I do this for 30 years and it’s still the same P when I wake up I’m happy hungry to go to the gym I feel stronger than ever Mar five 25 minutes of War I’ll describe my fighting career as a stop and start career but a successful career so far I’m undefeated I’m excited about this fight because it’s killer be killed I want to teach Edson that there’s a new dog in town Rel rela bro that was a master one that it’s a good one I try and get PT one or two times a week to try to keep my body healthy I’ve had to deal with a lot of injuries so probably every injury you can think of to be honest these injuries are just like little niggles to me any little thing that happens in my life now can never compare to where I’ve been nothing else but death can keep me down I’m from Manchester England the home city of Manchester United my dream as a kid was always to play for Manchester United I always believed that I was going to go all the way I had numerous trials when I was younger I believe I would have got to a good level without the injury the injury was ACL reconstruction uh it blew out from a bad tackle and I just never went to sport after that M my my life is full of them stories mate going I write a book when I come Champion you can’t write what smarter than you mate got every gcsc actually got a title ready for you lad what’s the title the luckiest unlucky man on earth oh I stealing my stuff bro nah that’s you the lucky this that’s actually a good title though it is it is but it’s true it’s true growing up in Manchester Old Trafford has two sides to the city obviously the football stadium and all also seeing people dealing drugs doing robberies to get money and stuff like that for me as a young kid I almost thought that playing football was the only way out once that dream got crushed I stopped training lose structure I ended up going out on the weekends knocking about and just getting up to no good trying to make money and whatnot it was Madness in that area nobody wants to see anyone do well it’s like everyone wants to keep everyone down and stuff like that so I’m just happy I found MMA and it’s giv me an out of of like that Circle of Life almost 17 and 21 for me was probably the craziest years of my life I was traveling around I was partying I know if I would have stayed on that path I’d be dead or in jail like 100% there’s there’s no other way about it I know that for a fact it is a miraculous why I’m still here I remember the day clear as day the 25th of May I was with my friends I picked up my cousin ended up going to the barber shop to get a trim that was a bar shop I used to go to all the time on L Street in ffield we got to the barber shop we’re chilling outside I’m waiting to get into the seat and then a car’s pulled up everything just went in slow motion I’m looking down a barrel of a gun I was shot in the face two times and the neck once it felt like I got punched or something fell to the floor I woke up a few days later but I didn’t get hit in any major organs I don’t think I’d ever be able to forget it because it’s a it’s a big event in my life but I feel like I have to use it in a positive way touch touch good he wants that range off you don’t it touch touch touch that’s a good shot good touch again yes yes yes roughly 9 months after the shooting things changed after I started MMA I found it because my cousin invited me to a gym he was training there for a few months and they ended up just going going there to try it out never thought I’d be a fighter good work boys 20 seconds great work this that’s a nice shot the gym provided me peace of mind shipping away chipping away getting away from everything else that was going on it was like a therapy for me and I just ended up just training and training the training then again 5 seconds and then from there I kind of knew that’s what I wanted to do Lon the miracle Murphy he’s never been beaten the future’s bright Lon Murphy still undefeated heavy shots oh oh Lon Murphy light out air the striking the power looks like a future Contender or Champion ready that’s better that’s my feedback from today just this little step you bring your left foot to your right foot a little bit and then have a bit of time off for your feet you knowe when you’re going out this way when they throw a kick sometimes after that he’s like just like not finding your feet everyone comes here with a but lon’s story is very unique it’s really shaped him as a human his story will be told around this area for a long time now that his Stars even Rising it’s good that more people get to understand it you’re not framed by the worst moments in your life those worst moment in your life can Propel you to the best moments in your life but not just here to be the main event we’re here to be the very best and Eden b as much as his named opponent he’s just another man who bleeds and and on on May 18th he’s going to bleed a lot keep going nice this is my first Main Event I’m fighting a legend I’ve been watching him for years so it’s actually crazy to see my name next to his this is it this is itet go slip and go around work until your Idols become your Rivals if I can go out there and be at are the world’s my oyster nice working nice the fight’s going to be a war but I’m going to come out Victorious I do this my whole life I training when I was 8 years old and I’m 38 right now I love my job I still love every single day most people say you 38 I don’t know you’re going to fight for so long but I know the dream is still here I want to keep going you guys going to set some for long long time I meet coach and fr when I start training I remember we start training look that guy he kick crazy I was like oh my gosh who this guy I want to be like him when I grow up I talked to my daddy and my mom say I want to train with Anderson because I want to be like him and I start training with him full time almost 30 years together my dad passed three years ago and I’m so thankful to have under in my life because he knows me more than anybody he knows everything about me when talk about the fight he follow my whole career oh my go maybe the most spectacular knockout in UFC history wow my MMA career it’s a blessing that’s F the best guys in the world one of the best strikers on the roster delivers again oh what a highlight reel what a fighter I’m very thankful because I thought for long long time in UFC in UFC still give me the best guys to test myself Barosa turns the lights out with a knee I don’t think about retirement nothing changed for the first fight I still love every single fight every single moment of my life my next fight is going to be my 30 fight in UFC Octagon 30 I’m very excited because he’s a young guy he’s hungry and that’s a type the fight a lot of people want to see whatever this fight go I need to be ready 100% focus on my game plan because I know if I go there give my best going to win this fight I like to knock out everybody knows that that’s my style if he give me one chance to finish the fight I will finish the fight good jum jum good two lovely mon H lovely double jum double jum good good double jum my son is called Mar Murphy he’s 6 years old being his dad is a blessing to me I feel like he’s like my life it’s a hard career it’s a hard life and every time I’m with him it almost like recharges my energies I’m trying to give back to him and raise him the right way give him the right advice give him the right life skills to take on to when he gets older father has changed me in many ways because I’m not just out here on my own good wrestle wrestle wrestle get back get the TRU get the J I’ve got over responsibilities I can’t just make rash decisions anymore because there’s another person that’s relying on me if a little boy doesn’t have his father it’s very detrimental to him on top get on top get on top every minute I spend with my son is valuable I could be here today and gone tomorrow Mar much better mate hey B good job the all the experience I’ve had affects how raise my son because I don’t want him to experience what I’ve experienced May the 17th of 2022 I was training for a fight I was on my bik bike a car come speeding around the corner and I hit the front of his car I hit my head on the wind screen and I ended up on the other side of the car so I sustained a nasty head injury and nasty head gash which was losing a lot of blood as on the floor bleeding for about 45 minutes before the ambulance came straight away I’m just thinking about Mar and how he would be if I wasn’t here just show me how delicate life is and how easy this thing can come to an end because I I nearly got my dreams taken away from me again it was more difficult than the previous incident because I thought my career was done I was depressed I was in my bed for about 4 weeks I thought this is just another incident another bump in the road I had 17 months out and then I got booked to fight in London fighting in London was massive for me in front of the home crowd my family got to come it felt like a relief getting back in the Octagon because I’ve been out for so long it Just sh myself that I can come back from anything I literally was on death door step a few months before and I’ve come back and for another Elite fighter and I got the job done if he can’t read you he will know what’s coming you got to be unpredictable son and you got to mold like water what I’m s so let’s go there you go that wouldn’t change my life for anything there you go everything I’ve been through has shaped me into the person I am today there you go too heavy with that touch like ditching a hot pan all the setbacks the injuries getting shot coming off my bike accident yes sir they’re all positives for me and they shaped me to how I am now I’m resilient I’m in a much better place now so this chapter I’m in now is more so like every everything’s kind of coming together and I’m the hungrier I’m the wolf that’s climbing the hill it’s my time to shine it’s my time to get the rewards of all the hard work it’s my time to get the payback from the things that have happened to me everything’s working and I’m on to big bigger and better things now a victory over Edson is a big big big big win and a big catapult in my career only the elite of the elite have beat Edson baroza he fought everybody he fought all the top fighters and you have to be very good to beat him so if I beat him that certifies my name I want to go out and finish the fight and put a statement show the division I’m here as a full Contender Rock Paper Scissors Shoot Rock shoot a lot of guys say the American Dreams a fake you no not definitely not because I am the American dream when I move to this country I have nothing today I have a good life I can provide for my family Noah 9 years old in Victoria she’s turned five I really believe that you just understand the real love when you have kids there is like two versions of him Edon Barbosa that’s a fighter he’s intense he’s explosive and we have Junior that’s a father he’s calm he’s weak he’s nice he’s fun my gosh building a life with Edson has been a blast it’s like a roller coaster ride coming to us it was like a lot of struggles and obstacles but I can say that everything that we went through it made us stronger We Were Young so we could like build everything together when I moved to America I remember I was a little bit scared Liv in Brazil is super hard my wife Bruna helped me with everything she left everything and moved to United States for me I’m here right now because I have whole support for my wife and she’s the most important person on my life and she pushed me every single day to give my best in the last fight I was like a prun she want to go to my corner she’s a little bit scared I was like no way I’m not going to be in your corner because I’m loud I like to scream I get mad of the guy it’s full of emotions I don’t want you to get hurt she was like you got to go you’re the biggest piece in this puzzle it was really hard but it was special oh big left from Yousef and another right has a wobble he was losing like badly when he was on the ground he was looking at me he was like go let’s go let’s go and then he overcame everything it’s not over yet if Barbosa can pull this off I mean we’ll talk about an epic comeback because he was done I’m 100% sure I was close to lose that fight but I remember she there on the corner with me I not give up thank God spit kick Yousef is on wobbly legs and down this is why fight fans love Edson Barosa I knew he had the power to overcome and he did it it was really special I want to say thank you for the most important person in my life my wife Bruna thank you so much for everything he in my partner for a long long time and we always fight together in this fight she going to stay in my corner because she believe more in me than I believe in myself they see be ready for the next one because you go to my cor again for spee speech spee I want to win this fight I want to bring everything everything that I have that’s my goal I have a lot dreams I want to fight because I’m still competitive I still believe I can be a champ I still fire on my heart and I want to keep going I love fight I know it’s going to be a war and I’m always ready for that this is the golden ticket for me it’s a banger of a fight but I just feel like I’ve got more tools I train hard I train to kill cuz if I go out there perform to my ability I know I can win I get a good chance to test myself against this young kid and that’s make me very excited I love the young guys come call my name because I still competitive everybody knows that I still in the top 10 top 15 in the UFC I’m here if you want to fight me I really want to fight you