UFC 299 Countdown previews a bantamweight title rematch between champion Sean O’Malley and Marlon “Chito” Vera.

Dana White’s Contender Series has become the foremost identifier of upand cominging talent it’s the ultimate job interview a perfect backdrop for Fighters looking to impress UFC president Dana whites as indicated by the signing of phenoms like b nickel huge uppercut Bo nickel with a knockout title Challenger like Myra buenos Sila she’s unbeaten in her last four and she is the betting favorite to win a world title and former champion like Jamal Hill Jamal Hill King of the 205s but UFC bantamweight King sha Ali Blaze the trail he’s good enough and marketable enough to be a household name with dazzling striking display oh what a look Ali trying to tea off big right by Ali devastating knockout power oh that and that is it joh Ali with a huge right hand to the sugar show this is my show and a now globally recognized adding the sugar show liveing in color the walk the Su show but in om Al’s career of highlights and achievements that’ll do it Shi on top of the world there remains one blemish something’s wrong with Al’s leg yep his right leg you got to just hope maybe for Shawn that it’s a nerve issue that could recover oh M Che stop the sh Show in round one welcome to the Cheeto show show B okay we all humans right there’s no likes there’s no comments when you in the fight in the summer of 2020 Al’s Ascent was interrupted by Marlon Cheto Vera don’t be now say it again say it one whose extensive and violent decade long tenure with the [Music] UFC oh my God now includes a win over the bant weight King say something now the guy you have a lot of hype but you don’t have the dog I have inside got lucky I didn’t lose that fight skill for skill it was a freak accident and I could to go prove that on March 9th in Miami Florida Ali aims to avenge his only career defeat in the First Defense of his title let see it with the right hand when he faces Vera in the headliner of UFC 299 it only takes one mistake against me I know what I possess in this right hand baby that will do it I came to the sports of be a world champion and I’m going to be a world [Applause] champion St I in the Kain event former interm lightweight champion Dustin porier he is an absolute Savage inside the octagon porier has knocked out Conor McGregor I deserve battles a fast rising standout from Paris FRS the man is a straight up killer there it is again and again Ben was underneath there is a new lightweight contest to me plus welterweight striking sensation Michael Venom page makes his UFC debut oh that is unbelievable against fan favorite Kevin Holland there’s no better mother than me oh big elbows that’ll do it Hollin blazing his Trail at welterweight the left hand from Hell Kevin Holland my mother freaking but before the Stars touched down in Sunny South [Music] Florida was here see practicing practicing all to here first get ready if you want to be great you have to take on greatness for UFC 299 countdown one of the biggest stars in mixed martial arts today can be found on the outskirts of Phoenix Arizona Elena do you want to come and swing in your car or Montana transplant Shao you better not run into me when I walk by okay you better hey hey oh hey relishes in the realization of a childhood dream I remember I had a whiteboard I had $10,000 on there that was my goal I want I want to save up $10,000 cash I don’t know why I wanted it I didn’t really want it for anything specific I just wanted to save up $10,000 Ohi now trying to tea off then I follow the contender series big right give back then my next goal was 100,000 he said I’m going to be on pay-per-views and I’m going to become a star I fight on my first UFC fight oh bigi he seems at home in this time situation and that’s what you want to see from a young fighter it makes me realize how bad he wants to hit me which makes him slow which he’s not going to be able to hit my next fight I got the $50,000 bonus spinning attack from Ali oh I had six figures and I was like holy kind of went on a roll from there and started showing what I was capable of sh is an absolute star in the making and it seems like it’s only a matter of time until you see him standing across from the best of the best the sugar shadow Ling in color this kid’s going to the top he is going to be a world champion whether he comes forward and pushes the action he’ll get knocked out or if he lets me push him backwards he’ll get knocked out this confidence is not for nothing because the mindset is Championship level I think I have the potential to become the biggest star in the UFC ladies and gentlemen the sugar show is upon us I mean this kid is something he really is something [Music] as a Ali rocketed up the ranks Phantom Wes took notice but from Marlin chido Vera the immense shine that is often cast on Rising [Music] Stars it also act as a distraction these days on social media and hype and all that I don’t really care because at the end of the day it’s all about you if you focus on the audience you’re of the process so I don’t focus on that born to a large family in the coastal region of Ecuador Vera found himself fighting early and often in the streets now you’re going to start on top drilling remember don’t need to go fast okay so when the Restless 18-year-old identified an outlet to do so profession nice nice stay tight now luck it ver would quickly pave his own path nice one more minute I fought in Panama I fought in Peru F in [Music] Mexico and I was fighting like tough guys I I was fighting fight that I shouldn’t be in nice go go go go go go I start getting on top but I was just so desperate to make it I was like I’m going to do anything hey you want to fight this guy for 200 bucks same yeah overnight you realize like this is my dream I want to become a UFC fighter a fighting Pioneer in this native Ecuador time that was good here is Marlin Chito Vera here we go guys F now attacking with the arm bar he’s got it Cho ver started working towards this UFC goal oh huge head kick so his only work in his life has been as a fighter got on the big stage oh nice combination bar would become one of the world’s best at 135 lbs beautiful body shot cripples boin beautiful uppercut oh beautiful knee and boasted eight violent finishes in the UFC oh he dropped him bad with a right hand heavy fist coming in that is it he’s under the neck there W there Big Shots by the time he was booked to face Shao Mali August of 2020 this is a shining star at [Applause] 135 sh Mali said a lot about you to get under your skin Oh my skin is thicker than his mom so I’m good with that just go in there let it go is there anything that you give credit to him at all he’s good at getting punched in the head I you see myself going in there and they got y I’m feeling good I’m confident I’m ready ra down ass out baby sugar sha takes on Marin Chito Vera I want to say tomorrow I think Chito Vera is a real threat in this division to anybody he also recognizes the height behind Ali and he could steal all that thunder tonight but the thing about sea Ali is his mind his unfappable belief in himself ooh heavy low kick everything went good he felt slow oh sugar already found that low kick piecing him up Marlin trying to find his range here strong low kick there by Vera something’s wrong with Al’s leg Yeah his right leg I don’t know what happened he threw a kick I pulled out my nerve shut off every time I’d walk forward I’d just roll my ankle see that leg squirly buddy that back leg bothered him let’s get on that thing huh and now Cheeto recognizes it and he’s moving towards him nice beautiful if I kick him with the leg and goes Lim he’s moving very limited yeah you see the limp there he’s trying to hide it you to fight it I guess you got to just hope maybe for sea that it’s a nerve issue that could recover oh he fell down statistically it’s a rare shot I I can’t imagine him thinking like yeah that that fight played out fairly let’s go stay with it elbow huge elbow from another one Maron chea stops the sugar show in round one he was sleeping when I was L with him the fight so I won the fight congratulations welcome to the Cheeto show the Cheeto show he says interesting stoppage it was quick because would he have done that if it wasn’t obvious there was something wrong with his leg nonetheless Marlon Cho ver is a Bonafide Phantom weight contender [Music] strong low kick there by Vera something’s wrong with Al’s leg something’s wrong for sure now Cheeto recognizes it and he’s moving towards him oh he fell down huge elbow from Cheeto and another one that is it Marlin cheeta stops the sugar show in round one oh my goodness incredible Marlin Cheto Vera’s victory over sha Ali in August of 2020 welcome to the show stopped the hype train in its track and established a new threat at 135 [Music] lb for Vera success in mixed martial arts was not achieved alone [Music] it was realized through unwavering support from his wife [Music] Maria we met in School fourth grade this is not a joke I told my friends at that time it’s like I’m going to marry him I was 10 years old we started dating in high school and we’ve been together whole lives she’s been 100% supporting 100% biking me up on everything I do I’m not doing this for the fame you do it for the family ready yes I want to be a world champion I want to have success and be notorious in the world and people know me all that’s cool but all that will be gone one day the impact I do in my way to that is what will last forever and here is the prolific finisher Ecuador’s Marlon Chito Vera Marlin is obsessed with becoming the champion he’s an animal I mean the dude fights so hard he’s constantly training constantly learning constantly growing Cho Vera gets the Highlight he was looking for Inside the Cage is my family or yours and my family is more important to me following the high-profile bout with a mou there’s a nice l oh that knee hurt him bad bar we continue his winning wins the dispatching top bantamweights he’s the complete threat everywhere he goes and living legend Dominic Cruz is the greatest band weight of all time cruises down after a huge shot he wanted to make a championship statement what a way to stamp it I came to the score to be a world champion I have the heart I have the war I now have the people that will get me there but mixed results prolonged a phantom weight title shot a shot also being chased by cheo’s former Foe for om Ali rebuilding from his first career loss did not take long because in the mind of sharan Vera had not rightfully earned the victory at all I still feel very confident looking back on that fight Sugar’s already found that low kick those are heavy shots I never really lost sleep over it because I didn’t lose something’s wrong with’s leg I don’t know what happened and now Cheeto recognizes it and he’s moving towards him huge elbow from Cheeto and another one that is it I smoked this dude nine out of 10 times [Music] mentally I’m undefeated I didn’t lose cuz my skills aren’t better than this dude I didn’t feel like that was a skill for skill he beat me cuz he’s better you know I think that first fight it plays out without that I think I whoop him I didn’t feel like I lost mentally undefeated people lose their mind when I say that even high level athletes are like what are you doing we’re all up here guessing as to what the mentality is in that statement what are you talking about well just people thought it was funny that you always said that that wasn’t a loss it’s not and and then I’ll I’ll die at that he will not admit that he lost the fight he said in the commission of suan it was a freak accident I talked to him we had a trial we had a whole thing and they said it was a flute 12 wins one loss I understand the mentality of a winner like Shan Ali a follow up left hand because of the insanity of his mindset and it is focused and determined like a laser beat another highlight for the real sh Melly he really does believe he didn’t lose I wouldn’t sell merch and make a ton of money if it wasn’t true the way did he manages range and distance it’s second to none in his division look he’s pretending he’s playing basketball sh Mali is an absolute star in the making oh one of the biggest tests of his career and he just got an A+ baby rocket ship I haven’t lost yet since that happened been St consistent have some very big wins fighting the former champion who is still in his absolute prime and never lost since am Ali bounced back from the fight against Vera and style oh and now a left hand Yan has been opened up with Marquee wins that earned him a shot at bantamweight champion Al jamain Sturman a dominant Grappler hellbent on stopping the omali hype train in its tracks what’s happening Boston it’s nice to be home even though you’re not the champion do you feel like you’re the a side of this pay-per-view yeah I feel like alj Jo’s fighting for the sugar belt I still got to go in there and knock his ass out and just keep getting better and better and bigger and bigger he is going to get exposed on Saturday night exposed I’ve always been motivated I want to be World Champ I want to be the best in the world you don’t have the that you think that you have I can’t wait to [Applause] go I knew if I show up in the gym and get better every day that I could be as good as I am now well if you are what you say you are a superstar not a bad time to take it to the next level and cap it with a world title tonight this man in six years has risen to the point where he thinks he deserves to be contending for the title the most important moment in his Combat Sports career and up until now he has been since CH ke wins one L one no contest Sean oh matching the face Alain on the pressure right away trying to make Sean throw something so he could level change he’s waiting to dive he’s going to dive om Al’s doing a really good job keeping his back to the center of the oon he has that Wicked front kick to the body that he will utilize as well and he looks very composed here in his first championship title fight beautiful discipline discipline there’s a shot this was Alain triying to get close and do this just a very close rounding hard to score here we go round [Music] two leg attack for Alam curly here Ali did a good job of attacking his wrist wow he got out of it nicely [Music] done oh stoling in a world of trouble that do [Applause] it you just saw sh Valley go to the next Lev he lands a beautiful right hand against al Sterling the best man weight of all time and he finish it feels right baby it feels right this is just the beginning of the sugar era I’m running this till 2035 baby boy is he going to be huge now and imagine him versus Cheeto oh my goodness Elli trying to close it out here that’ll do it the sugar shot oh on top of the world the same night that UFC bantamweight champion sha Ali won the title Cheeto Vera is an animal and this is a huge fight for him tonight a former foe would also earn a marquee win Mar Cheeto Vera gets it done it seems like you did your part and Sean said it himself like he wants you first so is that what you want next for your career I mean if he wins we go I beat his ass again you pretty much called your shot next right you want a rematch with Chet Vera later this year me versus Cheeto rematch would be massive so the promotion would promptly book Marlin Cheeto Vera is the first Challenger to am Al’s throne and once the rematch was set for March 9th in Miami Florida sugar Shan wasted no time commencing the marketing [Applause] efforts I went out to do a media tour in New York do a bunch of interviews sh Ali bam way is in the house cool Studio Cool setup feel good New York’s been fun they just announced the fight yesterday Cheeto March so it’s kind of like a little bit of Victory SL promotion it’s going to be good what do you think when you look back upon that first fight with Cheeto I was whooping his ass he got lucky and I do believe truly he will never admit it but he knows how lucky he got I’ve never been this excited for a fight went on a couple live TV shows joining us meet right now is UFC Bantam way champ sugar Sean om Ali in the house was on schs podcast flagrant what’s good you boy oh this is fire bro this is fire had a good time on that one welcome to flagrant and today we have sugar Ali in the building okay Cheers Cheers Cheers why’ you have to knock out our boy Alain bro that was rude that was rude honestly I do too I felt bad there are plenty of people who are really good at their sport they don’t really understand the marketing aspect Cheeto I don’t like him I’m exced tell you guys do not like each other we got face to face tomorrow yeah we Face to Face Tomorrow Sean he gets the game and he’s Elite at fighting and we just can’t keep our eyes [Music] off for me it just gets me fired [Music] up this is the most personal fight I definitely want to hurt Cheeto everybody that mother got super lucky he knows it made it on time a professional awesome thank you boys that’s good I’m going to knock this dude out in the UFC words and promotion always turn to action in the octagon and to prepare for the latter veric continues work with the man who has guided The Lion Share of his career veteran coach Jason Perillo punching up on those shots nice moment better with that right hand when you’re snapping it try not to push it nice snap Cheeto really is really the best I mean he just not about the way he teach fighting but the way he helps to mentally achieve things the amount of world champions you have I it with the right hand and his experience you came by that he was really the puzzle missing in my life to really get to this point to really achieve a world T ohsh Cheeto determination that really separates him from everybody else I mean he reminds me of a champion I worked with many years ago Michael bisbing oh he heard he heard he heard it Michael bis it’s the UFC middleweight champion of the world look at Jason pillo long time train look at that reaction there’s a guy with a tremendous amount of tenacity and really the belief in himself don’t worry about the M it’ll be there bring your feet hush nice this fight there is a little bit of experience on Cheeto side nice nice Cheeto has been in a lot tougher fights so if this does draw into a tough fight I think our experience will come into play from the stomach twisted you go I’m not around legs and shoulder this is everything in my soul and heart right now pump that right shoulder there it is that’s why I’m going to win this fight let mother the speed baby SM the [Music] speed while circumstances surrounding the first contest between Marlon chido Vera and sugar shaal something’s wrong with Al’s leg may have put the result into question Cheo and another one that is it Marlin cheito bar their rematch on March 9th presents the opportunity to remove all doubt 4 second inhale 4 second hold 4 second exhale an opportunity to the champion isn’t taking lightly ground yourself with the breath ground yourself in the body stay with Pace cheo’s very good he’s beat some really really good guys not taking anything away from him I just believe I’m better in every aspect footwork baby footwork keep those speed moving boom right there good break it down nice Got a Boy yep but it’s a 25-minute fight I can’t come out there the first round trying to put him out and then there there he is second third fourth fifth round just still on me and I’m gassed out nice and smooth let’s just control it let’s get [Music] warm let’s go all day big dog let’s go perfect I know how I need to show up for this fight and where I need to be at mentally does he we’ll see got Shake Stak that’s Rick he can feel it in the air UFC 299 in Miami Florida Rivals meet once again he has been Sensational he is a sniper with legit knockout power this kid has it the most decorated finisher in UFC bantamweight history Marin Cheeto only this time the Victor will leave bantamweight champion of the world Cheeto comes to hurt you I’m going to Brak Cheeto be is an animal I’m going to kick his ass the power of Cheo Barrett and it won’t be the first time going to be take on this Str oh my God the sugar show on top of the world March 9th I’m putting this dude’s lights out onto the [Applause] next