be a great fight if that does happen the second fight I would love to see I would love to see Leon Edwards against Bal man I mean come on we got to get balal in here man balal has been doing absolutely amazing I don’t know how mentally speaking how he has been able to stay focused and keep his eye on the prize and and ride through the politics of the game but hey this what this is about can you imagine being in BL shoes it’s already as a fighter one thing everybody says when’s your next fight when’s your next fight can you imagine bow every time he speaks somebody them and say when you going to fight for the belt when you going to fight for the belt he’s been doing this for years now every single interview but like you said he’s been able to stay strong and positive and keep calling for the fight I think it’s coming soon KB well it’s incredible there’s only been a couple of people that have ever beaten Bal Muhammad in the UFC isn’t that right Allan impressive look I’m glad I got him when I that’s why you’re G for that’s yeah that’s why that’s why I’m as biggest fan I’m just saying oh