Tracy Cortez takes questions from the media ahead of her main event fight against Rose Namajunas on Saturday at UFC Denver.

[Music] I was trying to get some inside info from your girls but they wouldn’t give me anything they’re writers so can you talk to me a little bit about just how this week came about when did you first get the call what were the first thoughts I was um preparing to fight July 20th versus Maverick and I was in the car and um I was about to get get out of the car to go hit a cardio and that’s when my manager called me and said hey Macy Barber’s out and they want you to fight Rose and at first I couldn’t believe it I thought it was a joke I was like no way he goes no seriously I goes stop he goes no like seriously and so they want me to fight 13th not the 20th and he was like yeah I had no hesitation I said let’s do it I’m game what do you think of her as an opponent I know you know there’s she’s a legend she’s probably going to be in the Hall of Fame one day um what do you think of her I have nothing but respect for Rose she’s an incredible athlete um but it’s it’s part of the game you know um we’re going to face each other one day and they just happens to be today or S this Saturday I should say do you kind of prefer this this the way this came about where you didn’t have to go weeks and weeks and weeks and really psych yourself out or maybe overthink think it or all these things or did you wish that you know going into this fight that you could have had a full camp for her I mean it’s it’s always nice to be prepared you know but um my mindset when I’m training with my coaches is you know we’re training for whatever opponent is in front of me but in reality I’m mentally preparing to fight the best I’m mentally preparing for a fight as if it were a championship fight so I mean I sounds crazy but I I I I feel like I was almost prepared like this is just perfect timing what um do you think the what the fight is going to be like what are you expecting from her um she’s a veteran she’s a veteran and she’s she this is in her first rodeo so I know she’s um mentally aware of what’s what’s to come but she hasn’t fought 125 like myself she hasn’t fought someone like like me at her at this weight division so just as unprepared as she is or as I am she is as well and I just I believe it’s going to be a good fight what about what happens afterwards you she’s already talked about if she beats you she thinks that this will be take her towards the title what what would a win do for your career um I say the same you know I I’ll be 6 and 0 in the UFC 11 and or 12 and won in the UFC or Pro record I believe although I I haven’t been as active I do believe I deserve it um but if not I’m I’m not too worried about what’s next I’m just focused on tonight or Saturday night thank you try right here how cool was it to see yourself on the fight poster this week oh man I I was just processing and everything you know it it’s kind of surreal it’s one thing being here and um doing what we do right it’s with media but it’s another thing doing it and being main event and seeing your face on the poster something that every fighter it’s a dream come true really you talked about this week you said you know I I thrive Under Pressure I enjoy that but how important is it for you to just enjoy your job I I feel so grateful I feel so grateful I feel so fortunate and blessed to be here right now um just because I’ve I’ve given it my all I’ve given I’ve given this my all and although life has hit me and has stopped me and has prevented me from being active I uh I never stopped I never stopped I never quit I never gave up and I’m I’m I’m here today yeah speaking about that uh you post a lot of quotes on your Instagram um there was one that I saw it said I don’t know how my story will end but nowhere will it ever say she gave up so what does that one mean to you that is the emotion of being here you know I’m very much um overlooked and fighting being scheduled to fight someone like my previous opponent and now fighting a former World Champ someone that’s going to be in the Hall of Fame you know it’s regardless of this outcome um no one could ever say I gave up I’m going to leave it all in the cage and um do you think do you think that Rose deserves to I know that a lot of people don’t pay attention to the rankings fighter say you know what I don’t really care about the rankings but they have Rose at number six in the division and she’s only had two fights in the division do you think that’s deserved over someone like you who’s been fighting in the division um I you know I honestly don’t care about the rankings I just I I I fight and I just want to keep moving up and I’m um I believe Rose is deserving you know she she’s put in the work she’s a like like we said she’s a ex former world champion um if anything I think there’s a lot of pressure on her having to prove that she does deserve to be in the flyweight division and then uh I know a lot of Fighters are are more open nowadays about their mental health and things like that um obviously there’s the pressure of fight week but outside of the cage as you’re sitting here with us in this room just how are you doing just as a person right now I feel outside of work outside of this I’m um I think this is the most present I’ve ever been my entire life I’m I’m feeling every emotion and you know some people might say that I’m too emotional but it’s not emotional it’s it’s passion you know I’m very passionate I’m a passionate person and I just I feel so good I feel so blessed and grateful to just be here and I’m just taking it in day by day minute by minute cheers thank you Tracy this being a week earlier than when you were originally scheduled a fight that means you have to Peak a little bit earlier as far as the conditioning aspect goes with it also having the added adversity element of it being at a mile high above sea level have you done anything to kind of expedite the process and acclimating yourself to the altitude yeah I’ve been out here for two weeks now okay yeah um but I’m going be honest I I I came here so in shape I I really don’t feel the altitude I feel great that’s good to know you’re a very passionate person you wear your heart on your sleeve saw a little bit of an emotional outpour yesterday in the UFC video of you looking at your face on the poster how do you plan to manage your energy and your emotions throughout the rest of fight week being that this is such a huge opportunity and platform you know I’m I’m just embracing it I’m just embracing if there’s a moment where I have to just whether it’s release some tears smile whatever it is that I’m feeling I’m I’m just going I let it go and I just move on and right now there’s just nothing but pure happiness there’s nothing but pure gratitude and just overwhelmed by all the love and support from around the world I’m kind of taken back you know um I’m I’m actually extremely shocked at the support it’s it’s overwhelming but in the best way possible this is technically a home game for Rose but you’re already a fan favorite as you mentioned in that way you get a lot of support all the way around there’s also a massive Mexican fight Community here in Colorado and especially here in Denver do you expect to get a large crowd pop when you come out on Saturday I don’t know I I honestly I haven’t fully thought about that to be honest uh if anything I think um I’ve shown prior to this fight that I’m not I don’t shy away from a challenge you know I made my Pro debut in UFC in the UFC in Brazil against the Brazilian and that I just I I’m I’m not scared of the pressure I’m not scared of whose territory I’m in you know um I know how to win I know how to fight and I’m going to come and perform and give the crowd a good show you’ve been out here for a couple of weeks now I know I saw that you went and did the incline has there been anything else out here in your time in Colorado or in Denver so far that is just a memorable experience outside of the actual fight preparation I think in general just being out here for so long it was something um that I would never have back home being out here in nature and training I’m doing a lot of outside workouts and I just me who I am as a person I love being outside I love the Sun hitting me I love being in nature I love putting my toes in the grass and um I’ve just focused on training sleeping eating training sleep eat sleep eat and that’s I’ve had the most stress-free couple weeks in a very long time being here does that that presence of mind and just that kind of sense of being calm do you feel like that is going to be something that pays dividends for you not just in this fight but going forward um every Camp is different you know every Camp is different I don’t compare because every Camp is different every opponent’s different different things po tend to pop up whether it’s personal or physical with injuries in camps so do I expect the same the following Camp no you know I don’t expect anything to be the same if anything I expect things to change to better to grow to evolve thank you thank you all right