Champ Alexander Volkanovski shares his motivation. Johnny Walker makes animal friends. Khamzat Chimaev goes hard in S&C.

it’s crazy a lot of people would probably start stressing and like getting a little nervous and all that and I don’t know I think this is just what I live for you know what I mean me having to wait till January was was killing me I was doing my head in so as soon as I got the news I was like all right it’s meant to be let’s get excited and I am if you just come up and he keeps his knee down you’re going to turn the corner so as he come up watch this if he stands up he stands up with that leg as I always say no matter what situation I am I’m going to try and use whatever I can as a positive okay so what do I have I haven’t done a whole 8 to 12 week Camp I go in fresh I’m going to try and use that I’m going to be sharp I’m going to be clear in there no pressure yeah that’s it that’s it so it’s going to be a different Alexander volcanos in there that’s fa he’s going to be a dangerous Alexander volcanos I believe I truly do believe that so uh an excited vog is a pretty dangerous vog so I can’t wait yeah nice everyone’s always asking you know like why do you make decisions like this I’ve always said obviously for my family and that means I can live comfortably and look after these little ones my little princesses for the rest of my life give him uh a good life so that’s what it’s all about to me so easy decision for me mate easy decision for So today we’re in the zoo you get used to the environment the food the bed the water but it just keeps your mind off the you know the fight if you’re if you’ve nothing to do you’re going to be overthinking possibly stressing even though he doesn’t really get stressed ni she’s coming back I don’t like okay relax relax relax it’s just normal like if a normal day today stuff and then you know what’s the point in being a professional fighter as well if you can’t enjoy your surroundings and you know do cool stuff like this bro if he come to bite me I’m going to put my hand inside take his heart out going to going to eat e that eat everything and grab some orles and pull out his these side mounts will come down then I will give the call to my guys to release the Lions such a cool experience and to be close to the wild know bring the wild inside me a little bit out yeah I Feit the Lions my friend I Feit my brothers it’s really nice to do something in the nature before the fight I always like to ground myself this is such a good experience and I really love it this it’s amazing a here we go hello Jerry here CHS a few carrots there J I’m an alpha Mayo Predator we’re going to see who who’s the alpha Mayo October 21st today’s our last workout before the fight and we’re just working on uh 10 second explosives mainly upper body a bit of PS biometrics a little bit some ballistic [Music] movements and just some core work just to keep him always conditioned and very fired up for the for the fight as a top level fighter you have to be prepared for those short notice changes and when the when the change came he wasn’t like stressed or nothing he’s like you know what I’m ready to fight whoever it is and U that’s what makes Hamza you know it’s his mentality is his heart his his his mindset that uh he’ll fight anyone anywhere and that’s how he’s born hard work every day one year being Camp know when I accept the fight a big respect Forman he’s the fighter want I want to fight long time know since I get to the U see he be in champ on for number one so once to go to the cage SM that game man after this fight they’re going to fight for the titles [Music] [Music] for this when I received the call for this call the people invol my coaches my team nobody talked me out of it so I said let’s go you know this is what we live for this is why Fighters fight I get autograph what up he called me he had this look on his face you didn’t even have to tell me who he’s fighting when he gets in that mindset there’s something different about him like he he he is a he is a wrecking machine when he’s in that type of mode and it just shows what Fighters do fighters fighters show up I didn’t even have clean clothes so if I smell I apologize you know my underwear I’ve had out for 4 days I apologize today is going to be crazy much almost like Barcelona versus Real today they play khabib’s team and another khabib is going to take all guys who play very good you know he will win 100% he’s good match but he will win I’m referee I player I goalkeeper I fan I am everything you’re everything yes khib usually Stacks it in his favor so let’s see who he picks and I’ll tell you who’s going to win [Music] say honestly it’s not easy brother in Big Pitch it’s not easy but this is football it’s anything can happen one shoot can change all the game [Applause] conne [Music] communication ta the main price was uh $110,000 US dollars for winning team told you I told it’s not possible to beat guys