Following UFC Vegas 82, tune in to the Post-Fight Press Conference to hear the athletes take questions from the media.

[Music] congratulations on the win another battle this time a more well-known name how do you feel about your performance uh very happy very satisfied you know happy that my mom is actually not worried at home she’s chill now and I’m very happy about the opportunity my for now my job is done and I’m very happy for the opportunity to have fought uh named like Jake Matthews I think impossible for her not to worry about you because she loves you and then she’s always going to be worried but is that the first thing that you do you call Mom and like Mom everything’s okay uh yeah first thing I did on the back there between the media obligations photo and stuff I I called her I mean obviously very happy feeling just she’s uh she’s at ease now of course uh she really wanted me to finish the fight in the second round because I had an opportunity for it um but still you know we went we went to a third round but I’m happy and satisfied as well with win a win a Triumph again um um an animous decision but um how do you feel about uh the final the final tally of this on the performance are you happy with what with what happened um very happy especially because you know we studied this fight a lot we knew what kind of striking he was going to try to do the way that he was coming at me the way he was going to be charging where he was coming from with the strikes and even actually when he was able to hit me I don’t I didn’t feel it that much it did it really didn’t do the damage so I’m very happy about the fact that uh the work came to fruition um three rounds of action 15 minutes a co-main anything surprised you even like with the not only just the fight but the your opponent um the calmness the the Tranquility me the fact that it was I was so chill about this this is this is the difference from from uh from the previous fights and uh it was so we we we put that in so well that in a corner Andy Cabo one of my coaches uh we he said as you saw I was very relaxed and breathing and he always says uh breathing protocol now and I was so calm so chill at one point I just thought I’m getting hungry so um it it’s everybody started laughing uh in the corner between the second and third round so very happy that was able to be very calm and it felt uh felt very at peace uh fighting uh and if you’re staying here how are you celebrating this win here in Las Vegas uh eat I mean eat right now all we going to have to eat I’m going to take everybody from the corner there my team to go eat at a nice restaurant and we’re going to celebrate this I still feel that I’m cutting weight I need to eat and of course we see you here looking good no um no damage uh no injuries um when would you like to fight again of course there’s we’re coming holidays coming up when could we see you again um obviously just uh for the next fight I would really like to have the opportunity to actually be in the same card as Cheto Vera we’re talking about two equatorian representing the country it be an amazing opportunity for it but for now going back I think this that would be perfect for now just go go first thing go and see my mom go enjoy the holidays and then get extra prepared and keep on the doing the work so we could be really prepared for a fight like that in Cheetos card Le toe all good to Brandon Alex how you feeling I’m here um it’s been a few minutes since your fight um yeah it’s been a little minute huh how did you feel about your performance I’m pissed that I let him go under and try to go for that calf slicer I didn’t think he was going to do it so I didn’t really focus too much much on on any of that um lesson learned I find my way out even not training that position but uh musle memory I guess it is what it is uh I got the win so it is what it is I think I did well outside of that one position uh but it’s a little stretched probably I don’t think it’s anything major I’ve had worse uh but we’ll go get it checked out and it doesn’t matter either way I wasn’t planning to fight till April anyway so I’m ready to be Mia for a little bit don’t hit my line unless you’re Dana White Dana or hunter or Mick or Ali y’all can hit my line especially if it’s money if we’re talking money you can hit my line so that’s what happened when you had him in that rear necked choke he he was had your calf in the second round yeah yeah yeah um yeah it’s like a calf slicer but a calf slicer kind of like implodes the knee it puts like a fulcrum in between uh but for some reason I feel it more just my ankle um but yeah I know it’s nothing major because as I sit down and then get up it loosens up and it’s pretty much normal so um we’ll just go get it checked out like I said I felt it like a little pops but that’s could be tendon stretching like I said I’ve had way worse I’ve tore ligaments in my feet and in my ankles multiple times through my times in Jiu-Jitsu so um I knew when it was popping that it was probably tendons or ligaments or whatever I ain’t no doctor but um I knew that’s all he had on the extension in the pole I felt him struggling to like get harder and Tighter but I ain’t no did it feel good to tap out Paul Craig um I think you know during meia day he was kind of like I don’t know he kind of like was underestimating your grappling he was saying that you you were going to probably try and knock him out but to to to go to go in there and tap him out did that feel good I almost knock him out too my knee kind of gave out a little bit there when when I I think it was the second round but um man I don’t worry about what people say word any mouth can say anything so it’s different when you’re in there with me it’s different when you feel how strong I am when you feel the technique that I have even that was me being lazy and not giving him much respect um in that position that’s the only reason he got it because I don’t give him respect in in that scenario um he’s a triangle and armar guy I don’t think you I don’t think you’ve seen him get one or even come close to one so look at his face and look at mine we’ll see who’s got the better grappling I I think we answered that question just however long ago you were tagging him on the feet did you feel more comfortable on the ground with him or was it just kind of like just a split dis split decision to go down there I finish him what are you talking about Split Decision come on Alec no uh um I just felt it was easier there I wasn’t really in danger I just had to be aware and um he didn’t possess anything that I’ve ever that I’ve never seen before he wasn’t strong I was expecting more um only thing he did good was he did the lock down and he was longer so he could stretch it more um other than that that’s really the only thing that I can recall that he did well to be honest uh he’s tough but I think at the end of the second when I got the r necked because in the first he wouldn’t turn to his his turtle or he wouldn’t turn and give me his back so I knew he he didn’t want to be there but I knew in the second when he gave it to me and I slipped the choke in real quick I told him when that round was up you got lucky you got lucky um but I knew when he went to his back again he he wanted out I knew he wanted out he’s tough but he wanted out that’s just uh that simple during weigh-in you told him to keep that same energy don’t pull guard so did he keep that same energy I don’t remember did he pull guard did he I don’t remember um I know he shot I know I stuffed it but um no I thought he I thought he he was going to come and out for a dog fight and I was willing to stand right there and let it go although that’s in my heart it’ll always be there I had that dog when I need to I didn’t want to bring I wanted to come out and I wanted to fight better I didn’t maybe maybe he was the better fighter right but I just had to fight better tonight and um I was trying to be smart and I was trying to dance around the outside get my movement make him Miss feel his his energy and how he hit his his uh his strength his Tempo I was trying to feel that out I I try to play chess not Checkers and I think that’s where the difference in levels lies and um when I want to turn it up I can turn it up and when I want to bring them to my level I can bring them to my level and I think that’s what makes me who I am after the fight you call for a number one Contender fight um you get you if if you were if you were to get the choice today junior if you were to get your choice would it be Whitaker would it be hamzat um either or whoever Mick Hunter and Dana say that’s who we’re fighting whoever they say that if you win this you’re G guaranteed a title shot that’s what I’m fighting name doesn’t matter I’ve worked my ass off to get here I’ve sacrificed so much to get here in my personal life and every other part of my life um I’m going to go home I’m going to go hunting I’m going to be a Dad we’re going to have a good time uh we’re going to enjoy the holidays and come April or hopefully around that time hopefully UFC 300 um I’m coming I’m coming uh 2024 and new I still stand by that you said uh you know you you’ve been fighting three times a year for your first however many years in the UFC are you trying to kind of take it take a step back and I only fight twice a year now yeah for sure I I got to be home a little bit with my kids uh well more than normal and uh they’re they’re the meaning of life they’re getting older they’re getting bigger that’s why it’s so great to have her here I can’t wait for her sister to get old enough and have her here but um it makes me not want to leave whatsoever it makes me want to be be home more it makes me sometimes want to walk away from all this um it really does the money’s great this feeling is great having my my friends here with me is great but um nothing on this planet will ever match that feeling that I get with them they’re the they’re the number one in my life over everything and uh yeah that’s what I’m chasing I’m chasing these uh these moments with that with that little one and her sister and uh hopefully more to come as well whenever that that happens um I’ve always wanted a big family uh this is just a a means to an end the fighting yeah it’s great I love to do it I’m super competitive I’m very blessed I’m very thankful to be here but um it’s a means to an end I know what I want I know what my final vision is for my life and their life and uh the moment I make that happen is the moment I walk out of here no matter what happens I know if everything plays out right by 35 I’m gone and uh I’ll go ahead and say now y’all can put it on record I’ll walk out of here with a with a loss and I will never look back whatsoever I know how competitive I am and uh it’ll take a loss after being a champion to walk out and uh I’ll do it with a smile on my face money in the bank and my kid having having a great future ahead of her along with her sister so uh that’s my goal that’s my plan and I’m sacrificing now to get it because hopefully by the time she’s 10 years old or less Daddy’s her biggest cheerleader and uh we traveling doing whatever it is that she finds that she loves and wants to do and uh that’s the ultimate goal and finally for me with the UFC going back on out on the road you’ve been asking for a UFC Louisiana Louisana UFC New Orleans um I know DP was in the house watching you fight my dog is that what you want next year yeah for sure I definitely want a UFC Louisiana I don’t care where it’s at only guy that’s going to headline over me as that man that was out there that’s my boy the diamond um he’s a big motivation for me hopefully next year we’ll start working together more hopefully I’ll make him a part of my team even more and um ah man I never had enough great things to say about that guy so uh he’s a role model to so many in Louisiana I’m trying to follow in his footsteps and do even better if it’s possible um so hopefully me and him UFC Louisiana anywhere in it I’m G put on for the home team put on for the boot and uh I hope we can do it hey Brandon um I noticed that while you were waiting to weigh in yesterday Paul came and kind of stared you down what was that moment like for you I mean again I ain’t no I ain’t going to back down from no man I’m not scared of any man we’re going to fight so it was just like yo why you going to Mean Mug me right now like you just stepped off the scale I know that I know you can’t take a punch right now um but it is what it is I feel it’s it was it’s it’s all a facade for him to make himself feel good and that’s what he needs to feel good I don’t need that I’m confident in myself I’m confident in my abilities I know what I came here to do and um I just stay in my lane and do what I need to do and I don’t care do whatever you need to do as long as you don’t touch me we’re fine and it looked like you had something to say for him when you were coming up out of the Finish was it something you can share with us do you remember I don’t even remember I told him he was tough like yeah thanks for thanks for the fight like tough guy but like I said in the in the in the cage my boy pyer over there want next so I feel bad for him if that’s what happens my boy pip are going to light him up and you said you want to stay out until April is there a specific card that you’re eyeing in April I hope the UFC 300 I think that’d be a pretty cool event I’ve uh obviously had main evented now done it short notice before I fought all these guys uh I think it’d be pretty cool I don’t have like this big social media following because I’m just a redneck I guess but um that that might help I don’t know I don’t know but uh no i’ just be cool to be a part of an event like that have a lot of eyes a lot of things going on and uh yeah my my stuff will probably fly under the radar but again it’s just an experience I’m trying to chase experiences because no matter what I’m 27 I’m going to be 28 in a month or so I haven’t even hit my Prime yet so the best years the best moments are still to come I’m just trying to take one step at a time enjoy every moment be in the moment because this could be gone tomorrow it could be gone when I hop on a flight tomorrow I don’t I don’t know but um I’m just just thankful to be here I’m thankful to share with my friends my kid and uh just very thankful to be here and you have a teammate that has a big fight next week at pfl I’m just curious if you want to give him any words of advice or any uh thoughts on how that fight will go impa he’s trained his butt off I worked with him he’s got all the skills I hope he just goes out there sticks to his game plan stays calm and just be impa impa is good enough and uh I hope he goes out there and becomes a millionaire I’m definitely rooting for him we’ll be watching I think Tuco will be there Joe will be there and um man I can’t wait I really really really want him to win I really want him to become a millionaire he’s such a good guy a good person and uh I hope that for him and his family thank you yeah just one in the back if this is a final Apex card for 2023 how does uh preparing to fight in that smaller cage affect your training or any way that you start the fight here on Fight Night I feel like I’ve been here so many times I I’m probably the king of the Apex right now I think I have the most fights maybe I don’t know these statistics by heart but I think I have the most fights here now and uh I can fight I can fight anywhere you pay me to fight I’ll fight in that parking lot I’ll fight in that that that room out there so um the nerves are always there of course but again I’m not scared of any man I fear no man uh I’m not scared to lose and I’m definitely not scared to win I’m not scared to go to sleep and I’m not scared for something to break so um I go out there and let the cards fall where they fall and um big cage small cage it doesn’t matter your two where the statistics at Baba you’re now 11 and two in the UFC you’re 10 and one in the division you have the highest win percentage in the division out of any middleweight with over 10 fights what what do you have to say to the journalists here that may or may not be on the ranking panel uh maybe you haters no I I mean they hating for sure I would say something but there’s ladies and children present but you know they blocking you know what I’m saying they blocking for real for real but um it doesn’t matter the UFC says what happens these are outside people that vote and yeah they might matter for sponsors or this or that but when it comes down to who says who’s going to fight who who that’s the bosses Dana Hunter Mick and sea and uh they’ll make whoever fight whoever it doesn’t matter we’ve seen that recently with guys fighting uh top 10 guys that only have one fight so um the UFC says who’s going to fight and who’s not going to fight rankings don’t say they just like to think that but we all know the truth um so again we’ll sit down with Dana we’ll sit down with Hunter we’ll sit down with Mick and Sean and um we’ll see what happens but I’m here here I’ll be back in April I ain’t going nowhere other than hunting and uh I’ll be back ready to go again but until then like I said my boy Joe’s coming my boy Tuco is ready for 205 Jamal’s going to come back next year and get his belt all my boys are coming we roll deep and uh we’re coming for everybody we’re coming [Music] hard I know in the cage you said that there was a particular thing that you wanted to celebrate with your kid so I want to see if I could Tee It Up like they used to do the old commercials how you going to celebrate this win Bean we’re going to Disney World I know yeah she’s so spoiled she don’t care she knows what she’s doing oh yeah shout out my boy and new Jason Jackson Bellator Champion I’m so happy for that guy we worked hard this Camp he’s been working he had a layoff I’m so happy for that guy as well as my boy rafon stots got another W there uh they robbed my boy Sydney and um I F my boy Sergio is going to come back and get that back but um the team’s doing good all the homies are doing good it’s uh it’s a good time in life right now like I said I just need my boy TCO to get signed and um life will be good man uh everything’s good we’re finishing off the year strong again I hope my boy Tuco gets signed we’ll be pushing for that and Mick we’re going to have to have a conversation about that my guy just is a quick one in in the back there’s a lot going on in Vegas you got a celebration tonight you going to check out any F1 of race tonight it’s an early night for you the race starts at 10 o’clock yeah I would but I have my little one with me and they’re having a princess party for my manager’s kids and so uh I want her to have a good time now we leave tomorrow so we’re going to go to this princess party we’re going to have a good time and she’s going to play with some other little kids her age and um yeah we’re going to have a good time she it’s her night now we’re going to have a good time thank you thank you’all