Old Men Jiu JItsu

We often hear these two questions from people that are looking to start brazilian jiu-jitsu : “Am I too old to train ?” or  ” I’m out of shape , Should I to get in shape first before starting Jiu-Jitsu ? “.

First and foremost , Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a skill that brings a lot of value to ones life, not only it will get you in shape but you will learn the most effective one on one self-defense system, from increasing your flexibility to building strength, the health benefits are undeniable.

” I’m out of shape , I need to get in shape first before starting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu “

Reality is you will always be out of shape for any new activity that you will start ! if you lift weights or run , you will start from the bottom up as well and to be completely honest , there is nothing that can get you in shape for jiu-jitsu like jiu-jitsu itself.

Let me explain why :

When someone is on the ground and moving, his organs are placed in unique angles , the lungs are compressed by gravity which requires a different way to breath, this type of cardio cannot be replicated easily outside of the jiu-jitsu mats.On top of that, it doesn’t matter how much one lifts as the most strength that you will be using in jiu-jitsu is primarily resistance which is located in your grips.

“Am I too old to start Jiu-jitsu ?”

They say : “age is just a number” but in general , as you get older , with any physical exercise your body will take more time to recover so the key thing is to learn to listen to your body and train at your own pace.

Sitting all day at a desk will deactivate your muscles and have a lot of impact on your lower back , thighs and knees.Increasing your stretching routine and building muscle around the key areas that are under stress in your daily routine is key ! Jiu-Jitsu can definitely help with that !

Brian Sakamoto who started Jiu-Jitsu at 50 Year Old, Brian has been with us for almost 2 years and he is a prime example of how jiu-jitsu changed his life.

Being Old or Out of shape is a symptom and the cure is to be active ! Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can help you loose weight, increase your flexibility, mobility and boost your cardio-vascular capabilities.

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