question Jonathan welcome to F week how you feeling today I’m feeling really good yeah good and uh obviously your opponent Adrian Yannis big fight for you what do you make of him as an opponent oh man he’s a really good opponent you know um yeah when his name came up I was just like cuz we were all hanging out in National fight week but you know I know he was looking for opponent and I was looking for one two and then now we’re fighting enough and uh you’re riding a pretty big win streak right now what’s going to be the key for you to maintain that win streak come Saturday night a man just keep doing what I do you know I mean I just go in there you know and get my job done once the doors closed you know it’s I know it’s I got to get the job done and you know that’s what I’m going to do and obviously I think like the fans have kind of gone to recognize you more and more as you keep winning and winning but do you think a win over Yannis is really going to put you on like another level of fan recognition and Edge you closer to another big fight yeah you know win with this it’s going to help a lot and you know I go go up to the top 10 and stuff yeah and uh you’ve been fighting at the Apex as of late do you think a guy like you should be fighting in more I know you fought at the at the theater earlier this year but you think you should be fighting at bigger sold out Arenas uh yeah kind of you know the apack you know feels good too but you know I like the crowd you know bringing all my family in there watching fight awesome and uh what’s your message for all your FS that you have kept with you throughout your whole career I just stay tuned you know Saturday and watching awesome thank you what’s up Jonathan uh were you bummed you you didn’t find on uh no us uh was that what were you bummed that you didn’t fight on on on noce UFC no not really I no not really just uh obviously Marquel picked up a UFC contract last night how how excited were you to to see him perform like that man I was really excited you know it kind of got me real like excited for my fight too you know just watching him go in then perform and you know I’m going to do the same thing Saturday night awesome um is that a newer tattoo on your neck uh yeah yeah oh I got it no I got my last fight I think last fight yeah awesome bro good luck thank you all right