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all right gentlemen we’ve been over the rules protect yourself at all times follow my instructions we’re going to keep it clean touch gloves let’s do it the tension of a UFC Main Event there is just not a whole lot like it in all of professional sports Dan hooker plus 200 at close Brooklyn R getting start for round one he is the underdog tonight against the 240 favorite Dustin por porier out of the Southpaw Stan is in black hooker will switch stances he is in Gray good kick to the body right off the bat yeah traded heavy kicks early there’s that knee just threw it out there just let Dustin know hey be careful buddy you come in my range you’re going to eat one one of these yeah poier acknowledged that right knee as hooker’s best weapon with us on Thursday hooker with an early L with the left hand partial block by porier yeah that left hand is a very dangerous weapon of Dan hooker taking multiple guys out with that doubles up on it nicely as well goes to the body goes to the head so poier does have to be careful but poier is one of those guys always does his homework he knows what he knows what he’s in for here notice that hooker moving to the weak side the outside leg aore early always circling left then when he decides to go right he throws the T kick to the body which also hides the right knee so he uses the right leg to hide that right knee great Left Hand by porier there but hooker is setting things up by throwing other stuff to hide the big weapons later in this fight I believe well hook has already landed two low C kicks as well they’re one of his good weapons that left hook found the home 33rd Pro fight for poier he’s never lost to Straight had a pretty invasive hip surgery after the khabib fight last year they had to micro fracture his femur La was torn as well but poier a clean bill of health after the 9mon layoff coming in tonight Hook is looking so smooth here there it is again he felt that one that really hurt him crazy to think of all the featherweight success for these two guys given how big at least hooker looks at lightweight got him right in the cup P says it’s all good yeah that’s what the cop’s for first round you don’t want to take a break oh there it is again that’s two in a row like come on dude listen to bis did you hear that poier said listen to bis that’s a smart guy I mean people should live their lives by that motto big hook and see that’s hooks those hooks are landing for hooker and he’s good at you throwing those backwards as well that’s what’s threatening about him is he’ll move forward with it to get to the weak side of porier and he can also move backwards with that check hook nice kick to the body from Dustin after hooker had attacked that lead leg of porier yet again o good connection up top by hooker just a nice read to transition of that left hook that’s how you got to beat a southpaw you lead with the hook and you lead with the left hand this is what Po’s got to do now he’s on the inside he’s got the double under hooks got the body lock they try and get him down to the floor either way he’s going to stay in the pocket stay in the range keep him up against the fence minimize the movement of Dan hooker and then go to work with his own shots in the boxing range and hooker was expected in our conversation with him on Thursday that poier would be trying to work him to the fence and potentially get him down able to avoid that fate here early he listen they know how to drill take down defense of City kit boxing look at arisna everyone says oh Adisa just a kit boxer easy to takeen down his takedown defense has been pretty much perfect in the UFC and Dan hoger also oh good kick and porier doubles up on that body kick Edon Barosa the only man to beat Dan hooker on this historic lightweight big crack from porier Big Shot awesome body kick and then he follows it up look at that great work separates the grip gets the tie CL nice elbow drops an elbow but hooker comes with the with the body shots hookers on the pressure looking for that knee look at that inventive nice stick and move by porier again this is fun he’s staying right in the pocket right there with poier and just saying let’s do this and then he’s throwing the knees and the elbows in that pocket to mix it up nice job by hooker making those adjustments was so calm right there was Huger Landing shots but the facial expressions calm compos oh bom fired but landed a good shot yeah fighting like a guy who’s been in now eight UFC Main Events has porier under 30 seconds here to go in round one that Body Works adding up for hooker he keeps throwing hooks to the body on poier porier is going with that kick nice left hand yeah the coun left is there beautiful work by poier Po’s hands looking fast early tonight hooker keeps him at Bay with a perfect jab stiff job right hand over the top for Dustin great start to a great [Music] fight all right let’s take a look at some of the action there’s a nice left hand from hooker poer eats it well there’s that right hand on the inside here a little creativity there from Dustin po I like that the exchange blows 30 seconds there that was really nice work all right round two hooker opens with a body attack and now a jab nice I like how he keeps kicking out that inside leg because that takes away the base so that porier can’t fire his left hand and there it is right there and look at the Variety as well that P throwing he’s getting shots Landing these are Big Shots oh he’s got to hurt a little bit I mean those are big shots oh trading big right from H now back go they’re both ready to just it all out nice look at this catches the knee th take down great defense by hooker here he’s got the whizard he’s got his feet perpend parallel with the fence so he can defend this and body lock by poier here oh nice nice instincts there by por so creative you know he’s like okay all right I can’t get the take down but I see your face and I have a hand for oh so hooker’s going to want to move there it is that’s what he’s got to do to get out move that left leg wash the knee was oh wow huge elbow as part of that exchange out of porier nice knee from hooker poier gets out now hooker to the body at this here comes soon in the pocket trading I mean Booth fight this is incredible watch your neck Dustin good under hooks by hooker here Jacks him up turns it see if they stay in the pocket here if they separate looked like he was too far away from a knee so he getting a little toeb little reset there from poier he has thrown a lot of potential fight Enders that hooker is eaten yeah this is a crazy Pace that they’re keeping right now I mean they’re not even two full minutes in and they’ve thrown a ton of punches in this round and they’ve eaten a lot of damage too can they keep it up for and as we said on the way in right when it’s at range like this this is where hooker has a lot of success when poier can get on the inside and brawl and you know technically brawl that’s when he’s having success and what I love is that every time hooker fires him you see por just step through a punch him and fire something back now you’re seeing him just always continue to come forward and pour on the pressure poier if you just eat hooker shots and don’t fire back he’s going to keep adding them up adding them up good one two by hooker there both guys Landing power shots largely at will both landing at a serious percentage cor at 68% oh I mean both guys are exhausted already and I’m not surprised because they’re throwing with 100% effort with every shot looking for The Knockout every time nice lead elbow there hooker certainly wearing it but staying tough I mean both these guys have completely throw caution to the wind and they’re just firing on each other and not really playing safe at all they’re just sitting in the phone booth and scrapping and porier just acknowledge that jab from hooker nice body kick three good punches for Dustin and now it’s Dan hooker’s turn they’re just like going back and forth one guy has like 30 seconds where I’m going to beat you up and then he switch positions trying to take his head off both guys are bleeding from the eyes and just continuing to fire on each other it’s awesome is definitely trying to take his head off under 90 seconds here to go in round two I nobody’s really been able to get this stay in boxing range with hooker this long right I mean look how much he’s adding up the punches getting in with the pressure got to watch that nice Left Hand by hooker there I was just about to say it looks like Dusty’s taking over and then right when I say that here’s hooker firing back good body shot there came very close to the knee Dustin’s got to be careful they going to get too overconfident when the momentum shifts his way he gets a little reckless and he’s got to be careful cuz it’ll walk onto a giant the way that hooker throwing that body shot that left hook he’s setting up that left that one right there he’s so good we saw him landed on Gilbert Burns and look at look at his shin of porier from eating that CF kick all night on the inside I mean it’s swollen big and now he’s starting to check it and see it and fire down the middle whenever hooker throws it nice so pretty hooker go to the body nice take down I mean how Dustin stayed on his feet is beyond me just be just that takedown attempt was just enough to create a little bit of time so that PO didn’t have to keep eating those shots that was a nice Tak down attempt there just to get some get some time that gave the lifeline but those body shots now with a counter oh my gosh look at this oh my God in real trouble wow one of the best rounds of 2020 unless you like defense I mean huge slugfest here but look at the exchanges here nice body shots to an uppercut and he just keeps ripping uppercuts body shots uppercuts body shots it’s so fun to watch and then you see por with a counter left to I mean these guys just say you know what you hit me I’ll hit you you hit me I’ll hit you and let’s just let the world see it cuz this is amazing to watch the toughness of these gentlemen so seems as though we did not overstate the potential of this lightweight Main Event yeah I mean come on this is I mean in recent memory the best fight I’ve ever seen in my life because this is amazing I like how you said decent memory yeah but every fight I see what he’s good this is the best fight I’ve ever seen so that is a a nasty cut on the right eyelid of Dan hooker and not at all in an optimal location I wouldn’t think we still got three rounds left yeah that’s a long time especially the way these guys are fighting they can’t continue like this somebody’s going to fall yeah somebody’s going out of here that’s how both of these guys are fighting to finish TR you a little bit beautifully done to the body by porier that was nice fake the left high kick and came with a onew I mean just missed that right hand yeah the right hook just [Music] missed nice count hooker went five hard rounds with Paul Felder in his first UFC Main Event back in February eats a right hand there thought this fight might happen mid May was happy to have the extra time here to prepare for a late Jun hooker with the left hand over the top I mean both guys are starting to breathe hard it looks like Hook is slowing down a little bit which is understandable this has been a crazy Pace both guys taking a lot of Dage it’d be almost inhuman to not slow down a little after those first two rounds for sure but they’re looking like that I mean the accuracy of cor he always lands in these shot he doesn’t miss very often when he fires he lands yeah no of course when you’re getting beaten up like this on both sides it’s going to slow you down I mean it’s like imagine you’re a race you know you’re a runner they time you to run 400 m it takes a certain time then beat the crap so I guarantee they’ll do it a little slower right and you saw the interim Champion Justin gatei Chim in recently just alluding to the championship hunger right this fight is a byproduct of a lot of things but man to these guys want well this fight also is about who is potentially the next Contender right because you’ve got just Gage you’re going to fight khabib and then at the top you know I mean that’s in there this is one of to’s best weapons is this Guillotine too he’s sucking in Tighter and Tighter that is tight tight it looks like he might have this guys that is get out hook out beautiful job hooker just tucks his out triangle attempt it was so close and you know that’s what happens as you get into the rounds we start getting slippery things that are in slip right out’s got that overhook on the left side knee triangle here triangle orur it’s the triangle that he’s looking for trying to get the leg past the arm therefore he can get the leg over the neck hooker definitely knows that triangle’s coming he gets his right arm out of there take away that option por goes to the other side overhook tries on the other side nice short elbow from porier he had a similar submission attempt against K mov last September that was fairly close arm bar I mean he’s very active on this on the from the bottom in his guard right here here he’s slicing elbows and he’s not just sitting here waiting he’s trying to create something from the bottom forier no he’s being very aggressive Dr SP he’s trying to set up a lot of submissions here but I always say two three sub attempts and then if you don’t get it time to get up you know what I’m saying because if the this is a close round they’ve all been close but if he stays on his back for the majority of this round he’s probably going to lose the round and how about the smarts of hooker to go for the taked down these guys were trading back and forth let’s take that away let me get this round let me try to get some ground control and and just not take as much damage as we go into the third fourth round and that’s a smart move by hooker here to fight like this I think that was Dustin just said was the time taking advantage of the fact there’s no crowd and now he’s trying to get back to his feet trying to wall walk he’s going to oh he’s trying to look for the neck again he’s digging for it that might give him some space to stand up get up he’s got to watch his back nice job by to use that to stand up well time knee there by hooker on the way up short shot lands for Dustin and that’s what you always talked about using a submission an attempt to get to your feet oh those landed hard unbelievable fight as we come down the stretch in round three I don’t know how these guys are still on their feet I think there’s a lot of people watching this who who cannot at all relate the heart the physical and mental toughness I mean Dan hooker has taken some exceptionally heavy punches and so’s Dustin po I think you got to go to the body on these guys what’s the hope of going to the Head anymore I mean they’re just eating everything look at their faces 15 minutes in the can Main Event rounds forthcoming oh my goodness all right another insanely action-packed round there’s a good jab from Dustin left hand finds the mark and it was just like this from start to finish to be honest but here’s Dan hooker surprises him with the double leg of course Dustin goes for the the same Guillotine he tried on khabib and then he threw up a variety of submissions eventually got back to the feet and then they went right back to doing what they did the entire fight beating the hell out of each other offine yeah you saw Eugene bman in the corner of Dan hooker as we show you the graphic there hookers mixed it up very nicely porier largely a head hunter tonight but he’s landing at a 67% clip I mentioned Eugene bman he don’t want to be heard in that corner right keeps everything close to the vest but you did hear him say you got to be disciplined so looking for a little bit more yeah that’s right and certainly now in round four when you’re beaten you’re tired you’re injured you’re covered in cuts and blood it’s it’s easy to you know lose the discipline to lose the focus and just start brawling and Swinging it’s like no hold on check your emotion we came here with a game plan let’s stick to it jab lands cleanly for porier hooker with a beautiful counter with his [Music] Jack oh beautiful job [Music] po p keeping the pressure going not take down by hooker there that was a good decision there very good decision but wisely done by po on this occasion got straight back to his feet but of course as we see hooker like I don’t care if you’re back on your feet I’m still going to go for a choke will stay on the hands probably walk his right leg towards the fence twist try to get hooker off of him see po two hands on the canvas goes for a switch here nicely good well when poier needs those bursts defensively they are there for him coming up on three minutes to go round four well I think the game plan for hooker is very evident here he switched it up go for a Tak down sorry D we’re seeing porier going for Guillotines now instead of Defending all the takedowns so sometimes he’s giving up the takedown trying for the guillotin yep and now he’s going back to try to even the score on those take downs and not much resistance there from hooker as porier grounds him he’s trying to pull that hand and then that will force well it will allow poier to put him on his back he’s trying to get him down flat on his back as of right now he’s posting on that hand but when hooker gets up he’s got to be careful that he doesn’t give up his back because po has mounted him now po wants to keep his head higher there it is and hooker here he keep going give up his back he’ll keep control po Hook is going to give up his back here he’s got to be careful look at this now he’s got the hand control now this is B awesome job by porier to control the hands and keep this position he’s pressuring it’s going to be a lot of work for hooker to get out of this this this could be a finish coming up here guys because poier is an expert in this position he has the grappling Advantage hooker’s got to get that left leg out of there that’s what’s keeping him down right now he’s got that’s why he can’t stand he needs that left leg oh he’s going to slide off he’s going to use those hooks to try and stay on but it’s hard switches to a triangle arm bar it’s not all the way in but he’s switching to it he’s got to keep that thumb down I mean come on this fight he might switch to a triangle here if he can get that left leg out of there really get the angle on the arm bar there he’s got to twist that thumb down he’s still got it try he’s trying he’s trying to step over take home baby step yep now from here he has the option of going back to the arm bar or going to the triangle let’s see what he uses or he can just crank this here that’s what he’s that’s what we’re seeing right now he’s cranking that with his with his right leg he can kick forward that will move hooker forward and allow Dustin to sit up more if you will and then he can take his right arm and put it over the back of hooker or just H him it’s just a nice little chess match here less than a minute to go in the round this is what highlevel mixed martial arts is all about two guys in their fighting [Applause] primes hooker appear pretty deflated a moment ago but perhaps getting a little bit of that win back we’ll see him go for GU again and now it’s like now he’s got the full guard it’s really hard to get out of this if that lock is in there and hook you know he’s slippery and he’s just sliding him right over the top full guard is the best way to hold that down but if that head is slippery it’s hard to keep these gear team and listen at the end of the round with 20 seconds left it’s not a bad idea 4 minutes left 3 minutes left I’d say no but 20 seconds hey go for it you might just get it all right that’s four rounds those judges have a thankless job don’t they oh my word I am well I would would never be judging is but I’m glad that I’m not yeah we see here the jab lands and then he keeps following it up another jab nice body kick by hooker here and another body kick timed into a taked down for hooker hooker’s using a lot of strategies in this set in this last fourth round and now you see porier he’s got to keep that thumb locked in there but it’s because he doesn’t hooker’s able to switch that up twist his hand get out of there and it turns into Plata attempt and how about the corner of Dustin poer you having fun he’s like yeah I’m having a blast the best line ever the fifth and Final Round we’ll see who emerges as the Bonafide lightweight Contender here the numbers pretty even the accuracy of porier is absurd 72% on these significant strikes thus far I mean at to this point I would say this looks like it’s a hard one to judge it’s pretty even fight back and forth we’ll see how the who wants it is in this fifth round wouldn’t you say Mike yeah I’m not sure I haven’t been scoring it round by round but I would say it’s probably 22 it feels like it’s even right now both guys had a lot of success and both guys could get a finish they’re both injured they both tired they both beaten covered in blood and cuts and bruises but there is no quit the desire to win has not diminished whatsoever nice Left Hand by 48 yeah if we look here first round for hooker second round for for H and then two big rounds for po two2 I would say it comes down to this fifth round right here this title this is the championship round that’s why they have itry speed Shar done it all before you’ve done it all before you been before it’s mental get shot bring the shot hooker trying to pick his spots already has a career best in the UFC 3 takedown secure yeah po was wise to the taked down attempt there and he’s like no her I’m good let’s go he’s looking tired sometimes if you see your opponent so tight you don’t want to stop even if it is a you know groin strike like no I’m good there’s that poier jab on Point again he’s got to put something behind it though the Jabs finding the Target throw the left hand as well put some combos together same goes for hooker as well I’d say what I’m seeing the big difference in the fifth round is just the defense I mean P’s defense looks a little edge better he’s not eating quite as many yep just by a little big left hand a moment ago from Dan hooker oh oh yeah that one hurt nicely defended poier looking so good in this matchup [Music] too final two and A2 minutes oh double left hand so nice hooker largely unrecognizable late in this fight now does he go for the guillotine or does he defend and he defends this time he needs to defend oh and he doesn’t big late take down for hooker is Fourth of the fight he didn’t either not defense or guillotin and he’s trying for the gutin this might give him an opportunity to stand up yeah he’s going to push down on the head pul on the right hand side side and try and suck his legs out and get back to his feet which is exactly what he did try and not give up the back but he did unfortunately that’s the risking that maneuver thewit again looking for the and look at that so nice I mean that is a lot of skill oh good connection by porier hooker in on a take down nicely defended I thought he was going to jump down for the guillotine again smart move by pory I believe to just defend right now he’s tried that gear team three times gave up the taked down now he’s defending he’s got the wizard here going to push down on that head yep turn the other way now Dustin hears it the telling hook to switch off to a single let go of the double grab the one leg problem is no crowd is well aware of it and again he’s looking for that neck final minute of this epic lightweight Main Event seemingly anybody’s fight here late oh nice short uppercut from porier TY clinch here for Dan clinch nice chucked it off and fires back last big shot hugee oh that Guillotine really really created an opportunity por is just trying to pour it on right now Crank That neck and just make it miserable in this top position hanging over hooker he’s got 15 seconds so he’s got to just teay off with that left hand score some shots score some points and send the message to the [Applause] Judes and poier finishing this fight very very strong I mean these guys stand up and Applause on that what fight I think I speak for all the fans around the world when we congratulate Dustin porier and Dan hooker porier dancing his way around the Octagon appear to be the far fresher fighter to my eyes Dom over the final 10 yeah I mean he looked like a champion tonight he looked like a champion tonight he came he finished that fifth round strong he fired back anytime hooker landed on him and hooker you know hooker looked like a champion too it’s just he ate a little bit more than porier in that fifth round yeah I was going to say both guys looked absolutely outstanding non-stop action from start to finish my word I didn’t think we’d see a decision to be honest because the way they were hitting each other with the ferocity with the frequency I mean come on hats off to both these guys all right we’ll look back at it Michael all right here we go I mean it started off hooky was doing very very well Landing some good clean shots Landing those cve kicks definitely looked you know the guy that was having more success but then round two was kind of similar but the tide was starting to turn Dustin poier putting together excellent boxing combinations getting on the inside but of course hooker closed it down he worked the body he came up high body body head body body head and then of course Dustin fired back the PA of them just trading blows back and forth for the full 25 minutes here we see hooker going to town Dustin taking those shots and firing straight back D round three I mean if we look at por he’s Landing they’re both Landing back and forth trading right here the left hand of poier but really what was happening is you hit me I hit you then we started to see the takedowns from hooker and he was trying to create another tactic mix in there but poier was able to answer back perfectly he threatens some Guillotines to get to his feet anytime he got taken down and right away you see he starts pouring the pressure again hooker goes for another taked down PO is able to get back to his feet and start putting the damage on and round five po sorry hooker came out looking for the Tak down and Dustin did a good job of being disciplined and not jumping to his back and looking for the guillotine both guys jockeying for dominance Landing big shots I do know that Bruce Buffer has the scorecards here’s buff with the official decision ladies and gentlemen after five rounds we go to the judges score cards for decision the judges score the contest 4847 4847 and 4846 for the winner by unanimous decision Dustin the Diamond [Music] for