UFC welterweight Bryan Battle and comedian Jesus Trejo join Matt Serra and Jim Norton for today’s episode of UFC Unfiltered!

[Applause] backto back victories in 2023 for Brian battle I’m going to be the new king of this division I’m coming up you know what I’m saying they can call me out you feel me briyan the butcher [Music] [Applause] ban welcome to UFC unfilter please tell me that’s on video I’ve never been happier I’m made for a podcast that’s dangerous listen to me we’re out [Music] it welcome to UFC unfiltered yes um I today we have uh returning guests I always like a good returning guest uh welterweight Brian battle uh and we also have Jesus Trejo H comedian out of Los Angeles coming back out also a huge UFC fan which is nice I love what uh my fellow Comics are big fans Matt um I’m traveling uh this week uh so I’ll be away so I’m hoping that my I’m bringing a microphone to try to do a good broadcast but I’m in a hotel um so we will see I’m G to be in Oklahoma I’m G to be in Houston I’m gonna be in Dallas so people want to come see me um but you were seeming a bit ornery um like you said you were had a couple things to complain about I want to get right to it oh I’m gonna start bitching about okay really quick let us what Al should I announce that we’re gonna be on Sirius XM that’s amazing yes every Wednesday and Thursday night 8 pm on fight Nation I think they’re going to replay Monday show on Wednesday and then uh Wednesday show on Thursday so Wednesday Thursday 800 PM I think on fight Nation before I forget uh we’ be negligent not to awesome oh this listen hey that’s exciting you know I like to spread the spread the the good word yeah um Hey listen when is Brian battle coming in because I want to talk we got a couple minutes I’m sure he’s not here yet let us know when he’s in so anyway listen so the the he’s not in yet okay so the family they’re away for the week it’s just me I by my yeah so I that I so I got excited to teach youu Jitsu you’re leaving that doesn’t work out right so I don’t know what to do with myself I’ll get into what happened today which was a little Annoying which why I don’t want to leave the house because I don’t like to deal with people but but yesterday so I dropped my family off at the airport I want to tell you about my day and then I got my trt shot little shot in hiny and then I don’t know what to do my family’s not old Jimmy it’s weird when you got a my wife and three kids and I got a routine yeah so what do I do I got time to kill I’ve seen Dune again again it’s almost a three- hour movie yeah so in in Long Island it’s a little feels a little different watching the movie by yourself than it does in the city because in the city it’s so normal yeah in Long Island you look almost like a weirdo a little bit I don’t I’m not judging people G do it again you sure anyway it was really good Dean uh Jimmy it was I don’t know why I was about to call you Dean Thomas this movie because I’m gonna tell Dean to watch it it’s such such a good movie I’ll get into that so anyway I did that I went to my school I put my uh uh young Tommy uh through some some uh drills a nice drill I thre at hzo back in today I came home I got in bed by 10:00 a.m. I’m watching Grandma’s Boy H shout out to Nick schwartzen one of the funniest Comics out I love Nick yeah my wife usually they my kids they they make fun of me when I try to go to bed at 10 sure so now I did that and uh I dropped the remote at like 10:05 and it shut off the TV I just left it there and I went to sleep well I mean did I just waste the first that wasn’t a I just wanted to tell you I don’t have the most exciting life was that not an exciting a fun I I would say that’s uh action-packed that sound like a movie like I I don’t even believe that actually happened wait first the movies by yourself then you come back after another training session and you watch TV yeah I I Dro and then I went to bed early so anyway listen yeah catching up just catching I don’t know got me crying so this morning hey starts off with a great day I’m getting back in the routine now you’re making me laugh so that was that wasn’t the most exciting day I just want to let you know like I’d be kind of lost if I was like a bachelor like I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do myself you know um so so anyway so today excellent Brian battle’s in the waiting room but and then I’m going to tell you today’s way more exciting what was annoying let’s bring Brian in maybe he help us get to the bottom of it I want to know V what you and I had talked about how much I’m I’m dying to have you come and help me but this is the only week you’re available and I’m traveling hey man how you doing Brian I’m doing so good how you doing we might be good luck after we talked last time you went out there and you got that done by submission man I’m a Jiu-Jitsu guy I love when you get I love submissions hey hey I love I love just like killing people so you know what however I get to do that that’s uh that’s what’s got to get done that’s what you get paid for it’s beautiful is it you get paid to like you’re in the hurt business whether it’s a knockout or a submission or a slam on the head what do you prefer knockout or or submission what is more satisfying you’ve done both I’ve done both um Jimmy has done neither I’m but I’ve had both done to me well well but but uh ah man I’m I’m like a really aggressive guy so maybe uh a choke is cool but I I want to beat you up a little bit first like last time I didn’t get to land a a sufficient amount of uh I didn’t get to punish him enough before I got the choke you know what I’m saying he gave up his back too easily you know what I’m saying I would have likeed to I would have like to you know you know maybe a couple more elbows you know what I’m saying do something to just make his life a little bit more miserable then you can give me your back like as soon as I got him in position to beat him up he just turned over I was like bro what don’t turn over yet does it also depend on who you’re fighting right does it ever depend on who you’re fighting like if it’s a really good Striker it feels better to knock him out if it’s somebody who’s a really good Grappler then there’s more satisfaction in choking him does that matter at all um no no I guess like uh in in uh like in my head yeah I guess like it would be just to kind of like um you know big dick him a little bit you know what I’m saying just be like yeah what’s up you know what I’m saying I’m you think you’re a Grappler well I just choked you out you know what I’m saying or you think you’re a striker I just knocked you out but um really like you know just uh violence in general you know what I’m saying just uh and then like uh yeah if it is a submission I prefer for to be some kind of choke you know what I’m saying because if we’re fighting to the death you know what I’m saying if I broke your arm that would definitely help me out but that wouldn’t stop the fight you know what I’m saying we could we would still you could still fight me with one arm you know what I’m saying but if I get your neck then it’s a wrap you know what I’m saying if I knock you out it’s a wrap you know what I’m saying so um that’s that’s how I like to get the the the finishes that are really finishers you know what I mean yeah those chokes it’s so funny the other day in class I’m sure Brian you’ve been grappling for a long long time whether it’s yourself or other guys in class the goal you know we’re we’re looking to either get the limb about the snap where once in a while maybe you get a tweak if you wait too long and otherwise sometimes either you or your partner gets put to sleep it has happened I’m sure you’ve seen it happen right it’s happened to me it’s happened to me 100% happened to me also right not that big a deal now look I been dude I’ve been doing this 30 years all right the other day in class now normally what happens Brian you know turn them over lift up the legs maybe pat their face make sure they’re not bite their dog yeah they come they come right too yeah yes yeah listen guys the other the other day I could say it because he’s fine now you know I felt almost a little guilty because we were doing a little thing where if there’s like under 20 people we do like eight on eight or 10 on 10 I do a little I pair it up where I do a battle royale they start from their knees one team submit the other team it’s pretty fun you can’t do any leg locks so you got three guys on one and so anyway it’s like a war it’s like a battlefield if you could picture this right that’s going on they like it it’s like little kids they have fun yeah so I turn over my big guy gor one my black belts he reminds me of Kung Fu Panda because he’s like big and but he’s uh he was m m we got a problem so I see my other buddy Sayed another big powerful guy a blue belt but like a former wrestler belly down I thought he maybe hurt his arm because he’s like this dude he’s shaking he’s out this guy’s panicking I go do I turn him over he comes So eventually I get over there he’s lifted his legs I get over there real quick his eyes I don’t know how long he was at I got a little nervous right his eyes were open he’s looking at him he’s biting his thing his teeth his made mouthpiece so I made sure his tongue’s good smack him on the face hey yeah you know are you good Sayed you’re all right look at me we I slept over last night I like to make a joke yeah it’s almost like he’s very strong he graes my wrist eyes open still it was almost like a zombie he’s like I holy I got my kneon belly Brian I thought I was have to start throwing some I don’t it was scary eventually he came too but it was the longest it ever took totally fine afterwards I made him but holy did it scare me but anyway chokes are great chokes are amazing Jimmy if that was you on top you would have got scared have you guys ever have either of you ever seen some somebody get choked out where I mean it’s obviously always okay but where it was a lot worse than that even have you ever seen that happen in the gym before no I haven’t no no um that that actually um like Matt said if like that actually happened then like until they started acting normal I’d be like oh uh oh a little like uh oh that think probably the thing that scared me the most in the gym I I teach I coach kids class um and uh the one kid he was he was talking about now this is this is a bigger kid you know what I’m saying um and he was talking about he had like a crink in his neck or something like that and so I’m messing around with him I’m like okay come over I’m gon fix it so I grabbed him by his head and I guess you know you do this with lighter kids all the time and I just picked him up by his head and when you do with lighter kids it’s like nothing like they’re like oh it hurts it hurts and you put them down whatever you know what I’m saying you play with them when I picked him up by his head his neck went like and I like put him down immediately and then he went he was acting crazy he was like oh I’m dizzy oh no I can’t walk I was like I was like I was like I can’t believe I just my life is over oh my God then what happened yeah he was totally fine like five literally like five seconds later like he was like running around like nothing ever happened but I was like then afterwards all the other kids are like do that to me too I was like no like dude get away from you little monsters dude it scares you man something but it’s not but at the end of the day as far as the chokes man because if you’re doing the strangles the chokes correctly it’s not it’s not an air thing it’s a blood so unless he’s got that on for like a over a minute like it’s ridiculous usually you’re catching it right away yeah but because I was looking the other way I’m like hey dude I hope big Kung Fu Panda gourd wasn’t strangling this guy for five minutes it was a battlefield where a lot of guys all attacking each other is pretty cool it just just caught up in the moment just like squeezing for squeeze it for his life y it’s and then I find out the gu’s this like the third time second third time it happened to the guy I go dude you gotta stop waiting till the last second man in that case yeah it’s your fault it’s like bro just tap you know like how many times you got to go to sleep you know what I’m saying it’s always like these big strong guys because with the choke it doesn’t really hurt so they’re like ah I could take it yeah but we we we’re taking away your blood that’s going to the the neck to the brain so that’s what you know they can take the pain but not that’s that’s that’s not what’s putting them to sleep the pain well lack of blood to brain is uh some of the times I’ve gone to asleep I feel like um I don’t know if it’s just the the fact that you’re falling asleep but um I always feel like right before I go to sleep I’m about to get out like I feel like I’m struggling I’m struggling I’m and I’m like all right I’m getting out and then that’s how it is that’s how it is because you that you’re not you don’t want to quit and you’re like if I could just get out of this this person’s screwed and next thing you know you’re waking up you know I was Jimmy’s like I don’t gotta worry about that Jimmy no I was I was put to sleep for the first time uh recently Mike uh was showing me something and I wasn’t even trying to get out of it he was just showing something with with a role but it didn’t hurt I just it was a lot of pressure but it wasn’t painful and I was like letting him show me and I just didn’t realize how deep he had it and I knew I had gone out because I I could hear like that that thing you do when you’re out and and I heard it I realized oh it’s me so yeah that was how I knew I went out did what did he say oh he didn’t I was like oh I think I went out just give me a second and it took like five seconds to get back to normal and it was fine is it is it true you woke up with an erection I went no that’s what I started with it went away when I got choked out oh okay I’m sorry Brian only because he’s got you know it’s Jimmy yeah Brio we’re excited to see you again man yeah excited to be to you guys again this is it’s always like you said it’s always a good sign if I’m talking to you guys that means something got to happen you know what I mean hey Bri you were really uh your first fight was really a 240 yes sir that’s amazing to me uh what you guys do with your bodies as far as cutting weight is always amazing to me but what got you down and were you heavier than normal then or is that your normal walking around weight when I first started uh Mr Jim when I first walked into the gym I was um I was 21 with no prior Combat Sports Experience and I was about 300 pounds and so that was that was when I first walked in I um and then you know leading up to that amateur debut like just I just thought heavyweight you know what I’m saying I just there I didn’t think it I thought maybe maybe if I worked really hard I could do um light heavyweight but you know I played lyan in high school so I didn’t really have any problem I was used to dealing with big bodies so um yeah I just thought I was a heavyweight uh I lost a bunch of weight just from the training like I didn’t changed my diet at all I was still drinking all the time you know what I’m saying but um I got down to 240 uh and now yeah um that fight happened and then I got you know it’s my first amateur fight you know I’m excited everyone’s excited you know I mean you know working hard uh get knocked out in the first round and there after that I’m sitting there I was like you know maybe maybe maybe I should try you know changing my diet a little bit let me see what um let me see how low I can get and then now you know fast forward however many years now we’re at 170 it really is crazy it’s it’s it’s crazy yeah like it’s not like you dropped down to 205 or 185 I mean to fight at 170 and that’s your comfortable fighting weight um when did you like what what got you what process got you to like realizing hey this is where I’m comfortable because you must have hit other divisions on the way down right yeah no I hit all the div I hit every division on the way down light heavyweight uh I want to say I’m I’m no I’m not undefeated at light heavyweight I I lost my last amateur fight by split decision at light heavyweight that that was the hometown guy I should have won that fight you know what I’m saying but uh I then yeah then 185 uh but so I won The Ultimate Fighter 185 and at that period of time I thought 185 was my Division I didn’t think there was any chance and I felt good with my frame at 185 I thought I had a world championship frame at 185 uh but then when I went to go fight Tre Shawn um after after the show I just had more resources I could train more and once again it wasn’t even like I was dieting to get down I just my body started just shedding more weight just because of the extra I was able to do in the intensity of that training um and so it was it was twofold when I thought trean I didn’t really have to cut much weight like I just kind of ended up just from doing my regular workouts getting down to um 185 and then two U shot was on that card with me and we were in like the same area of the hotel and so every time I’m walking I walk around I’m seeing shav cot all the time and I’m like yo me and this dude we’re the same size you know what I mean like I’m I’m looking at this guy I’m like I was like we’re looking eye to eye I’m like and he’s you know even though he’s not as big of a deal as he is now like he was still like a hot Prospect back then yeah and I’m looking at him I’m like all right this is what the top of the division looks like at welterweight I guess I need to go and I felt like I could make it so after that fight with Tran I did a test cut and I told my agent I was like yo I need to I need to fight at welterweight and so it it is a little bit harder get a little bit it’s it’s harder get to welterweight but um you know this is this is my path to the top you know what I mean yeah I mean it’s going swimmingly you only lost one out of the last uh what am I reading here uh since you turned over this well I mean in the last went to way only one since 2019 I didn’t I didn’t lose time at a time you know what I mean what’s strange is though you know why that’s the reason though you you were sizing these other guys up saying all right look shav cot’s around My Size because I’m looking it’s not like usually you’re having trouble in the one division you go down you were winning you know it’s not like you something was broke and you you’re trying to fix it you everything’s going great and then you’re saying hey it might even go even better if I I’m a little he if I’m the heaviest in division right it it was you know and uh you know I know there’s a lot of um it was partially the sizing them up but it was also partially uh the E the ease in which I made middleweight was a little unsettling to me you know it felt like I was kind of cheating a little bit um there something there’s something to me you know I know cut weight weight cutting is you know kind of a controversial there’s different opinions on it to me when I’m getting ready to go to war um that that that process of cutting weight is a little spiritual you know what I’m saying it does something for me getting ready for the fight you know to to be able to get through the weight cut to be able to you know go through that uncomfort you know um and so that was also also a big part of it like so it’s either I would have had to lift weights to gain weight to stay at middleweight or it was like go down to welterweight but um that was a big part of it too I didn’t like how easy I was making it I didn’t have to go through any uncomfort to make middleweight anymore you know uh let let me ask you I’m sure you uh I’m sure you see it maybe you didn’t but Michael Venom page MVP did you watch his fight the other night with Kevin come on those both are potential matchups for you I can see you fighting either one of those guys what do you uh sign him up sign him up what do you what do you think of there’s there’s mixed reactions about his um about that fight and about his debut what did you think of him um was so I thought he looked good you know what I’m saying like you know you got I thought he looked good um honestly didn’t do a whole lot you know what I’m saying was do it the actual stuff that he scored with there wasn’t like he was throwing like you know did did he ever land 20 strikes in a round I don’t even think he ever landed 20 strikes in a round so it wasn’t like he was doing a ton yeah he was doing a lot without doing a lot you know what I mean yeah um and I think uh Kevin just got mesmerized right off the rip like you know what I’m saying I think he got sucked into that game right off the rip he was just chasing him he was cutting him off properly he wasn’t fainting enough he wasn’t making MVP uncomfortable he was swinging from out of range he was letting MVP just come in he was letting MVP just come in whenever he wanted to anytime MVP wanted to throw that right hand it was Landing so um now with that being said you know Kevin Kevin’s he’s a really good fighter so you know MVP doing that you know good for him that’s that’s you know MVP’s been doing that for a long time but um uh I think it’s even though people people compare them I don’t think they fight that similarly but um I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of I’ve trained a lot with Wonderboy because he does he lives about two hours away from me so I’ve driven up to his gym a couple times so um I do have I I know that if you’re fighting someone like that you need that look you’re trying to figure that out on the Fly that’s it’s not gonna happen like if you haven’t sparred with someone like MVP and you get into the cage with him in front of all the cameras and all the people there’s no way you’re G to be able to figure out that timing and how to deal with that on the Fly you need someone to give you that look in Camp so you can kind of you know not necessarily like cuz you know no one fights exactly the same but just so you have a general understanding of like what to do how to defend yourself you know how to play that game a little bit and Kevin Holland just looked like he didn’t do his uh his homework he looked like he was coming in there to fight you know a regular styled fighter not someone as unorthodox as MVP so uh yeah know I had a lot of thoughts on that fight you know what I mean have you ever had that have you ever been in the cage with someone where you’re like this guy’s really hard to figure out and I’m curious like with a guy like Holland who is such a good fighter and a dynamic Striker how long does it take you to realize like all right this is a problem like is it the first minute where you’re feeling somebody out or or do you know immediately or is it by the end of the first round what what what has it been for you um I will say I’ve never been like when it’s actually fight night I haven’t had anyone that I had a hard time F there’s there’s been people where I’m wondering why they aren’t doing more you know like it’s like um or people who are they’re frustrating me because they’re not doing what I want them to do but um in the training room um yeah like probably Wonderboy and Sean Strickland were the most confusing people I ever worked with um because they they just have very unique Styles and um and uh if you try to fight them like you fight a regular person you know what I’m saying it’s just not going to work you have to adjust what you’re doing to um accommodate to their style and once again if you let if you let someone like that who has an unorthodox style dictate the pace and the timing and the range and you’re never you’re not gonna touch them because they they they got a they got a whole system they got a whole game and you’re stuck in it you don’t even know you’re stuck in it but you’re stuck in it so I would probably say you know when all else fails just start trying to change and the Cadence and the timing and whatnot but um yeah there someone like MVP will me Mesmerize you you know like someone like Wonder Boy they’ll Mesmerize you so um even Sean strickman Sean strickman it it’ll Mesmerize you because it’s just different and then you freeze you’re like thinking too much once you start having to think yeah like you shouldn’t have to be like thinking heavy duty while you’re fighting you know what I mean 100% you have to have somebody mimicking somebody has to be mimicking for at least two months or more that look you know what I mean I’m lucky was gonna fight George the first time it got postponed so not so when I started Camp it’s almost like I did TW I just kept going having the same look the same kicks thrown at me that he would throw that and and I remember just in the fight being like oh wow I’ve seen this before you know what I mean yeah more you get used to that so if you’re getting used to that that night man especially That Bouncy hands down style you trying to get the timing down on that you got to you don’t to bring in Wonder Boy but I mean that’d be great if you you could you should but like the average people find some good karate guys they don’t got to do MMA do straight up spiking with them try to time them they Dart in they dart out the MVP didn’t land a ton of strikes but dude he darted in with some nice elbows and some it’s very it’s like how do you not see that coming it’s the timing on it so that’s what that point Cate is so the see that used is very cool like the see that used in because you don’t see a many guys doing it there’s wonder you know Wonder Boy and and MVP but not many well and what was nice where he was doing too is like he was darting in and out but he was doing like subtle faints too you know what I’m saying like just a just a little something to get Kevin to react and then top of it it was just like yeah know it’s definitely if I if I ever fought MVP we’d be face to face the whole time I like you want space you ain’t getting that big dog yeah and that style of bouncing that he does and the one it seems exhausting like that just seems like an exhausting uh it’s just that constant bouncy movement seems awful it’s it it would be it but I mean that’s what he does and so if he’s able to fight the way he wants to fight like if you’re not really pushing him there’s no way he’s gonna get tired yeah now pushing him now he has to move more you know what I’m saying if he has to throw more like if he’s throwing nine times round like if he’s Landing nine 10 punches you know 15 strikes round he could do that all day you know what I mean especially with the break and between each round but if you’re pushing him and making him uncomfortable that’s when you’ll start to see the cracks in the that’s when you’ll start to see maybe he starts getting flat footed you know what I’m saying maybe that bounce isn’t the same but um it’s like if you you know stay at range and you try to play that In-N-Out game with them hey good luck brother good luck hey man all I know is I I’m not I wasn’t known for my footwork but I don’t want to learn how to fight when it’s got to be cardio day every fighting day that’s exhausting I can’t picture it’s like jumping on the rope for 15 minutes you got to be on your feet first of all I look weird doing it I actually like like a like a stocky little girthy penis right now sorry but I can Ben you I’m happy Brian I’m happy that my friend Jimmy chose Jiu-Jitsu to get into yeah I think it was either that or Point karate and I couldn’t picture my little Jimmy bouncing stands down on a subway platform I don’t think I think he’d get up I think I think I think it’s better for everybody involved all the parties involved that’s right Bri Jim a little Muay TI too I like Muay TI just because if you’re gonna have to throw a punch you at least want to have some practice throwing a punch and we focus a lot on closing the distance even more than in Jiu-Jitsu it’s it’s a lot about getting single legs or double legs so just getting to the Jiu-Jitsu cuz if you only know how to Grapple and some guy is punching you in the face you got to be able to get a hold of them or or at least defend yourself standing too I tell you uh one of my one of my favorite things ever and and as far as like you know com talking just Combat Sports one of my favorite things ever is um mixing it with when you’re going with just uh the Jiu-Jitsu people that’s just the people who train jiu jit they train j-j every day they train multiple times a day you know what I’m roll with them and just Jiu-Jitsu you know what I’m saying you’re fighting for your life they’re doing things like you know they’re like little spider monkeys like it’s crazy but when you get to throw a punch at them H oh my God that is you know they’re going for some goofy you know leg inverted position and you can just punch them in the face and then you see the shock on their face like who just happened that’s oh my goodness and then they stop going for the submission it’s like yes yeah that’s what I all right Brian our next guest is in the waiting room let’s plug the fight properly um uh let me I want to make sure I I get the uh the name right uh anj Losa I always say his name wrong is it Angel Losa I think he the way I’ve heard other people say it and I don’t I think it’s an Los an Los okay you might be right uh I heard buffer say it but I never know if buffer is 100% right he just says it with confidence um all right so I guess anelos this Saturday uh are you guys the co-main or are you the main uh the featured vout co- awesome yeah TW Vasa Mar tybor great fight I mean twe Vasa never sucks to watch him fight always fun I’m trying to I’m trying to see him after the fight I’m trying that’s what I want to watch his fight but what I want to see what he’s doing after the fight more you know I could definitely see you guys at a at a club listen Brian would you do a shoy that’s the last question I’m gonna ask you Not only would I do a shoe I’ve already done a shoe with vul when I was on the show out of my shoes you know what I’m saying hardcore bro that’s why you belong in a cage Brian battle hey man always good to have you on dude good talking to you off uh but next time I talk um I need to hear some crazy because Chris Wyman he’s over in my neck of the woods now I see him at the conditioning place I need some embarrassing stories about Chris wman from back in the day try I’ll try to think something brother for sure he’s great guy though I love Chris no he’s awesome yeah Brian man listen man we love watching you fight we’ll be watching this weekend all right all right I look you guys again you know what I’m saying take care Brian talk to you soon take care Brian all our [Music] best uh 4:00 Eastern is the pre and the main card starts at 7:00 that’s in vague I love those early fights cuz you know you don’t have to be up to 1:00 in the morning you know Jesus in the circuit Jesus um I’m sorry Jesus tro no uh but we’ve talked to him before let’s bring in Jesus sorry that’s right it’s yeah sure I know he’s based out of LA and um I do love what I’m not sure if we met in person or just on here how are you sir hello good morning how are you guys good good good to see you guys again you too buddy um you’re on the road a little I love what other Comics are into uh UFC but what is what’s worse like last Saturday I wanted to watch the OM Ali fight uh but I got a gig and it just sucks when you when UFC doesn’t work around your schedule on a Saturday night which is every time right it’s like you’re in a green room trying to catch whatever you can before you go on stage and then you’re like all right I guess I want to see the Highlight re there’s spoilers online yeah do you avoid like I’ll avoid Instagram I’m I usually go home right away and I’ll watch on the app and and I’ll avoid every bit of social media and go right back to the hotel and watch I have to you know it’s because it’s like a little treat you know it’s like you kind of see the buildup towards it and then after that I’m like I’m out I can’t see anything I want to see it like on the app I want to see it fresh I want to see the whole thing so it’s kind of a little treat you know what do you he you told us before what do you try again did you train do you train yes no I mean I took karate as a kid I just got orange belt which is you know a perfect attendance really I mean that was it you never you never got the urge to try some Jiu-Jitsu class I did I actually got the a chance to train over at uh torren headquarters the the Gracie headquarters uh so so I went there for a little bit and um you know I I wish I could have stuck with it you know it’s like going on the road and this kind of thing but you know I was really excited they have a lot of great instructors over there man they um yeah it’s some really good stuff I got to like a a second stripe white belt I just got to get back to it I I I love the sport so much but you know it does require quite a bit of time a second straight white belt that means you were you put some time in on the mat like at least six months no yeah yeah so a better part of a year as much as I could but man it’s it’s it’s so tough I mean it’s like you come to find out that it really is a game of Leverage I mean you see somebody who so small can just you know just get that forarm in here you’re like all right lights out good night oh yeah oh yeah I it’s so great man I tght some escape and crossy today into armlocks it’s so much fun as you get older I feel it’s it’s one of the most way fun ways to stay in shape you know I hate those cardio machines and not to try to really to really hype hype you up to get back in but are your friend here Jimmy um our friend he started Jiu-Jitsu and he’s addicted to it now yeah it I I love it man but I it’s funny I got my second stripe and then in the wash that night it came off so I still have one stripe and I’m like I guess you know what I wasn’t I didn’t deserve it the universe said no you’re not keep it at second second stripe uh yeah I really do like I only go twice a week for Jiu-Jitsu and twice for Muay Thai I try to do four days a week um but yeah it’s like I’m I still got fatter because I can’t stop eating but if you eat healthy it’s it’s the best exercise I’ve ever done it’s great I say muai is is is very special too I actually took that when I was in uh in high school and they was from master omry um you know he used to have one of the first Cambodian ran um uh gyms here in Long Beach off of Anaheim and I used to go there after school my dad you know put me there just to kind of keep me out of trouble and give me something to do but I I I learned a ton man and just like the Striking the kicking um you know I I never had any Proficiency in it but just seeing the guys who had a masterful command of like kicking and you know blocking and that kind of thing it was just it was really cool to watch yeah I throw kicks sometimes and and you know when you watch someone throw a beautiful effortless kick and it just looks like it picks up momentum like a bat and then I throw mine like some like some old lady sh away a masher and I’m like oh this is not easy yeah to me it was So Graceful to like like so masterful to see like when someone would throw a muai kick when it the leg would go up and then it kind of cave down and come back and then go back into the stance it’s like when you see it done perfectly you’re like man there there is no way man like yeah some of those guys in there would do this thing where they would put on their shins it was kind of this like this uh green bomb that what they would put and they would do with the thing with the sticks to kind of build calluses or whatever I was like that’s next level you know that’s dedication oh that Thailand that that that tie boxing is brutal man you know and the way they they develop those the the the their Shin sometimes they kick the uh the trees and like that I get every it’s one of my biggest fears even before it happened in the UFC you’ve seen those you know what happened to Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva you’ve seen that in kickboxing before I’ve seen it and it always made me a little weary of throwing those kicks you know because you could you if you hit somebody yeah you could hurt them but man what if you just kick their knee I mean I’ve kicked the guy’s uh elbow before help like this ah head and I had shin guards on dude I had a good Poker Face on inside inside I was crying yeah it doesn’t feel good at all so Asus when did when you let me ask you like in high school in in in or how early of an age were you making people laugh when did you realize hey man I have a gift I a from a very young age I was trying to avoid ass whoopings you know so that was my kind of my martial arts you know I was trying to make them laugh to make them forget that they wanted to whoop my ass and then uh then later it was like I’m going to get this ass whooping anyway so I might as well like hurt their feelings in the process that’s right yeah but yeah I I I think it starts on the schoolyard you know you find out you’re silly you know making my parents laugh I think was kind of the first thing it’s like okay you know kind of cheering up my folks and then it just kind of yeah you get the bug it never goes away did you start at an open mic or did you look up and go I’m gonna go to this how how does that work how did you do that yeah the first spot I ever went to was actually here in Long Beach it was a pretty rough bar uh I was uh I was 20 at the time I was I wasn’t even supposed to be there but I managed to get my way in there and they gave me three minutes of stage time and I um I mean I bombed pretty hard I mean it took less than three minutes to to really get a good bomb going you know yeah did you go up there with some ammunition did you have a bit written out did you say I have something I rehearsed you didn’t go yeah well I I I thought I went up there with ammunition turns out it just Hollows you know I mean it was nothing and um you know you kind of learn you know you it’s a brutal kind of Awakening of of like oh man it takes so much and um you know it took me a whole year to get back on stage that was like the first time I ever went up and then after that I you know told myself that there was an order I I had no idea I went straight to the semi booked kind of Open Mic kind of booked show and I what I should have been doing is going straight to coffee shops they have some open mics around town and that’s kind of where I went and then I started at The Comedy Store so my my my real journey started at The Comedy Store I parked cars I was a door guy for a few years I cleaned toilets during the day just so I can get those three minutes of stage time which to me was a good deal my dad was like you’re an idiot like really no it it is though and it’s weird like those old those bombs as as weird things like hearing my voice over a microphone projected back at me through a speaker I didn’t know how to to to Grapple with or like things that made my friends laugh I’m like oh yeah I have no relationship with these people like they’re strangers it really was jarring the first time I heard myself and I heard my words coming back at me and not a lot of laughs I was like oh this is harder than I thought Jim did you ever work at a comedy club or or anything like that coming up no I uh I had day jobs forklift warehouse work but I never worked in a club um the way I got a lot of work is I’m sober I got sober when I was 18 so as I got funnier in the first couple years I would drive head liners to gigs because they would have me MC on the road and they wanted to get up and they knew I was a ride home so because I had a car and because I was a safe like sober driver guys would use me on the road because they knew that they could get as drunk as they want without a problem so that that was that was kind of like my equivalent uh of doing that was the fact that I drove and was sober oh that’s so cool I didn’t know that yeah but it it helped a lot you get a lot of Road experience that way and a lot of uh you know back this is like 1990 91 it was a lot of dance floors um and just just shitty places that weren’t clubs and B you need those bombs though you need them it’s like being in the gym and getting tapped or choked you need it uh if you just go out and win the first time you’re gonna get a false sense of security yeah is there like a a rhythm or a kind of a like this is how you start in in in the Mixed Martial Arts World Matt like like like do you find that there’s this kind of like hey like a lot of guys started working at a gym you know cleaning and kind of getting this I don’t know like AG time equivalent like fighting with guys like does that exist uh you I don’t know every listen my thing is with that I’ve I’ve always as far as with the fighters done everything very organically myself and Ray Longo Ray Longo runs a straight we have two different schools he’s got a straight MMA school called Lore MMA that’s in Garden City uh which is around like I don’t know whatever like 30 minutes or so from mine I have a school in hunting I have a J Jitsu school that offers Muay Thai we got some Fighters that come out of there organically we put it together the fighters come over to my school they do Jiu-Jitsu but his school straight out of like Rocky three you walk in there there’s a guy in a towel there’s a just I’m not saying it’s grimy it’s it’s but that’s a fight as G I don’t I don’t know what they do as far as with that with me I got a couple of guys that um uh Tommy G janiro young kid he’s got you know he’s a great coach a former wrestler he to do this so I have him he’s working for me teaches classes and you know so I work with him I work with a couple of guys but I’m sure everybody’s got their own different thing you know yeah for me it’s got to be it’s got to be organic I never once had a contract with any kind of fighter or did anything with that I I just you know I teach Jiu-Jitsu first and foremost I teach everyday people and if I get involved with the fighters again it’s organically but I’m sure America top teams got a whole they got bunk bed they got a whole program where guys go there and they could stay there I see I saw I mean you know I’m I’m not a super team though so I don’t know you know nice yeah did you watch the fights over the weekend with sha oiley and Cheeto Vera yeah the rematch I mean that like what a like nuts I mean it’s so crazy to see you know them go into like you know two-thirds of the second round and you know it’s so nuts I mean I mean did you guys want to see the rematch is is that something you guys we’re looking forward to I I didn’t mind it uh I thought Mor Rob deserved the fight the first shot because he’s uh number one and he’s beaten he’s just such a a nightmare for people but I got why they gave it to to to veto it’s a big fight it’s the one loss on om Ali’s record people say well what if what so I kind of understood why they gave it to Cheeto um and he deserves it I mean again he’s such a good fighter and he’s adorable and he’s very very tough um but that yeah I mean that really Al looked amazing and amazing yeah he really he really did sh of M was very just so accurate and it did feel like it’s almost like all right that fight ended weird when you fought him first he did kick you it did hurt your leg but it’s you got to give it to him he said look man if I fight him again it’s not gonna be competitive and this was a pretty one-sided fight so I’m not I I agree that I feel that Cheeto won the first fight but I’m not gonna say it’s a fluke because no people use that with me when in the titles I a say that word but uh you know I think that Sean did show that right now at least the other night he was a far superior fighter you know Striker I was really impressed with Peter Yan the other night I thought Peter Yan for a a very young confident talented skilled uh s y Dong Song yeah yeah I thought that was a a confident confident opponent and I thought Peter Yan just answered the call dude he came back after a tough round one and he just started blending in like well-timed takedowns and it was just what a night Dustin that was some night man night of fights yeah a lot of great fights I feel like I don’t know I feel like I’m a little obsessed with with with Vera you know he’s just such an amazing uh fighter I mean I I mean that’s that’s one tough dude man he could take I mean punishment and it reminds me of this like Mexican boxer St like always moving forward it’s like I mean yeah it is what it is but man that that’s a tough tough tough guy man and he he didn’t one thing he didn’t do was like CU a lot of times he was known like the first round a lot of times he almost he’s just you know what getting timing down and they a lot of times he starts slow Cheeto um and they they kept saying he’s not making this dirty enough like you can’t just let Ali stay at the distance that he’s comfortable at and and snipe you like he’ll do that for he’s devastating and and he should have he mixed it up and he got in and made it dirty he hurt om Ali so I I I wish he had done more of that and get earlier easier said than done but I I wish he had done more of that I think he would have had a much better shot in that fight what is it Al has a has a bigger reach than Vera yeah like what is it reach 72 and I don’t know what the difference is but he just fights long like you know what I mean he always seems like he’s out of range or he’s difficult uh to get close to his movement is so good um but yeah I wish Cheeto would have like they said made that a little bit dirtier I think he would have had a bit more because he hurt him when he hit him I mean he definitely hurt him Ally um have you sure have you been to to the fights live uh once I I went to once at Madison Square Garden and it’s it’s a whole another Beast man I I really want to go again but that one was uh that was amazing actually I I I got to tag along because ber kryer went oh you went with bird oh okay yeah I went with bird and that that was like like going backstage seeing all the fighters I I was the geeky dude in the back waving at the fighters 6 fo three Mexican you know waving at they’re all nice guys too I’ve noticed of all the athletes I’ve interviewed the uh MMA fighters uh are just the most down toe guys and again it’s probably because they’re getting submitted in in the gym constantly and and there’s there’s that balance that keeps them humble but whatever it is that they are by far the nicest athletes I’ve interviewed that’s uh that’s for like whenever you meet a a fighter of any discipline they usually are you’re right the most absolute sweetest people and I think uh yeah it’s like thank God they’re sweet because if not it’s like oh you know but I I I do find that it’s like a all the fighters I mean are are very sweet people Matt is there is there something to that well the thing is I think is if somebody’s been in the game long enough like Jimmy said and you guys you both trained Jiu-Jitsu that alone will humble you now you piure a guy who’s been in especially the UFC long enough they’ve everyone usually has at least one loss if not more so if they have several losses all the G when somebody’s undefeated and they never felt a loss they got all the Applause and the spotlight it’s great when you picture the exact opposite where you’re embarrassed in front of everybody that and you know everybody’s seen you at your worst whether it’s a spinning back fist you’re on all four these are the couple things that happened to me there’s things that it’s just it’s embarrassing and it’s like it just it’s going to Humble you and and you know there’s guys that never lost next you know there’s a meme of them with their eyes open and it’s like it just it’s shows you how V vulnerable you are and how quickly things could change so I don’t know I think this this there so you know this game will humble you if it if you don’t come in Humble you usually leave humble what I’ve noticed unless you’re just a dick you know sometimes guys are just not you know they’re not my type of guy uh and hey Seuss before our show is ending but I want to promote your gigs of course uh you’re in Long Beach I’ve never done this room the uh the Laugh Factory in Long Beach uh tomorrow night uh Thursday and then the 15th 16th coming up The Comedy cabin in uh is that Jamesville Wisconsin that’s right yeah James Wisconsin I got uh got some shows up there it be Friday and Saturday three shows total then I’m in a house comedy in Detroit Detroit and I’m in uh after that I’m going to be at Charlotte Comedy Zone and then Greenville and then first week of April I’m going to be at 10pm prop so uh jesus.com check out all the upcoming shows get some tickets and uh let’s have a good time yeah you’re very funny comic man um and it’s good talking to you again thanks for coming on and would love to have you again thank you so much for having me take care you guys all right have good shows brother that’s great man yes sir yeah I’m nice guy so Jimmy you know we’re gonna plug the fight this weekend sure I just closed the window so you know I told you about my day yesterday so after I taught today I took a little nap because I had I knew well I got my car has some car problems right I’m dropping it off I so my bud he does everything for me my buddy I’m G his name is Johnny single right good guy so Johnny he does he has a play Karma Auto concierge how do you I don’t know it’s weird c n c i concierge concierge okay he only has one leg though sorry to hear that well we call him s he used to like the single like back in you know what I’m so Johnny single is a good man he owns he’s he has that that uh Karma Auto cust so um he takes care of everything with me when I want a new car so my one car I’m getting out of I got they’re fixing an engine on it they’re fixing something on it they he tells me look just and he’s a great guy go to this place go to the dealership drop it off under the awning tell the guy Tom’s expecting you all right Jimmy so I don’t so I just do what he listen I’m gonna do that I’m G to drop it off I jump it in Uber I come home because I got my wife’s car it’s a perfect time for me to get this thing fixed all right sure I dropped the thing off dude now Jimmy this I don’t like dealing with people this is the thing I just try to be nice I’m all I’m doing is my buddy Johnny sing told me I pull the thing up pull it under the awning okay there the awning sure D on the boulevard I get out that the guy like almost like a valley comes over I give him the thing I oh yeah I go is this Tom here he goes he goes oh yeah Tom’s inside okay um maybe I should talk to him my my buddy my buddy Johnny called up I supposed to dropped the car here off should I let him know that it’s here he’s like yeah you should tell him the guy so he waves to the guy through the window the guy peeks his head out and he’s a big fat guy I don’t he’s a nice fat guy it’s one thing but listen sure Jolly he’s like you know can I help you I go yeah I go uh my buddy Johnny I said his last name he he told me um I’m mad I I supposed to drop my my car off here it’s supposed to get work done uh Johnny was supposed to call you and he D Jimmy look at this right he’s just looking at me and now now now I’m a little uncomfortable I go am I in the right place I go is this I said the address he goes you know it’s the right place he goes what’s the problem I go with the car I go well the engine lights on I go did you get a phone call am I not supposed to be here and he goes give me a second and he goes inside now hey dude first of all I’m trying to I’m being I’m being a nice I’m a nice guy yeah I’m being a nice guy don’t make me not be a nice guy you fat CW all right Jimmy so I’m still calm I text him I go hey dude does this fat C is he expecting me or no I go to go is this guy expecting me this what I said to him I go he’s a he’s acting like a fat C I say the c word because it’s a sure yeah kogin yes so he goes he goes the guy’s miserable he texted me back he goes so he’s he goes look I go I go in the guy’s not the guy’s on the phone like yeah you know you’re texting me I didn’t think it’d be down here and there you know I only got I go you know what I walk back out I I ordered an Uber I go Johnny I got four minutes to the Uber gets in here I’m gonna leave the car here I go I’m not gonna go back inside I go back inside I don’t I’m not gonna get along I don’t think it’s gonna go well he goes get in the Uber get the out of it I do Jimmy the guy was a I don’t know how this guy I almost wanted to go back inside to go hey dude how do you get any business you definitely don’t get repeat business you fat because I’m being nice to you you’re acting like a that’s what I wanted to say to him but there was something in me that said Matt I don’t I didn’t say Matt I don’t I don’t third person thing yeah sweet potato you call yourself sweet potato Jimmy I I didn’t do that but I said to myself I you know what nothing there’s nothing good right nothing’s good is if I walk back inside there nothing Good’s gonna come out of let me get let me get out of here so I’m out of there I’m home Jimmy an hour this happened an hour before the podcast you wanted you wanted to go in there and and just tell him what a fat douchebag he is I just wanted to tell him like I I wanted to say dude I don’t know how you I don’t know how you have any business here that’s how you deal with customers I I I’m asking you you’re just staring at me I’m asking you Qui you out of your mind you f he bigger than you though right Jimmy Jimmy I couldn’t Pi I’m glad you chose Jiu-Jitsu because that point Jiu-Jitsu sty if I saw you hopp it up and down on a platform I would get in the middle like and I would say Jimmy don’t do it don’t you do it I think you do a sidekick you might fall right down I don’t you take a while to get good at that meanwhile now you’re learning how to close the distance and strangle people yeah all right let’s plug this weekend’s fights yes pick a couple picks because I’m beating you in the pcks this you are but I did gain two fights I gained two not all you T Vasa against Mar looking good Jimmy you lost some weight Jimmy I’m not bad shaming you Jimmy no you’re right though I have weight I lost a little bit but I got fatter because I kept eating Jiu-Jitsu won’t take weight off you if you’re fat if you keep eating um Jimmy yeah but I’m pissing clean M that’s a difference jimy you’re pissing I piss clean I’m pissing dirty pissing dirty listen did iasa vers tyor this four o’clock of the pre this weekend uh Saturday afternoon four o’clock Eastern time is ESPN plus and the main card is 7 o’clock ESPN plus um do you want to do a couple of uh the pl we could do um Joe Rogan and and Kevin James was I was listening to them Kevin James was on The Joe Rogan podcast they were talking about BPS because he tore his biceps and Kevin James brought up me because I look Jimmy look at this arm look at it that’s nice that’s nice I’m not gonna make fun of you it’s nice right look at it I could had two of those but look at this one that’s ugly that’s a well Jimmy no I I could have had two of these so when I heard them talking and they’re like there’s no reason not to get the surgery yeah had two of these somebody’s like Matt I’m like ah come on go back and get get the surgery now can’t you you can’t get it there’s a they were talking about this on the podcast there’s a certain point where you can’t get it done I elected to fight Kelly Delante because I died it down and the fight was in two weeks so the doctor said if you could turn a key it’s not gonna affect you that much and it doesn’t it doesn’t affect me and Jiu-Jitsu it’s ugly look at it there’s nothing there God Adonis not ad well I could tell you got your shot today why would you say well what that’s is mean what I’m not an Adonis you think of Adonis you think of a guy with flowing hair sure perfect guy I’m not I’m not a tall man yeah all right Jimmy let’s talk about the fights again all right battle against Losa is the co-main event um battle battle third round strangle H I am gonna say battle by decision okay um and tuivasa Marin Tor very interesting fight uh let me see what tyor has done his last couple oh you know what I’ll look also then yeah let’s see I was gonna tell you what I I have I already have in mind what I’m saying tyor tyor oh okay yeah he he was knocked out I’m taking tuivasa uh third round stoppage interesting yeah because I’m taking Tabor second round submission okay and because I’m still two fights behind you um I will I have eight wins seven losses you have five wins nine losses I’ll pick an extra fight to try to catch up all right um um and z in Zak kuu uh is that he say and zaku is ky zaku is a very hard name to say but he’s a very very good fighter over over St PR uh I love OSP as you know I’m a big giant left leg body kick fan he kicks a body like nobody in the UFC like a bat I’m still gonna take Kennedy and zaku uh and zaku God damn it always his name is hard the hardest name in the UFC to pronounce hold on boy in Z yeah it’s a very hard name to pronounce I think you did it I think yeah but I always add a syllable um and I really love watching him fight when’s the last let me see let me see let me see his last couple get into a Bronco next I want the height but I don’t want to pay like mortgage getting a car like I don’t the Tahoe and the Escalade like I don’t feel like paying like like 2,000 a month like on a truck I don’t feel like doing that and thatu by second round stoppage J you think I have ad or something Ser if you literally if you thought that they tested me what would don’t Jimmy don’t be first of all don’t be mean I won’t you can use this time to be mean don’t be mean no if they tested me as a friend be be let off air surey honestly if they tested me what would you think I’d be diagnosed as having and a they they would say that you are an ah [Laughter] what do you want to plug Jimmy um comedy mothership is sold out all weekend uh tonight I got a 7 o’clock show with the fat black if you want to see me but uh Austin is sold out so the following week if you want to catch me I will be in Oklahoma City next Friday I will be in Dallas next Saturday and I will be in uh Houston a week from this Sunday I am doing uh those three nights uh and my wife and I have a new podcast up on uh it’s called swordfight that’s the name of the podcast and the fourth episode is up um yes fight I’m confused yeah I’m not that confused but I’m confused I thought it was Nikki and Jim and why that’s the channel but the name of the podcast we had to name the podcast we wanted to name the podcast hold on it’s called sword fight Jimmy sword fight yeah I don’t know how bad Jimmy I know what you mean by that that yes we because we like to joust with ideas Jimmy all right buddy uh and and um oh I did this the other day Houston where no I’m not gonna do it again I was gonna say Houston you’re gonna be in Houston yeah all right what every time I bring up Houston what do you bring up I don’t know come on Jimmy how many of your friends shocked the world God damn it you don’t like to ever give me any shine what I I I mean obviously I mean look the reason I’m going if you want the truth you’re gonna visit the arena where I fought George St Pierre no I have a show Jimmy I love you so much I miss I love you fella I hate that we can’t train this week because I’m traveling I really want to uh back dude when you’re back one of us is jumping on a train to train I would love that yeah all right safe travels and I listen we’ll see we’ll talk uh by next week it’s very exciting bye buddy bye everybody